Saturday, June 14, 2008

date day

today, after i don't know how long, me and hashim had a date day. :) naief stayed w/ momma uuda (sp??) and played w/ his cousin while we went to lunch and then to a movie. i'm not a big going to the theatre person... hate sitting in the chairs for such a long time, hate listening to mobile phones ringing during the movie and even to the ppl who answer the calls, get annoyed at how loud some ppl eat... won't get up - unless i'm gonna go on myself - to run to the toilet unless i'm dying and then, if i have to, hate, hate, hate, trying to find my way in the dark while everyone else around me can see! anyway... even after all of that junk... we went to the movies and it was fabulous.

i so much needed some time off. needed to go out and have grown up talk, laugh and not worry about hurrying coz naief is getting too loud or can't sit still.... etc.

lunch was good and Indiana Jones didn't disappoint me. yeah, harrison is a tad older now, but he's in good shape and can still jump around and carry the show just like he did years ago. the movie wasn't as great as i had hoped it would be, but i still liked it.... or maybe it was just being there w/ my sweetie, holding hands and letting myself be carried away w/ the film. has anyone seen it? did you like it?

the one thing that bothered me is that when we got home, we headed over to the in-laws to pick up the little one and as soon as we walked in, i was shown his leg and told that that was there when we brought him to the house today. i'm not sure what it is, but it looks like a burn on the bottom part of his leg. it looks as though his leg was touched or he touched the rim of something and it burned him. it's red, inflamed and looks like it could get a blister in the middle part of it. it's not super big or anything, but it still bothers me. they all told us that ayesha said it was there when he came over and then asked me if he had been up against anything hot or if he did that at home. it hadn't and i knew something had happened, but no one was planning on spilling the beans.

i know that kids get into things. maybe that's what happened, i don't know. i have mixed emotions about it. i know he'll be fine, but i'm SURE it hurt and that he cried when it happened. he cries when an ant bites him, so i know that he cried w/ this... so someone had to know when it happened and what happened. i just don't like not being told or being told it was there when he came, which i know isn't the case. i looked at his leg this morning because he got an ant bite last night when we were out front... i would have seen it then and didn't.

it's not a bad place or anything, it's not that. i just don't like not knowing what happened and if his cousin did it or if one of the housemaids did it or something.

i'm getting to where i don't want my child in a room alone w/ these women. i trust one girl that works for my MIL. the other girl - i get a bad feeling about. i didn't talk about it here on the blog, but some weeks back, i saw a housemaid touch a little boy in an inappropriate way while changing his diaper. i said nothing to her at the time, but did tell his mother. not sure what happened with it, but it's stuff like this and then the thing that's on naief's leg that bothers me. as would anyone, i'm sure.

so... a day that started off really well, had a terrific middle and ended on a somewhat lower note... still left a good feeling in my heart.... so that's what counts, eh?

it's 10:32 pm... naief is asleep, hashim is playing splinter cell and i'm tired... and hoping i'll fall asleep soon. i got a herbal pill today that's supposed to be good for insomnia, and since i'm feeling drowsy.. it just might be working! :)

good night all


L_Oman said...

Glad to hear you had a nice time out, but so sorry to hear about your son. :(

I don't trust anyone with my kids here (horrible to say) outside of my house. I hope you can find a sitter or your own housemaid to help you out when you need to get away...

Um Naief said...

loman, we don't have a housemaid and i wouldn't allow it if we did, more than likely. the reason i take naief over there is because i 'thought' it would be a safe environment seeing that my in-laws are there as well. his leg is better today... obviously he touched his leg to something hot or some such... so all is ok. i just know the next time, i'm not sure that i'll be so open to leaving him there.

Puppy said...
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Puppy said...

helllo Um Naief!!!

i was reading ur blog, but didnt comment so far. It was good to hear that you are ok, having dates:))

Looking general to the case with the burn, i wouldnt bother much (of course its ur son, and when he is hurt its a bad feeling for you too, but he kind of learned that smth can hurt if its hot, although he could avoid it while having good supervision of in-laws). The other main thing that would bother me a lot is an inappropriate touching, that can cause more serious problems compared to burn. i would be careful.

anyways good to hear that u r doing well in general. I am done with exams results will be in 1.5 months. Hoping for good.

Take care,


gazza27 said...

I watched Indiana and loved it,bit far fetched with the fridge but thats what you get from Indiana films,it went on for 2 hours and at the end i wanted more lol,must be coz weve been without him for so long,baby sitting service is no good,try to avoid it,they're not looking after the poor lad and not taking the blame when something happens,glad to see you's can still have time togher though.

Olivia said...

Good to hear you feeling drowsy for once, I hope you've finally found the magic pill.

I'm pretty dismayed at once more hearing about the family not being forthcoming and trouble with the home help...again. It's like the bane of your life, but at least you can pat yourself on the back for not relinquishing your son to a nanny.

You're right it has been ages since your last date with Hashim. I remember when you went to that fancy restaurant and told us about it! Anyway, I'd like to see Indie but once again am terribly behind on the movies!

Chief Rock Chef said...

We enjoyed Indiana Jones too - after watching it I wondered if any of the reviewers that I heard had actually watched the damn movie!

We have never trusted anyone with our kids - cramps your style at times, but we think it is worth it.

LouLou said...

It is hard to trust anyone with your children. Glad that Naeif is ok.

Personally, I would find it easier to have my own housemaid, only because it is much easier to figure out one person who is dedicated to the child than a lot of people with all sorts of other responsibilities and distractions -especially with babies not old enough to talk. Can you find someone who has worked for friends or relatives before?

We had the same housemaid for 14 years when I was growing up. And we loved her. She was great with my younger siblings. They're still in touch with her.

She came to us from my uncle's house and had been working for various relatives for years. She was our one and only experience and thankfully a good one.

Um Naief said...

loulou, my husband had the same person growing up as well. she had been w/ the family for a while and then practically raised him. sadly, there's no one like that here. my in-laws go thru ppl every few years and the only person that had been w/ them for ages quit a couple of years ago. she had been w/ hashim all his life, but she wasn't a babysitter or anything, just cleaning woman. i'd like to have someone w/ us that i could trust, but i don't think that it'll ever happen.

One Wink at a Time said...

Hi :-) Glad to hear you had a fun night out. Does a body good to do grown-up things now and then.
I feel really bad about the experience with your son. And I understand completely why you would hesitate to leave him there again. Is it possible that there is someone who was there who would be willing to sit down and talk to you about it and let you vent your concern?

Jac said...

A herbie fore insomania ??
I need to know um naief !!

Holding hands and its bliss LOL, a rare event when you have small kids. Isn't it ?.