Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A First for America??

Will the U.S. see its first African American President this November?

I've talked to friends in the States, who are for Obama, but feel he doesn't stand a chance up against McCain. One friend said that she read some poll months ago saying that 70% of Americans didn't believe in evolution... therefore, how would/could these ppl vote for a black president.

If Clinton gets on the ticket w/ him... will this give him a better chance?? I think so.

I personally believe he stands a chance against McCain. I believe and always have that Americans are ready for a change. Even back in the beginning when so many were saying that he's too fresh and doesn't have the experience.. I still knew he was gonna win it. The Democratic nomination... that is.

Now he practically has... only a few more days until it's really official and then it's time to start the big race for the White House. McCain has already started attacking him... actually started that months back - for he knows that he has a tough race if he goes up against him - so... what does that say? Does it mean that McCain feels like he can't win? Does it mean that he's stupid and thinks that these attacks will actually have some affect on the voters? Does he really think that anyone gives a rat's *^@! about what he thinks?!!! :)

I know there are those that are die hard McCain backers.... no matter who's running, they'll vote Republican for THEY ARE REPUBLICAN. I used to work w/ a guy that was like this... always trying to change my mind and trying to talk me into becoming a Republican - in those days I was very much a Liberal or would vote for the person who I thought would turn the White House around... and even voted for Ross Perot (if you can believe it)... believing he could definitely change America - but many didn't have the same opinion as I and his light quickly fizzled...

but anyhoo... here we are again... it's VOTING TIME and the stakes are super high this time. It'll be a first for many reasons... a first IF Obama wins and a first if Hillary runs w/ him in that she'll be the first female Vice President. I think she'd make a great Vice President... so here's to hoping it'll work out this way.

I just hope that these crazy radicals don't come out in forces and try to assassinate him either while he's running or if he wins. There are some out there that are crazy, crazy racist in the States and I could see it.....


Olivia said...

Well, he did it! He won the nomination.

I was amazed to see the voting map - he swept across the Midwest, South, Alaska.

They were both history makers just for running, and now he is for clinching the party nomination. Hillary hasn't been a graceful loser, though, still refusing to concede, and she even stole the moment from Obama the night of the results. I don't really get why she won't relinquish her delegates. What does that accomplish?

But still, if he puts her on his ticket he'll get her voters because I can't see them flipping over to McCain. I rather think they'll hope she still wears the pants in the White House. I hope she doesn't. The only thing she should do is work on that universal healthcare plan of hers.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I am a Brit, so if I am way off please let me know!

First off, I don't think that dragging out the nomination process has really helped Obama and Clinton. I think McCain will win, largely because of this.

I am sorry to say that if Obama does win I don't think he will live to become president. I really don't think that all of America is ready, which is sad. I have heard knowledgable people say this too, so I don't think I am being too unfair or reverting to stereotypes.

But as I said, I am a Brit, so could be wrong and would be happy to see Obama in the White House.

Gardens of Sand said...

I think Obama is a greater danger to McCain than Clinton. She is either loved or detested. He is generally well-liked. I know democats who hate her so much they would rather vote republican than choose her. I know die-hard republicans who will probably vote for him. If he doesn't sprew even more anti-gun stuff, that is! If that happens, they will go with Clinton.

I don't have a preferance and see the pros and cons of each. They really are all different sides to the same coin. Obama, if not already corrupt will soon be, politics is a dirty game.

I am not totally convinced that Obama would've made it anyway had it not been for his color. While I believe Clinton would've ran as president long ago and maybe even won has she been male, I am not convinced that Obama would be the likely nominee had he been white.

Um Naief said...

olivia, i so agree with you. they are both history makers. i saw tonight that she should concede either tonight or tomorrow... after long talks w/ the democrats... i believe they've talked her into it. i also heard Obama saying that she'd be on the short list for any candidate as VP. still.. don't know if he'll do it. it would be good for him though. i know she'll be a strong force beside him - maybe even having a hard time not trying to be in charge - but, i believe, has the experience necessary for a VP running mate. many are opposed to his selecting her, but i think it would be a good ticket. i could see him winning if he did it. i can't see her voters flipping to mccain either.. they'd probably not vote.

rock chef, i worry about him not making it to the White House as well.. based soley on the fact that he's a black man. i hate to admit it and there's probably a lot of ppl out there that will say America's past it, but it's not true. i think it's a cloud that many like to float around on - those that refuse to see the truth that's out there. i agree w/ this dragging out stuff. it should have ended long ago and it's made many have a bad taste in their mouths for Democrats.. so there's much to see in the coming months. it all makes me nervous.

gardens, i think he's a strong candidate up against McCain. this man has made some serious muck ups during the campaign, but there are so many out there that'll forget this in an instant (republicans), just because they don't want a black man in office. i know many a republican who could be classified as racist. i think mccain has that in him - just because of the things he's said. i think he's an idiot in some regards.

there are many that wouldn't fall under any category (R or D) and they pose the real danger to Obama. not sure that these types will get out and vote, but if he were to win, then they might come out in groves.

i've heard the not winning if he were white and winning if she were male thing. i can see this and find myself wondering if it could be true... whose to say. maybe not. analysts don't rule. :)! hehe

Lulwa said...

Hiya, thanks for the message. You caught me at the right time, I just arrived yesterday! Would love her contact details, but I don't know how to get in touch with you. I don't have your email address.
Thanks :)

Um Naief said...

on june 12th, she'll be at the Health House in Hamad Town. not an easy place to find, but incredible place, once you find it. she's charging bd40 there. which, if you can't get to her before then, it's still worth it, i think. for the other numbers, give me an email at