Saturday, July 26, 2008

buzz, buzz, buzz

Naief and I went on a play date Thursday afternoon. It's the first time, since learning to walk, that Naief has been to Buzzi Beez (i think that's how it's spelled).... anyway...

We got there around 12, which, depending on how you look at it, can be the worst time to go or the best time to go. There were only two other families there. One husband and wife and their little girl and a housemaid w/ two children. Naief and I played for a good while... going from room to room. I think his favorite had to be the soft play area and the Lego area... he loved sitting at the small tables while trying to fit those little Lego pieces together! :)

One thing I noticed while we were playing was the music in the background. They had the songs w/ lyrics to all the little tunes that play on Naief's musical toys. I was overjoyed... really. I can remember half the words to songs and sometimes can only remember choruses, while I can't remember the lyrics to others.... so... off I go to the front desk to ask about this CD.

I told the girl that I really liked the CD and did they sell it... her answer to me was a straight, "no". Then I inquired as to the name of the CD so that I could order online. She promptly spoke to another Filipino girl there and I was told that per the manager they aren't allowed to give out that information.

I'm like, "what?!!". ..... "why?"

Her response to me was that they weren't allowed.

It totally miffed me. Why in the world would they not give out the freakin name to the CD? Do they think I'm gonna run off and build myself a play house for all the children of Bahrain to come and have singalongs? Are they afraid that I might spread the word that I have the CD and no one will want to go to Buzzi Beez??? Knowing that that's why everyone goes there - the music...

For goodness sake... they don't own the license to this music, why in the hell do they think they can tell someone 'no' when asked about the name of a CD?!!!

Really... I went down the hall afterwards, saw the CD case playing the songs and almost opened it up to get the name.... I would have if it wasn't the kind of CD player that shuts off when it's opened... or I would have if I didn't fear being kicked out and maybe my pass for coming being revoked permanently (ok, maybe that's a bit much... but crap, you'd think that this CD was an uber sensitive CD that only certain ppl was privy to seeing!!). It's not fair. I'm pissed.

I told Hashim. He told me that we'll go and he'll get the name for me.... :) So... let's see if it works.


I looked on the net to see if I could find something and didn't come up w/ the results that I was hoping for. If we don't get the name, I'll have to come up w/ some other solution.


Puppy said...

If you know most of the words google it, find the artists, then do search in amazon for these artist then find a disk where they all collected, and voila you get the name.

For example If i hear a song and dont know the artist and even the name, i google words adding word lyrics in a search field and i get the results, finding and artist and then downloading. Try it, it might work for you.


Christopher said...

Also, for some reason if that store has company made music, they don't have a CD name for. I don't know whyt they couldn't have just told you what the music was, for fucks sake that would be something else people would come into that shop and buy! Stupid people I tell ya!

L_Oman said...

Puppy's right - I always carry a little pad of paper around with me and write down lyrics to songs that I like when I hear them. Then, I do the 'lyrics + the words I wrote down' and google it. Works most of the time!

As to the worker - she was just being a weenie - 100% sure of it. I don't know why people are like that sometimes. Gimme a break.

Um Naief said...

i think writing down lyrics sounds well and good, but when you're w/ a 1 1/2 yr old, that's a bit difficult to do or i could see it as so.... seeing that i haven't tried it. i think google-ing it will work best, seeing that i know most all the songs, just don't have all the lyrics, which is what i want... so let me give that a try and see where it leads me.

i just think that it wouldn't have hurt them to give me the title... regardless if i could get music from the net based on the songs... here they had a cd w/ great songs but felt entitled enough to not give any info on it. that's what really erks me!

Um Naief said...

miss puppy... you are just filled w/ great ideas and i find myself wondering why i didn't think about it! ;)

i have most of the songs' lyrics on the net... i'd love to have the music and most have only sound clips... but i don't feel bad... at least i know where i can find everything.

thank you my dear...

Olivia said...

Haha, that's quite pathetic on their part!

Top Secret Kiddie Muzak.

Puppy said...

Um Naief,

that was very flattering to hear ;)