Sunday, July 27, 2008

a hair cut and music list

We took Naief for a haircut today.... he got it buzzed off just like his daddy's and it's too cute :)

There's a great little place at Country Mall that's just for children. They have cartoons playing on little tvs set up inside stuffed animals (elephant, giraffe) in front of each station and, instead of chairs, they have one fighter jet and big cars for the kids to get inside and play in while having a hair cut. Naief set in the fighter jet tonight. He had not a problem until the guy made his 6th or so buzzy slide thru his hair, and I think the guy got him on the back of his neck because I saw a couple of scratchs there and Naief started crying after not being able to take it any longer.

We were able to focus his thoughts, a few times, on other things, but the stylist had his work cut out for him. Naief isn't interested in cartoons right now, so can't say that the tv's helped much, but at least he didn't throw up... that's a plus! :) Once the razor was off, he immediately calmed down, wanted down and made his way over to another car. We looked at him in the mirror, made a huge fuss and asked him if he liked his hair, he shook his head "yes". :))))

I love it. Hashim said it's a lot cooler and w/ the temps so high, we figure it'll help keep him cool.


On another note, Culture Shocked asked me some time back or tagged me for a blog of my top 5 songs/artists right now... and since I've mainly been listening to the radio as of late, I don't always catch the name of the song and/or artist... so here's a quick list of some new tunes I like...

1. Seal... he has a new song out.. I dig it
2. Lilly Allen... is she the one that sings "american boy"... love this song and sing it to naief all the time :))
3. Madonna.. I like the new song of hers.. not the one w/ Justin Timberlake... the other one. not sure of the name.
4. like this song called "I Kissed a Girl"...
5. just listened to a group called The Watson Twins. I love them!!! there's a video to their song "How Am I To Be".... check it out here.

and i know this is 6, but am really liking this song by .... Rihanna."Take A Bow"... like it,like it!


Christopher said...

I love Lily Allen, and if you look at the July 12th entry of my blog, you can read the entry I wrote about Katy Perry (I Kissed A Girl)and how she has managed to piss off both gay people and her original Christian fans (she was a gospel singer before she donned some sexy heels!). Anyways, come on by and say hello sometime and let me know how you're doing! xoxo

L_Oman said...

Ahhh, I love that American Boy song. In fact, my kids sing it all the time.

And 'take a bow' - that's going round and round in my head all the time right now. So much so that the hub called me on the way to work this morning to tell me 'my song' was on the radio.

Olivia said...

Oof, poor Naief, I've been nicked by one of those buzzers too and it is a shock.

I kind of like that American Boy song only because it reminds me of last year and my own American Boy!

I don't think it's Lily Allen though. It's a black girl from London who has come to America to succeed where she did not in the UK but I can't remember her name.

I liked Rihanna's Umbrella, and was tickled to see her own line of silver umbrellas with pink piping and her name on the handle in diamante. At Macy's.

Puppy said...

New hair cut - new pics. where? :)))

Please post some.