Wednesday, July 09, 2008

play date at Toys R Us

Yesterday was a fun day in that Naief and I headed out to Toys R Us w/ his cousins and mothers for a play date. It's the first time that Naief has been since learning to walk... which as I would come to find out, makes all the difference.

As soon as we got there, he pushed his cousin outta the way so that he could head straight over to the bouncy house. I've never seen him so pushy... or focused on play... it made me laugh later when telling his daddy.

So we take off shoes and up we go into the bouncy house. Mommy joined in as well... and phew... what a time!! It was so much fun. I haven't been in a bouncy house since .... oh gosh, probably since I was a teenage girl, and I remember it to be a bit easier than it was for me this time around. I could hardly stand up... but Naief loved it. We bounced inside that thing for probably 40 mins straight, and even then he didn't want to get out. But since mommy was extremely thirsty, exhausted, about to throw up from heat, and needing badly to have a break... I made him get out and you know he had to be somewhat tired... or you'd think!! (if only I had his unlimited energy!!!) So off we go to sit w/ his cousins and drink some water and have a few snacks.

But wouldn't ya know it, he wasn't interested in food or drink... his only thought was play. This time he headed back into the big area for playing... but first making a pit stop at the helicopter ride... which he rode about 7 times!! :) Now... it was time to head into the maze of soft play... there was climbing, slides, running, crawling... and it wore my butt out! What a way to get exercise and what a way to exhaust your child! :)

Time passed so fast, I could hardly believe that an hour 1/2 had passed and it was soon time to head home to have lunch and take a nap. Mommy was very happy because she was exhausted, thirsty and hungry... Naief only wanted to play more in the bouncy house... so I scooped him up and head to the check out counter to buy him a stuffed animal that I thought he wanted... but we wind up leaving w/out a single thing... ehehhe

One of his cousins went into convulsions when we were leaving... screaming, throwing his head and body back, basically having fits because he had to leave. I felt sorry for him.. his mother said he'd sleep there if he could!! Don't ya know it.... I know Naief would love it.. imagine a night of camping out at the soft play area.... !!

It's fun to be a kid and play with your child... more ppl should try it!


Olivia said...

HOW do kids play and not feel hot or cold or tired like we poor old adults?

Olivia said...

Oops, I meant "like us poor old adults"...

Christopher said...

Just wait when he starts climbing trees!

One Wink at a Time said...

This made me tired just reading it, but I'm glad you and Naief had such a good time!