Saturday, March 21, 2009

reading 'twilight'

Started reading 'twilight' yesterday afternoon while Naief was napping and immediately got hooked. The first book I read about vampires was years ago (Interview With the Vampire) and just loved it. The movie sucked, but the book forever created an interest inside of me..... and now that I'm reading a whole series about the same... well, I'm wanting to be a vampire like you wouldn't believe! ;)

I must say that I stayed up last night until 2 a.m. reading and had to make myself go to bed... not wanting to put it down and not being able to clear my mind of it for a good long while, but finally, sleep came. This morning hubby took Naief out to play to give me time to read... yes, I adore him, and it allowed me to finish it. :))) I'm now starting the 2nd in the series, 'new moon'. Already... it's all I want to do... I think about it, long to sit, curl up, actually.... just anything to read ....

The sad thing is, as I told Hashim, I hate books like this because I always get so bummed after finishing them. It takes forever for me to find a book that entices me the way these have.... it's so nice to be able to escape into a world that sooooo interests me. Yeah, I'm a bit strange....

but really, I want to be a vampire! I told Hashim to tilt my head back this morning and run his mouth along the nape of my neck... he refused! ;) dang! hehehe

anyway... are any of you addicted like me???


Angry In Oman said...

I haven't read the book, but I really loved the movie. I'm sure the books are way better though.

Bobby said...

somehow, I didn't like the movie...left it after 5 mins..I am damn choosy..
n U wanna be a Vampire? - wow!-
one schol frnd of mine was so addicted with vampire stuff - he got those weird teeth and teased me that he will drink my blood!!
Creepy and weird! - but yes awesome! :)

Happy reading!

Olivia said...

I haven't really gotten into the Vampire thing, though I did enjoy watching True Blood when it was on HBO last year. Looks like, not having that channel now I won't be watching it when it returns in the summer.

How dare Hashim refuse you that request! ;-)

L_Oman said...

Oh, I love that book! I accidentally started on the fourth one first, but stopped and am now half way through the third. I didn't like the second one that much, but the third one is better.

Christopher said...

Interview was a beautifully filmed movie!

Book you might like:

Party Monster - James St. James (also known as Disco Bloodbath)

I just started reading "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd

(am so enjoying it, it is so heartwarming!)


p.s. what happened to your previous entry about your bad day? it shows it was printed and now it is gone...

The Queen said...

I don't have an interest in vampire books but I sooo understand what you mean about being sad when the book is finished. I just love to get lost in a book. The last time I couldn't put a book down was The Kite Runner. Good thing I started it on a weekend because I read it straight through with only a short nap.

Maeve Binchey's books would keep me up reading all night as well.

Chief Rock Chef said...

The vampire lifestyle has always appealed to me - I love staying up late and sleeping the next day away. Vampires are clearly the coolest "monster" around.

I also like biting necks - you really must work on Hashim... :-)

It is great when you find books that really grab you like this. My wife is currently reading the Wallender books about crime in Sweden..

Coolred38 said...

My teen daughter that never read a book in her life ...discovered the Twilight series and a new found love of reading. I bought her all the books in the series after I caught her reading the first one...and was blown daughter..stretched out on the bed reading...could of knocked me over with a feather.

Im considering reading them just to see what the hype is

My daughter has watched the movie about 100 times and comes out all weepy and wanting to turn right around and watch it

Um Naief said...

bobby, was only kidding about wanting to be a vampire - half way - i don't dress up or wear fake teeth and such. :) i just think it sounds way cool to have a life like that... altho, not sure that i'd like killing others for food! :)

angry in oman, oh, you should read the book! i got two of my gf's to buy the book and they've started reading it. really, really good!!!!

olivia, yes, can't believe that dear hubby refused to bite my neck.. think he was a bit jealous coz i told him that i wanted a vampire boyfriend!! ;) hehehe

if you feel like reading a good one, try these. they're really good...


l_oman, i did agree w/ you in that i didn't like the 2nd book so well. i skipped ahead, which i NEVER do, and got to the last few chapters and started there. the whole thing w/ her and jacob got on my nerves... :) got the 3rd and 4th ones yesterday... will start reading again tonight.

christopher, i deleted that post coz i felt sorta blah about it and since i found frankie, my cat, felt that it was really useless.... altho i'm needing to vent about the in-laws, so will write another bitch/moan post soon. :)

i've been wanting to read The Secret Life of Bees. someone else was talking about this book and i think it sounds really good. what's it about?? these others that you mentioned... if they keep you spellbound... i'd really like them. i love to be swept away by what i'm reading.

the queen, loved the kite runner. read that while in california. there is something to be said about getting lost in a book... when one can do that to me, it's not easily forgotten.

chief rock chef, i really enjoy crime novels... are they real life or fiction?

vampires are cool, aren't they? they make them especially appealing in these books... i must admit. :)

hashim still hasn't gotten my neck! :(

Olivia said...

Oooh, did someone say Kite Runner?

I read that book. It made me cry, very touching. I can't remember another book that did that to me, although I've been moved I never shed tears before.

Anthrogeek10 said...

I always feel like if I read this, I will be going along with the masses. I am tempted though.

Anthrogeek10 said...

Oooh, did someone say Kite Runner?

Favorite book of all time!

I am going to start reading this when it comes in the mail AND school is over:

The Muslim Next Door

Anonymous said...

Piggybacking on what Kissy said, Party Monster is an awesome tale! Saw the movie version. And, since the book is ALWAYS better then film I would reccomend it!

I just saw Twilight, last weekend. Don't feel silly about it. I've been bitten too. lol.

Um Naief said...

saw the movie last night... was terribly disappointed! very teenish... but i guess when you're dealing w/ a bunch of 17 and 18 yr olds, that's what you get... but i was hoping for more. didn't like the robert patterson or pattison guy at all. he was not a good edward whatsoever... which is too bad because so much of the story, in my opinion, relies upon that.... he's not all that great of an actor and i hated his facial expressions... but.. it was a downloaded movie so maybe the original will be better. i'll give it another go around and see what happens.