Thursday, March 26, 2009

twilight, the movie

Was so tickled to get the chance to see this movie last night, but I'll have to say, my expectations were high in that I really loved the book. I wasn't sure about the two main characters... they were good looking enough, but could they act.

I now understand why one blog friend got up and left the theatre....!

I didn't like the movie whatsoever. Terrible, I thought. Very teen flicky, but I guess with the two main characters being 17 yrs old, it would be like this... but still. I don't like this Robert Pattinson guy and it doesn't seem like he can act very well.... just my opinion (maybe I had over the top expectations). Way too much make-up on his face, his lips looked like they were smothered in lip stick all the time and I hated his eye expressions. To me, he just didn't mesh w/ the Edward in the book. I hate it when that happens. Felt the same when I watched Interview w/ the Vampire. Absolutely HATED Brat Pitt and Tom Cruise in those roles, and hated the movie even more...

The twilight movie moved way too fast and wasn't true to the book in several areas, but seems like most of the books made into movies do this... shame really. I wonder if Harry Potter did the same. Haven't read the books so have no idea really. I enjoyed the movies... haven't seen the last, but I liked them, so wish I could say the same about this one.

I only hope w/ the new director that'll be coming up for the 2nd in the series will do a better job all around. I only hope this Robert guy gets w/ the role... but maybe no one could live up to ppl's (my) expectations. Seems like lots of ppl were against this Jacob guy, and he wasn't bad as an actor, actually, and I thought he fit the role quite well. So, maybe it's just me coz all the girls seem to be totally gaga over this guy who plays Edward.

All the vampires weren't right w/ me. Didn't like any of them and thought the make-up was terrible, the acting was terrible... just everything. And the 3 bad vampires that come into Fork later in the movie (once again not going along w/ the book)... really, the only good one was Laurent...

well... sadly, another one bites the dust!


Bobby said...

Didn't I tell you? Movie is a turn off!
Anyway, I think I should read the book now that you have said so much!
Harry Potter movies too had some changes from the book - but not much of vitiation!

Um Naief said...

i think you'd like the book... but know, it's a love story. :)

you were so right about the movie. the special affects were terrible and the make-up was really, really bad.

how far did you get in the movie?

Olivia said...

Seems to me the movie was aimed at, and will be embraced by, the teeny boppers!

Let the people with more discerning tastes remain faithful to the book, I suppose.

I can speak to another aspect of this Twilight, which is that I love the top quality alternative band Muse, and have done so for years now. However, people are flocking to them now simply because of Twilight, as a couple of their songs are in it - and now I am annoyed at these brash newcomers cheapening the idea!

June said...

Have you read Bram Stoker's Dracula? Give it a shot if you can. It's dark and brooding and makes you feel quite uncomfortable just reading it.

Um Naief said...

june, oooh, sounds fabulous. :) makes me think about the old movies, and one of my favorites, which is bram stoker's dracula w/ keanu reeves... have you seen it?

olivia, maybe the book is for the teeny bopper as well... but i tend to think the girls are more in love w/ the guy who plays edward than anything else... and in actuality, that's who i loved in the book... and is why i was so disappointed w/ the character in the movie.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I didn't mind the "Interview With a Vampire" movie so much, but then again, I never read to book, so I had nothing to compare it with.

It's hard to translate a good book into a good movie. Literary devices aren't always easy to convert into audio-visual ones. Then you get the fact that people tend to expect different things from movies than from books.

However, the biggest problem is that a book has only the author and his or her editor, whereas a movie also has both a producer and a director determined to remake the story into something they think will sell to the biggest audience. As we've seen so much lately, not only books but also classic movies and TV shows have a sad tendency recently to be remade into something that's more modern and totally sucks.

Um Naief said...

moody, i agree... the remakes i've seen are pretty bad. altho, i did see the remake of .... ummm, the movie where the alien comes to earth - he's played by keanu reeves - and i thought it was a darn good remake. have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

Yet another place to keep in touch with you my friend! YAY!! I have heard the book was good, but I have never read it. Jai wants to see the movie but since I read your review I am not so sure about that now. Thanks for the heads up!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Now I know I have to read the book. I saw the movie first, and I already felt, there were "bits and pieces" missing. The movie seemed a little "japanime' to me. But, knowing who the target audience is, I'm not too surprised.

The Moody Minstrel said...

You're thinking of "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I haven't had a chance to see the remake. I'm not even sure if it's playing in Japan. I haven't seen any promos for it.