Monday, March 02, 2009

what a fun party :)

Today we went to one of Naief's little friends' houses for a bday party (is the punctuation correct? - seems like nowadays, I can't remember my English grammar. Not that it was ever my strong suit... but still, and you know... I hate that I'm forgetting it. What is up w/ that?? Having a baby?). Anyway... what a fun time. His mother is such a good mother.. so patient, so calm and so good w/ her kids.... and she's so talented! She went to a carpenter here in Bahrain and had huge farm animals cut out of wood or some such and painted white, then all the kids got paint, at the party, and had a field day painting all the animals. Naief and all the other kids loved it and had so much fun. Must say that Naief loves the attention of others and especially adults, as he would turn around to see who was watching him and do his best Picasso impersonation! ;)

Didn't know beforehand about the painting, since all the kids were supposed to bring a change of clothes (didn't get the invitation since we've switched to the afternoon class at the baby gym, while my friend and her son go to a morning class... ), and since I didn't take any clothes for painting fun, my friend lent some clothes to Naief to paint in (how sweet, huh?!!). I felt bad though coz didn't want him getting his friend's clothes all messy... but I tried to go w/ it. And momma didn't wear the appropriate clothes either.... don't think white linen pants and a indigo linen shirt were the right attire for a painting party!! But, thankfully, didn't get any paint on me.... :)

They also had goats for the kids to enjoy. Had them in the side yard... Naief loved it. There was a little kid (baby goat) that was soooo adorable... jumping around and climbing through the gate, only to make his momma very upset. The whole little gang would cry for him to come back in, but he seemed to be having too much fun on the other side of the fence. At one point, my friend's hubby had to go on the other side to get the little guy. It was really sweet and a great idea. All the kids loved giving them food and watching them play. Got a text from my friend today telling everyone to bring any veggies to be thrown out... and crazy me wondered what that was about and thought maybe they were composting... !!!! yes... I did think this!!! Didn't even dawn on me that it could be for the party!!!!!!! lol

Naief was so well behaved as most of the kids, except a few. One little boy was being quite the bully... pushing kids and taking their things, and making several kids cry in the process. At about the time we were leaving, I was getting a telephone number and this little boy's mother brought Naief to me, crying. She told me that her son had pushed him outside. She felt bad and I felt bad.... but Naief was fine and stopped crying rather quickly. I think that he gets a little scared of kids like this. I just hope this little boy was having a bad day coz I've talked to his mom about a play date, but if her son is a bully and is mean... not sure if I want that happening to my little guy... but, can't shield him forever, right?!! Will have to take this slowly just to see how it goes.

All in all it was a wonderful afternoon. I had a terrible headache when we got home, but probably due to my not having eaten most of the day and just being sorta stressed... but took some meds and it's gone now.

Went over to see my SIL. She gave birth to her 2nd child three days ago. He's soooo tiny!!! Only weighs 4 lbs! To me, that's too small... but so many Bahraini women have itty, bitty babies. From what I've heard, it's about not wanting it to hurt when they give birth, so they try to gain as little weight as possible to make it all easier. She wound up having a c-section... not being able to go into labor and even after they gave her the meds to induce, she still didn't ... so they took the baby. He has a huge, pointed nose.... probably from Hashim's father. They all said that Naief had this nose, but I knew he didn't, since it wasn't pointed. It still isn't... I think he'll have mine since all the baby pics of me and him look the same.... and his nose is identical.... poor little guy! I hate my nose!!! but... maybe it'll be cuter than mine. At least I can hope! ;)

Anyway... this week has wound up w/ two cancellations for engagements/play dates, so I'm relieved since I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed as of late. Tomorrow we have nothing and I plan to spend a lot of time w/ Naief and cleaning. Still having a difficult time balancing these two things, which causes me a lot of stress. If anyone has any good ideas on how to manage and tackle these two things, please do pass it on. I need all the help I can get.

A friend came over the other night to say goodbye, since she'll be going to Qatar to teach for a few months and before she came, I told her that my house was a mess. I'm not one for having company when the house isn't in tip top shape... but... I let her come anyhoo. She was fine w/ it and we sat in the kitchen, which was a mess... but she assured me she understood... I do have a two year old after all. Made me feel good that she understood.... but I was still a bit in that 'embarrassment zone' after she left... aaahhh... my constant task of cleaning.

Yeah.. I know this is a long post, and sorry for that... but... commenting on my first para, not only am I forgetting grammar, but I'm forgetting things like crazy. I've noticed lately that I'm doing things and not remembering to finish whatever it was. For instance, I'll turn on the water outside and forget about it, which doesn't make the hubby all too happy. One day I left it running for over an hour! Totally forgot. Then the other day, I was filling up the watering thing for the cats and I went off and forgot about it. Came back to see it overflowing all over the place.. then did the same w/ the sink and dishes. Started running hot water and soap to do dishes (which isn't done here, btw... nothing is ever done w/ a sink full of hot, sudsy water) and turned around to do something else and totally forgot about it. Left the room and everything. Don't know how long it was, but when I came back, it was overflowing onto the floor... actually was all over the kitchen floor. Ridiculous really... that I'm doing this. Have even done w/ cooking, which scares me a bit. Saw a show on Oprah today about women forgetting things when they have kids. I really need to slow down, breathe, relax and do one task at a time... or finish the task that I've started... but you know, it's hard.

have a good one everyone.... until next time. :)


Chief Rock Chef said...

Party looks great.

Good move on saying it straight to the mother - sometimes people need to be embarassed like that.

Will read more tomorrow and comment again!

Christopher said...

Awwww what fun! It is always so heartwarming seeing the kids have so much fun! He's growing up so darned fast!!

Puppy said...

Painting party, such a good idea. Its good to have that in mind. Although it was a long post i really enjoyed reading it.

About forgeting things, i dont want to scare you, but due to my recent check-ups i identified that if u start forgetting things its because your heart doesnt work properly. Not dramatically, but that is the reason for forgetting things. I would go and check it. Well, you know, i like cheking everything, going to doctors :))

Pictures are really nice, such a good weather, here we have spring in the air, its sunny, but not hot 7-10 degrees :)))))

Just Jane said...

What a clever idea for a children's party! Naief gets cuter and cuter the older he gets. Hope you are all well. Take care.

Olivia said...

Omigosh, careful with the water, what with you living in the desert it must be pretty expensive.

Why is nothing done with a sink of hot sudsy water? What is the alternative?

I think giving kids big animal cutouts to paint is a great idea! I should try to remember it for one day.

Interesting what Puppy said about forgetfulness being a result of the heart not functioning properly...

Similarly, MVP (mitral valve prolapse, when one heart valve doesn't shut all the way) is often a symptom of a greater nervous system imbalance called Dysautonomia, which often flares up with me. Other symptoms include forgetfulness, easy bruising, orthostatic hypotension (dizziness getting up), panic attacks, headaches, and so on, I forget the rest but pretty much anything you care to name - but never all at the same time and never all the time, it's like a grab bag.

The Moody Minstrel said...

What an interesting coincidence. Recently I was training some kids for an English interview test, and one of the practice problems had a discussion about a kids' party in which they were given paint and allowed to paint animals!

It looked like fun in the test. It looks like even more fun in your pics!

I'm sure the forgetfulness is related to stress. I do the same thing when I start feeling overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful little party. Kids have the best fun! :)

A friend and I, were talking about house wives today. I was telling him, how much I envied their lives. It seems to care-free, taking care of chores, and tending to children. But, then I realize from first hand posts, how difficult it can be sometimes. But, I'm sure the rewards make it worth the little struggles through the day. :)

Yay! For house-wifing! lol

Olivia said...

Huh, I thought you wrote a new post...rainbows...

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