Sunday, March 29, 2009

the storm

Tonight there's a storm right above our house. This isn't a great photo, but... it's the 1st time that I've ever seen lightning here in Bahrain... and I've lived here for almost 6 years. I caught this just a few minutes ago while looking out the bedroom window. I had to stand for several minutes before getting a good sized one, and one that wasn't too fast for my slow little camera phone.

I must say, I'm a wee bit impressed w/ this storm. There's great lightning, rolling thunder, wind... what next??? Dare I mention the word rain???

Oh... please... let's have a downpour!!! One that lasts a few days even. :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, it looks gorgeous! I bet, you guys will have a good pour of rain. If the lighting dies down, and it's warm enough, you can even go for a little walk in it. I love, walking in rain storms.

Puppy said...

Um Naief, that is actually a good catch, very nice lightening.

Sorry i left to a meeting and didnt have a chance to chat the other day.

Hope you are doing ok!

Dr.ftoom ஐ~ said...

awww !! that's a great shot ! well done dear !

well, i've to admit that the light & thunder from last night, were little bit scary for me.

The weather in Bahrian has changed dramaticlly in the past 9 years, we used to have light rain from Nov-Feb back in the 90s, & the storm which i can never forget was back on Nov 2001, it was so strong & the roads were up filled with rain & even my own bedroom which has water proof ciel was invaded by rain!
anyhow, after that storm, the winter started to shift & the rain decreased year by year .
07, & 08 , for me these two years were rainless !
09 is little bit different, although winter came late, but now we are enjoying the rain :D >>> finally !!
I hope that your little Naief is enjoying it too ;) we will never know if the up coming years are going to be rainy or not.

mmmmm .. can I use your light photo in my blog ? i tried shoting one last night but my try failed ! >>> my camera is dying :P


Coolred38 said...

No no no!!! you do not want rain in Bahrain...even a little bit...people drive like idiots under the best of circumstances..throw in some weather and they lose thier minds completely. I love rain though. And I totally love thunder and lightening storms.

Dr.ftoom...I lived in Hamad Town during that storm you mentioned. We were totally flooded out...under the through the kids were playing in the backyard like it was a beach scene. The rainy season has definitely fallen dramatically this past few years. Is that good news or bad news for Bahrain?

Um Naief said...

dr.ftoom, sure you can use it... :) glad you like it. took me a while to get it and was amazed that i actually caught some, since it goes sooo fast.

the weather has changed a lot. i've been waiting for a year now for rain... but still no huge downpours. back when naief was born, it rained for a good 4 or 5 days straight, but we've yet to have that since then.

naief loved the storm after he stopped being afraid. one large boom/clap of thunder woke him and he was absolutely terrified.

how long did it last at your place? it lasted here for hours.. but we only got a little rain w/ it. :(

miss fluff, wasn't able to get outside and walk around, but would have loved to do that. i love the rain, and this was a first for seeing such lightening, and the thunder last night was truly amazing... rolling and everything. it usually sounds like bombs dropping, but it really sounded good last night. :)

puppy, glad you like the shot. took me a good 10 mins or so to get it. my arms were aching from holding them up. :))

coolred, ppl do drive crazy when it rains in these parts.. and they get a bit crazy acting as well. once, i can remember, it rained so much that all the streets were flooded and ppl just stopped in the middle of the street and wouldn't move. it took hours to get to a place that it normally takes 10 mins... and i was pregnant!! :)

Olivia said...

Haha, poor you, I know what it's like to hold a camera with arms aching. But good shot and thanks for sharing it with us. That's some frightening lightning up there!

I'd be afraid to go out in the rain after that!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I can't believe this is the first time you have seen lightening there. Wow! You know how much storms hit over here in the states. We just had a whopper over the weekend. It was complete with lightening, thunder and buckets of rain. I hope you get the rain you asked for my friend.

Angry In Oman said...

I think this is the same storm system on it's way to Muscat.

Nice picture :)

Um Naief said...

olivia, i was actually a bit scared standing by our window to try and get this shot. our window is framed in metal... so imagine my fear!!!! have never heard of anyone getting hit by lightening here or even of it touching down.. but there's always a first, huh?!! and you're right... we didn't go out in it... the stuff lasted for several hours and then we only got a few drops.

angry in oman, did you guys get the lightening? did it rain there??? i'm sure you guys got what we didn't.

how's the diet going? i'm seriously thinking of trying it.

Um Naief said...

valerie, we didn't get the rain, and i can only imagine the rain you guys got in indiana. the storms there are so severe. how have the tornados been? i can remember them so vividly ... as a child i used to get severe nose bleeds when one was coming.. not sure if it was pressure change or just fright.

Christopher said...

Oh how romantic...I love thunder and lightning storms...when they happen here late at night, I turn off all the lights and they put me to sleep...why something so chaotic is like a lullaby I will never understand...but they are wonderful...and that was a fabulous flash of lightning you got!

Christopher said...

Ya know I just rewatched "Interview With A Vampire" the other day, and though the production of it was very beautiful (costumes, sets) I was annoyed at the actors, but Kirsten Dunst as Claudia was beautifully performed. She was a very very beautiful child, and I believe she played Calaudia quite well. Sad when an inexperienced (at the time it was made) little girl, trumped the main stars. Also, Thandie Newton I noticed was the maid of the plantation, at Louis that served him his meals that he killed...interesting...

Um Naief said...

christopher, i agree with you completely! i loved kirsten dunst in that. such a great talent. i remember the maid ... but not so clearly. maybe i'll rewatch it. :) saw your email, but haven't read it .. yet. :))

Um Naief said...

and... you're right, it's odd how something so chaotic can soothe the soul... it does mine as well.