Monday, June 05, 2006

Favorite Music Videos

I was thinking the other day about some of my fav all time music videos.

One that immediately popped into mind is that video from Chris Isaak for Wicked Game. Oh my... I loved and still love that video. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that song. I can't remember the model's name that he shot the video with... but boy, they looked good together. I especially loved the mascara all smeared under her eyes... she looked so messed up and so gorgeous. Made me want to be on some deserted island, in a white dress, frolicking in the water while my lover sung his heart out to me! And you know... I used to watch that show that he was in, I think it was the Chris Isaak Show... years ago. Really never understood the point of it, but I watched it.

Prob my second all time fav video would be Madonna's Respect Yourself. I loved everything about that song, and the video made it all the better, I thought. I loved her *take charge* attitude, the way she dressed in the video, her hair - gawd, this is when I went and cut my hair off all short - I loved it. It gave me such a feeling of freedom. And her skin... there's one shot of her caressing her back w/ her hands... and all you see is her bare back, her hands/arms and that fabulous curly blonde hair. I think that made a mark on sun worshippers everywhere.... but whose to say.

Isn't it amazing the power that W O R D S have?!!

One of my other fav videos is Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What a thrill for the eyes - it was a unique approach w/ the video game feel... and, I think, this is one of the first songs/videos they did after Kiedis got off drugs in 2000. I love the lyrics of the song.

Another fav was George Michael's I Want Your Sex video. Me and my younger sister were so in love w/ him - we found out later he was gay. :( When he came to Dallas, we went w/ some of our friends, my lil sis included, and stood in line, outside, from like 3:30 a.m. until around 11 a.m. to get tickets. There were so many scalpers there - we wound up getting lousy seats... but the concert was fabulous! There was one song, Careless Whisper, where he came to the edge of the stage, sat down and asked everyone to be quiet. Now... this concert was at the HUGE football stadium in Dallas - can't remember the name to save my life (crap, hate it when that happens!) but anyway... there were sooo many freakin ppl there - and this guy, w/ his amazing voice, was able to shut the audience down by asking, and he sung this song, w/ only an acoustic guitar, and it was beautiful! It still gives me tingles! ;) Anyway, the video for I Want Your Sex was great. I loved the cowboy boots, him playing that guitar, his outfit - those jeans, his hair, ohhhh... that unshaven look... well... I loved it. I still get a groove on when I hear it ;) Even w/ all of this said, George Michael goes much deeper than these few songs. He's an amazing singer w/ a fabulous voice....

I also really liked Billy Jean by Michael Jackson - yeah, I know, I know. I used to be a huge fan of his. I grew up listening to him w/ the Jackson 5. That video was pretty good when you think about it. It was the first time, for many, to really see what he was all about. His moves, the shoes, the socks, standing on his toes.... all of it. But, I can't say that I listen or watch his stuff any more. I read that he's thinking of adopting an Asian baby - I think Chinese or Japanese... interesting.

I love music... there are soooo many songs and videos that have made an impression on me. I hate to close this post w/ Michael Jackson, but as I sit here, my mind is drawing a complete blank! I'm sure after I post this blog, I'll think of so many others... but, for right now, this is enough!

Have a fabulous day! :)


saba said...

im a music freak bad our tastes are so freakin different though!im into metal and rock....i can agree with you that californication was amazing, with the surfers! hey i dont know if you ll like it but my favorite video now is "Saving me" by nickleback ..

kojak said...

I can't stand Maddonna.

tooners said...

hey saba, oh, believe me, i love me some metal and rock! i haven't listened to nickleback in a while... i find if i don't go out and buy the CDs, the chances of hearing really good stuff on 96.5 is slim. i miss all the channel variety from the states, that's for sure. but rock videos usually aren't my favorites, for some reason - i think cuz they tend to be kinda plain. our "free" cable has been out (go figure)... when it's up again, hopefully i'll catch this new video by nickleback.

lebatron, i've been a madonna fan for ages. my husband's sister used to dress like her (back in the day)... i never went that far! ;) but... i was and still am crazy about her music and what's going on w/ her. she's my idol! :)

Bahraini Rants said...

helena christiansen is the model in the wicked game video.. she was my first real supermodel obsession.. i lurve her..

MoClippa said...

Closing the post with Wacko Jacko was fine, he's quite off the rocker now it seems, but everyone that grew up around his early career was touched by it... it was just that good!

I never got into George Michael, but he was into the whole Prince sound, and they produced a few great hits at one point which still haven't gotten old...

But Saba... Vile Woman, Treacherous siren.... Rock Metal and Nickleback, in one sentence.... how dare you... I'm.. I'm.... I'm Melting!!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I couldn't stomach WHAM! at all, so I was skeptical when George Michael went solo. However, one day while I was eating at a McDonald's here in Japan (back in the early 90s) I heard some really cool songs playing over their canned music system. Then a radio announcer speaking in English said that they were from his very appropriately-named album, Listen Without Prejudice. He is definitely a very respectable artist...if you can get him away from the commercial hype.

Chris in MB said...

It's funny. I used to only listen to heavy & death metal as a kid. Still do actually but now also include just about everything else.

I have to admit I even like ABBA now. Their music is actually quite intricately mixed if you listen closely.

People are shocked at my mixed CD's. Slayer, Phantom of the Opera, Carcass, baroque, Cradle of Filth, & ambient music on the same disk.

I still don't like Wham! or any hiphop!

KareemFromEgypt said...

the fabolous helena christensen from the wicked game song, there's a rock cover of it by H.I.M which was released around 99-2000

i love the express yourself video too, one of my top 10 with the guys doing the pushups and the pointy bras and all, and the song is quite cool too