Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ted Koppel - Coming to our studio!!!!

This morning I found out that Ted Koppel, a huge American journalist and former anchorman for ABC's Nightline will be coming to our studio tomorrow evening to record for a public radio station in the United States. He was with ABC for 42 years and stepped down from his position with Nightline in November 2005. Following Nightline, Mr. Koppel has taken on a number of roles which span various formats of news media.

He has recently been courted by Al Jazeera to work for their 24-hour English language service that they plan to launch this year.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled beyond belief. I can hardly believe it. I'm sick... want to throw up! ;) First, I really love journalism and this guy is great! I can't wait to meet him, and I'm so excited that our studio - and my husband - will be doing the recording for the story that he's doing on Bahrain.... makes me really wonder what the story will be about. We have no information on that at this time....

This is sooooo exciting!!!!!!


jahooni said...

OMG, wow. I can't believe it either. I am jealous! Tell your Hubby that I am very proud to call him my bro-in-law.

Angelo Embuldeniya (Strav) said...

Congrats Tooners!

TechZ said...

Wow, Ted Koppel! I've watched him on TV a few times myself. Congrats :D

The Moody Minstrel said...

I've heard so many people try to imitate (mimic?)(impersonate?) Ted Koppel. I'm curious to know what he's like in person.

mae mae said... did he get in contact with the hubby? how did it come to be that he would be using YOUR studio and not a different one? do you know what station the broadcast will be on and when? i'm so excited for you. this is sooo amazing!!!!!!!!!

Olivia said...

He's really erudite, isn't he?

Those were the days, when he was the face of NBC, Dan Rather CBS, and Peter Jennings ABC.

They were all like kindly uncles informing us of the world situation each evening. Jennings became my favourite after he talked us gently through the entire first night of the first Gulf War.