Saturday, June 17, 2006

Miss Patty Petunia

Greg asked me thru a comment on my previous post about our animals, so I thought it would be fun to introduce one or two of them each week for any and all of you who might find it interesting, and for those of you who love animals, like myself.

Tonight's picture is of Petunia. I sometimes call her Patty Petunia. We were given Petunia, her sister and brother last April. A guy that works w/ my husband found them at the corniche after their mother had been hit by a car, brought them to work and my husband offered to adopt them, after I begged, of course! ;) Thankfully he loves cats too.... cuz if not, I think it would be difficult to explain to family, friends and such about our animals. She, her sister and brother were prob six wks old when we got them. They all had eye infections and were sick. We nursed them back to health and they're all very healthy now. We have baby pics of them someplace... I wish I had some to post right now. I love kittens, actually all little baby animals, and these sweet things were no exception.

Oh yeah, we have nine cats and four birds. We shipped six cats here from the States three years ago. My beloved, sweet angel, Chloe, died last July - she was one I brought from the States. We have adopted four since then, including Petunia, her sister and brother.

Petunia's a really sweet little girl. She's black with yellow eyes. No one knows that we have a black cat. If my in-laws found out, they wouldn't be happy, especially my MIL. She believes that black cats are jins and do evil things. I don't believe this and have posted about this before..... I find it best to tell people if they're interested and, if not, then to leave well enough alone. I love black cats and find them to be so sweet natured. Petunia is very sweet but more high strung than other black cats I've been around, but usually I've seen the personalities of boys. I think girl cats, in general, are more temperamental and high strung than boys.... boy cats are more laid back and usually aren't as moody. And ppl say that cats aren't like ppl! hehehe I think cats are very smart... even tho many may disagree w/ me. We have a couple that aren't real bright, but most of them are quite intelligent.

Petunia's very talkative, loves to whine, and her most favorite thing is haleeb (milk), or I call it haleebies for her. I know they say not to give cats milk because after a certain age their bodies can't digest it and it'll cause diarrhea, but she loves it so much that I just can't deny her. And... from what I can tell, it doesn't cause her any probs. In the mornings, she loves to drink my leftover milk from my cereal. She'll wait patiently until I'm finished, sometimes being so anxious that she'll prop herself up to look in the bowl... I guess to ensure that I haven't finished everything. She also loves soft food. I usually give the kitties a treat in the afternoons after we come home from work. She prefers a bowl all of her own and sometimes refuses to eat unless I give her one... and I usually pamper her and give in to her wants and needs! When she was a baby kitten, she wouldn't eat, so I would give her morsels of food, one piece at a time, so that she'd eat... this is prob where her stubbornness comes from. I still sometimes do this and she loves it.

Most of our cats take treats from my fingers and prefer that I drop one at a time into their mouths... but her brother, Wilson, forcibly takes them from my fingers... preferring to snatch them from me before any of the others can get to them. He's a brat.

Petunia is quite fit, which is prob from all the exercise she gets during the day. She, her sister and brother chase each other around the house.... running at top speed usually. She loves to go downstairs and cry deeply at the bottom of the stairs until you call to her. She gets this after Aimee, one of our older cats. She doesn't like to be held and will cry like you're killing her until you put her down. She loves to be rubbed but only when she wants it. She loves to be licked and cleaned by Aimee... I'm assuming that she thinks Aimee is her mother. If I'm rubbing her and Aimee walks in the room, she'll leave me to go to her in an instant. Aimee loves to lick her... sometimes even biting her to make her stay still. It's the cutest thing to watch. They all lay together and sleep together, and snuggle in the winter. Petunia will get under the covers and sleep in the winter but hardly ever does it during the summer months.

She loves to go outside and eat the grass, but since it's summer I haven't been letting them out. The fleas are really bad here and they wind up getting fleas, then they chew/eat the fleas and get worms, and since there aren't any really good vets here except for one that charges three times the usual amount, I prefer to keep them indoors. Plus, I always go out w/ them while they're out and since it's so hot, it's easier to wait until the cooler months and then take them out into the yard. Petunia also loves to watch birds.... I think she'd love to catch one and torture it to death.... but I don't allow it. yeah.. I know, I'm a poor sport, but I'm not into that sort of thing. The hubby has laughed and said we should buy them a mouse... yeah, right. Like I want to clean up rat gutts after they eat and then throw up a mouse.... sorry you guys, but that's what happens. And if you think furr balls are bad... you should clean up that mess!! So.. I ignore him when he talks of this... ok, he's kidding, but still! He has no idea.... I've had to clean this mess before and it's not fun, plus... I'm not one for torturing little sweet animals... including mice, and that's what the cats would do. They'd torture it until it died... or maybe they'd eat it before it was dead... not sure. Haven't seen it in a LONG time.. thank goodness.

Anyway... this is Patty Petunia. oh yeah... I forgot.. she loves to run down the stairs and make little sounds on each step... like she's talking and, w/ each cry, you'd think the wind had been knocked out of her. It's the cutest thing! She's the cutest thing! I just love her so much. And here ppl think that black cats and dogs are bad, evil and have jins (gennies) inside of them! I've also been told by several ppl that black cats have killed ppl.... or the jins.... this reminds me of the old wives tale about cats stealing your breath. Wasn't there some horror movie about that? Creep Show or something... where a cat got in the cradle of a child/infant and actually started taking the child's breath while the child slept?! You just have to laugh or sigh very deeply.


TechZ said...

Cats, pets for that matter, I can't seem to bother with them. I like the idea, but not for me thanks.

We seem to have adopted one in our building off late, it just sits between the plant pots and looks at us as we pass by :D

Very nice Blog you have here, I look forward to reading the next exciting post ;)

mae mae said...

i love cats, well and all animals, but cats are definitely my fav. they are beautiful creatures and i love their moodiness/attitude/personality. it makes having one so much fun.

arwen said...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I can't read your post right now... I'm too-- excited! I follwed you from Lisa. What I saw on your profile got me all twitterpated... is there really a second King Pow?! I've been out of the real world for so long that I don't know... please tell me it's true...

tooners said...

techz - the kitty is prob waiting to see if you'll feed him/her. they are the sweetest things, believe me. the joy that animals can bring to your life is unimagineable. thanks for your comments. i hope you continue to read. :)

mae mae - i love animals too. we're thinking of getting a dog. the hubby wants one, so we shall see. i love cats' personalities too. they're all so different and some are so extreme. they're such intelligent little creatures.

arwen - i LOVE Kung Pow - Enter the Fist!! it's the funniest movie. obviously i messed up the title of that movie in my profile. i'll have to change that! ;) yes, there is supposed to be a 2nd movie. the title is Kung Pow 2 - Tongue of Fury. it isn't in production yet, but Steve Oedekerk wants to make it. i hope he does so we both can enjoy it! my husband loves it too.

Alfanan said...

From this day forward, you will call me Betty. Mmmaaah Haaaa Haaaa......

..... This is CNN..... CNN ..... CNN..... C ... N.... N.

TechZ said...

Well, I walk down the stairs today and what do I see? Its belly up, 4 paws in the air lying comfortably between the potted plants...I was gonna take a pic but had a early morning planned at work. The cat seems to have made a home for itself...and as far as food goes, mum will see to it, she wouldn't be able to resist that little creature ;)

And you can be sure I'll be back time and again to read your wonderful blog :D

Olivia said...

Odd, when I saw Petunia, I wondered what the locals would think of a black cat. Or cats in general, and when you said you had 9 I have to ask, do they think you're the eccentric foreigner???

The same goes for girl dogs being high-strung. I can't wait to meet the rest of your kitties but especially the birds.

I grew up with birds, fish, dogs, rabbits - but my family has never tended towards cats.
(I really ought to write stories about my pets before I forget everything...)

However, since moving to London and experiencing the restrictions of city life whilst my soul yearns for animal companionship, I have started to wonder if a cat is might be a good idea after all.

tooners said...

techz, i can't wait to read about your adventures w/ this kitty! i know you'll fall in love, i know it! :) or your mom will for sure, and then you'll gradually come around! ;)

olivia, i think a cat would be perfect for you. they are so self sufficient and independent, and give so much love. they're house broken immediately so you wouldn't have to worry w/ that at all... you would only have to get the litter and such. yeah, i'd bet the locals think i'm a crazy cat lady! ;) but i don't care. they fill my heart w/ joy and i hope that i can show ppl that having pets is an amazing thing. i love birds too. this is the first time i've had them, and i must admit they are something else. i only wish i could hold them... maybe one day.

Olivia said...

My rabbits used cat litter (covered with a layer of wood shavings of course) so I'm used to that bit.

But not for a while yet, I'm not allowed a pet in this houseshare. :(
I miss snuggles!

kenzity said...

you know olivia, when you are able to get a pet, you could always go w/ another rabbit! i've heard they are very similar to cats. a girl that i used to work w/ had a pet rabbit. she loved it. i'd love to have one, but the cats would surely try to kill it. i love rabbits. they seem so tender.

Chris in MB said...

kenzity, just get a BIG rabbit

I've had a dog (Rottweiler), cat & rabbit all at the same time.

The rabbit used to pick on the cat.
The cat picked on the Rottie.
And, the Rottie & rabbit were friends.

The rabbit would attack the cat for no reason. If the cat had food or a toy the rabbit would take it away.

They are not so innocent & passive as people think.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Ah...cats! I love cats! I've had kind of bad luck with them, though.

Petunia sure is a pretty thing, though! Those golden eyes just blaze there in that glossy, black face! (I wouldn't blame your in-laws for thinking she's a djinn!)

The cat I have at present (only one!) has a similar history. Mother cat and a few kittens were dumped in our neighborhood, mother cat was hit and killed by a car, kids at the local school divided up the kittens, my kids brought one of them home. I'm not sure I agree with you about the gender/personality thing, though. Tora definitely appears male, but he's quite high strung and the point where he often runs around the house at high speed yowling and hissing. Still, he's a very friendly and lovable cat...for the minute or so he can be patient and purr before he starts trying to tear a chunk out of your hand...

Nine cats? Wow! It sounds like they all have very tough lives, too. ;-)

Olivia said...

Chris - LOL
Rabbits are really very cheeky when they want to be. They even talk back when you tell them off, by shaking their ears, waggling their tails, grunting, or stomping their foot.

And they make up games - alone or with you.

They also value fairness. When it's cuddling time, they make sure you each give and receive an equal amount of kisses, scratches, and snuffles. They know just how to demand it too. With a nudge, but if you ignore it too long, a nip and a mad grunt.

We had one who was so clever, I called her my dog-cat-rabbit because she watched and learned, climbed, listened, and posed. Actually, she also knew how to shell pumpkin seeds like a bird; weird thing is they usually just eat it all.

Kenzity - you are right, I love bunnies too much! My heart is in a puddle right now!