Monday, November 20, 2006

10 weird things about me

I've been tagged by Munther from Drivel of 2 Modern Bahrainis to list 10 weird things about myself... so here goes. Oh yeah, you can find his list on his site - which, after reading his list, aren't things I'd consider weird at all. :)

1. I don't like talking on the telephone, except to my family. If it's someone new that I don't really know, I'll usually try to send an email instead. And even after communicating thru email, I find it extremely difficult to talk to them on the telephone.

2. I'm very particular about the way toilet paper is put on the roll. I find it to be much easier if the paper is facing to the front instead of coming from the back. ;) So, if someone puts it on that way, I will always change it.

3. I live in my head all the time and ppl have called me weird for it. Meaning => I can sit and just stare into space w/ ppl thinking that I'm not concentrating or such, but in all actuality, my mind travels a mile a minute and I'm not only thinking, but I'm planning, organizing, daydreaming, imagining, going over things that have happened.... all sorts of things. Used to, ppl would snap their fingers in front of my face and I've even had a few ppl tell me, "wake up"... but what they don't know is that I'm concentrating more than they could imagine.

4. I can have 5 or more conversations going on at one time and tend to leave many ppl in the dark because of this. There are very few that can keep up... which I guess can be an annoyance.

5. I can also talk really fast, altho I really try not to in this part of the world, and used to be criticized for it.... now ppl just think I'm weird.

6. I used to drink Pepsi and milk together. It's actually not bad... but I haven't in ... I don't know how long. ;) It was a Laverne and Shirley thing.

7. I believe in aliens.

8. I believe in life after death.

9. I also somewhat believe that if we don't succeed in what we are meant to do on earth during our life here, we will be born again and have to keep repeating it until we get it right.

10. I strongly believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. You do something bad to someone and you'll get it back 10 fold.... one way or another. Perfect example => Anna Nicole Smith. Yeah, some of you may think me mean for saying it, but I truly believe she's getting what she deserves.

ok... this is my list. I tag Alfanan, Puppy, Olivia, One Wink and whoever else would like to play along... just let me know so that I can read your lists! :)


Blayde said...

1,3,4, and 5 i agree with you, and do it a lot myself... maybe il make my own list...

LouLou said...

Wow. It seems I missed a lot!

Congrats tooners. Hope the little one arrives safe and healthy and be a joy to you and your husband.:)

Olivia at Work said...


I am just like you on 1, 2, and 3 so will have to leave them out of mine.
I have a fear of the phone. I can make my own business or personal calls, but in an office when I have to answer the phone or make a call, I freeze up! I think it is a fear of not knowing everything they might want to know. Thankfully eve since being in this job i have never had to decide on an appointment to make for my colleagues. My business is mine and i know what i am talking about but say to be a PA and handle the diary, would scare me.

Can't understand why anyone would want the toilet paper it's far enough away even in a few inches to make it uncomfortable to reach for agaisnt the wall.

This is why I can spend hours alone, thinking and amusing myself. Replaying or editing conversations and situations, making up new ones. When I started school I daydreamed a lot, but that was because I had been taught a bit too much at home beforehand and was bored. I wonder what I used to think about...

You make me want to try pepsi and milk, i mean how different can it be to a float?
Only less cold and therefore easier for my teeth!

I'll try to get around to the tag this week.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I thought you already did a tag like this one...and then I followed suit by doing it, too!

still breathing said...

I don't think that toilet paper thing is weird..coz i do that too!, really, coz thats the RIGHT way to put it!! as Olivia says, its more comfortable that way.

i drink lemon and milk together... my mama thinks its weird, or not healthy..can't remember which.

about that aliens thing, u believe people could get abducted by them and that they are the reason we get facial creases after we wake up? (and not from pillows as others might think)?
i know some people who believe in that...

Anonymous said...


I have completed the list about my 10 weird things and even added a bonus track :)

you are welcome to see on my blog.



gazza27 said...

Pepsi and thats weird..........i never want to taste that in my life!

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

uhh, what kind of aliens? The generally humanoid kind that just want to find out more about us as a species? Or is it more of a David Ike Lizard thing?

tooners said...

blayde, can't wait to read your list! :)

loulou, thanks my dear!!

olivia, you know, when i'm at work, i don't have a problem w/ the phone. i can do business calls w/out a problem... it's talking to other ppl. for instance, if i've met someone new or been chatting w/ someone, then it's really hard for me to talk to them on the phone. it's weird... but i just have the biggest prob w/ it. it just feels so personal and i'm a true loner, i suppose. pepsi and milk tastes just like a float, minus the ice cream. it's actually not bad at all.

moody, yeah, i did a list similar to this a long time ago, after olivia did one on hers, but since i was tagged, and since it was a "weird" list, thought i'd go ahead and do it. now, let's see your list!!

still breathing, i agree w/ both you and olivia, never understood why ppl would put their toilet paper on w/ the sheets going around the back side. it's much harder to get to... never understood it. :) lemon and milk... hmmmm.. i wonder what that tastes like and now i want to try it. so do you put lemon juice in the milk? is it a sour taste? and NO, i don't believe that aliens are causing the creases in your face after sleeping. who in the world believes this?

puppy, looking forward to reading your list! :)

gazza, :) it taste just like a float... have you ever had a float? i used to love those as a kid and still do, but gosh it's been a LONG time since i've had one. rootbeer is the best w/ a float. you add rootbeer to ice cream (in a glass)... it's sooo yummy!!

notes, no, don't believe in lizard type of things, but i believe that they come to earth, quite possibly even take human form. and i believe that ppl are abducted. i also think that the U.S. found a ship long ago in the 60s - Area 61 stuff.

Olivia at Work said...

What, there is an Area 61 too? Is that even more secret than Area 51???


The Moody Minstrel said...

Okay, Tooners, I took the plunge!

Extremely weird some things about me are.
Knowing them, will you think less of me?
No need to mention my little, BLUE car.
You'll find much weirder things are there to see.
For what it's worth, the post is done.
Feel free to look and have some fun!

tooners said...

olivia, oh gosh.. i'm big time laughing at myself!!! now see... there's the memory thing coming into play. it IS Area 51!!! not 61. see.. i can't remember anything. i sure hope it's the pregnancy because, if not, i'm starting to get worried!!!! ;)

gazza27 said...

I've never had a float(or heard of it)or rootbeer!

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