Sunday, November 19, 2006

drip drip drop little April shower!!

Ok, It's not April but you'd think it was by the way it's raining in Bahrain!!!! The rains have finally come and I'm just thrilled. I LOVE THE RAIN!!! I wish I could go outside and run around in it, acting like the little girl that I am, but you know, everyone would think me a nut... ok, I am a nut, but don't tell anyone! ;)

Seriously, it's so dark outside and it's pouring down. It has been sooooo long since the rains have been here. The weather is cool, there's a nice breeze blowing that's makes me a rather chilly. I have my window open and can hear it... now, I wish it would thunder and lightening. They said on the weather report this morn. that it was going to rain and we'd have thunder, but I've heard nothing thus far.

Gosh, I wish I was home. I'd love to have a good book, a nice cup of decaf, while sitting on the porch listening to this beautiful rain. What is it about rain that makes me feel so happy inside? A lot of ppl get depressed w/ the rain. I know my mother hates it. She says it makes her feel depressed... but not me. I've never minded getting wet in the rain... while some ppl run into the store or into the house, I walk as slow as possible. I can remember being in London years back w/ the hubby and it was raining. We walked around outside for hours getting soaked... it was so wonderful.

My MIL loves the rain like I do. Last year, when the rains came, I went to her house and we went outside and ran around like school girls, laughing and getting wet. I sit and think about her now and wonder if she's loving it as much as me. She collects the rainfall in plastic things and keeps it... not every time it rains but the first rainfall of the season. If I'm not mistaken, I think she uses it for something in particular - some type of tradition - or even drinks it. Maybe she doesn't drink it... but I can't remember. It's all for good luck and such though. I like that tradition.

Well.. now it has slowed down quite a bit and it's only drizzling now... :( It sure was nice while it lasted. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get soaked when I get home... maybe it'll rain like crazy all day today.

Happy day everyone.

Oh yeah.. the hubby is in Dubai so he's missing this. I think it's hot there.... I'm sure he'd love to see the rain... hopefully, if we're lucky, it'll continue for the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

Wish you to have a lot of rainy days in Bahrain :))

Its so cold here too. Yesterday it was raining all day :) Yeahhh wish to be here :))))

Have a good day


gazza27 said...

I love the rain,at this time of year it rains nearly everyday in England,not verry often i'll go 4 a jog and smile while im running when its raining.......look for a song by a liverpool band called "the cult" "i love the rain" can email it if ye want?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Rain? What is that? We are in the middle of a drought and are on Level 3 Water Restrictions. By Dec 9th we will not be allowed to water our gardens by hose, by bucket, by anyway! Plants and trees are already dying.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'll try this again since the computer at work exited Internet Exploder the instant I hit the "post comment" button...deleting the magnificent work of literary art (not) I had completed.

I love the rain, too. That's no doubt since I was born in the part of the U.S. that has the highest average number of rainy days per year (though not the highest annual precipitation). Rain makes me feel sentimental and boosts my creativity, though I can do without the mud and the leaky roof (right over my computer...).

It was pretty stormy here over the past couple of days. Over in my native Oregon I hear they've been getting royally dumped on, possibly so the weather demons can make up for giving them one of the driest years on record up till now. Meanwhile, parts of Australia are still suffering drought.

Weird weather.

I didn't know The Cult were from Liverpool! I saw them live once years ago (they opened for Billy Idol while touring for their "Electric" album). The singer sounded American! Or is it a different "The Cult"?

Olivia at Work said...

Gazza - rains nearly every day in England? THere you go promoting the stereotype again. Yes it rains a lot becuase it is an island in teh warm jet stream, BUT we are having a drought - we have just been through a scorching hot summer with nothing but blue skies. It was glorious, even if Hyde Park did look like the African savannah.

All that aside, I prefer the rain in Texas. It is so dramatic and smells so ozoney. It could rain every day (and it did when we moved to Houston in 1993) - for an hour or so, then dries up in half an hour and keeps the temperatures at a nice level.
Lord but I don't miss the relentless 100 degree summers.

gazza27 said...

I looked it up we were both wrong lol,they were an english band but the singer was originaly from Canada.Olivia at work,whats wrong with saying it rains nearly everey day this time of year?we had about 4 weeks sunshine and ppl were complaining it was too hot,you cant win?

tooners said...

you know, ppl were complaining in england about the hot weather. almost every blog i read during the summer did exactly that. i love the rain in england. there's something about that drizzling, non-stop rain that isn't too heavy, that i just love. i'm like you gazza, i think i could ride my bike in it and smile.. altho, i've never done it. one day though! :)

it's not raining here now, but the temps have dropped considerably. i love it. tomorrow is the american thanksgiving, i hope it stays cold. i love holidays in cold weather.

i agree w/ you moody, i love the rain but not the mud and such. it makes me creative too.

olivia, i LOVE the rain in texas. that state has some of the best rain storms. and then to hear the birds after.... glorious! and there is a smell to the rain there. you can always tell that the rain is coming, and then after, it smells so fresh. aaahh, the memories! :)

tooners said...

puppy, i love those days where it rains all day!! :) i wish we had some of your weather.