Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale

We saw this pic lastnight. Wow... what a good movie. I'm a huge James Bond fan and although I was a little disappointed when they decided to go w/ the new guy - Daniel Craig - because I liked Pearce Brosnan as James Bond and I wasn't quite sure if I'd like the new movie or what, but decided to go in w/ an open mind and give it a chance, and, boy, was I pleased.

He's really good as James Bond! I'd say he reminds me of Sean Connery but he's much better. There's something about this Daniel Craig. Is it his ice blue eyes? Blonde hair? Bathing suit scenes?? hmmmmm... I'll let you be the judge because w/ all honesty, it wasn't that stuff that made him sooooo good in my opinion. Yeah, he isn't hard on the eyes, but he's also a good actor. I'm not sure that I've ever seen him before in a movie. Is he mainly a British actor? I don't know, but I can't wait for the next movie... that IS for sure.

There's something about this guy that makes him the perfect fit, and I would have NEVER thunk it!! He pulls you in.... his attitude is different from the others..... there's a seriousness about him that the others didn't pull off. So for all of you out there screaming and yelling cuz Pearce no longer has the role... well, take my word for it and see the movie! It's delicious!

I didn't see the first Casino Royale from years back, so can't say for sure how it compares to the new one, but this movie had a great story line. It had a lot of action but wasn't over the top like the last two movies. The last James Bond movie didn't really sit well w/ me, but this one.... well, it proved to me that Pearce wasn't the right man for the job. This one took you from the edge of your seat one minute to a relaxed story line the next. It was full of surprises and every time I thought it was about to end, it started moving so fast that I wasn't sure if being pregnant and sitting thru this movie was such a good idea.

All the other actors in the movie were also really good. The bad guy played by Mads Mikkelsen was cool and relaxed. He had a bad guy confidence that I like to see. I like actors that can carry off really good bad guys and he did it well, I think. I've never seen this guy before either, so not sure what film credits he has to his name. James' big love interest was played by Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. I liked her in the role. She wasn't over the top like some have been in the past.... and I'd love to give you more details about her character and such, but I won't. The other short-lived, one night stand love interest was played by Caterina Murino. Loved her accent and both women were absolutely gorgeous.... couldn't ask for better girls to go along w/ James Bond.

I won't give any spoilers for it but I'd love to hear if you've seen it and what you thought. If you haven't seen it and like these type of movies, by all means, SEE IT!!!


Roop said...

Hi, your comment on the film is good, i like James Bond very much, but for me it is harder to see James without hairless chest. You there is James Bond actot in South India, who is always a CID, short for Criminal Investigation Department, called Jai Shankar, a tamil movie actor, i also write blogs about MGR who is actor turned politican, the blog add is

Olivia at Work said...

How funny! I blogged only last night with a minor rant with my first impressions on Mr Craig, but I did concede that he hasn't yet proven himself. (I haven't seen the movie yet myself.)

Maybe we can easily get used to a blond Bond, and I have no doubt he is better than Brosnan, who was too much the Don Juan and not enough the action sort.

Anonymous said...

One funny story about James Bond, may be some of you heard it.

Late at night James Bond entering the club and sees very attractive woman at the bar stand. He approach her and says “Bond….James Bond..” the lady look at him from hair to toe and then says “Off….Fuck Offf…” :)))

Good day, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Did u know that the other James Bond movie "The World is not Enough" partially was filmed in Azerbaijan, unfortunately none of beautiful Azeri women/actresses were nominated to be in the film as JB girlfriend :), but we were ok with Sophie Marceau.

Here is the link with information about it


Future Bond’s girl,


Reel Fanatic said...

Thanks for the good word on Bond .. I'm glad to hear that Mr. Craig indeed proved all his shallow haters wrong and just hit this one out of the park .. I'll finally get to see it tomorrow, and I can't wait!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

James Bond is so so so old! I remember going with P before we were married to watch 'From Russia with Love'! Sean Connery was the Bond then and unbeatable. Brosnan was okay and even before he took the role I tipped him as a natural for the part. He sends it up of course.
On TV this week they ran a program on the most famous movie roles and Bond came out on top as the most familiar.
Don't know about Bond as a blonde, anyway we'll see it when it comes to Geelong.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Great review.. I was in two minds about it .. but now that you've given it the thumbs up.. I think I will do like you did and go with an open mind.. I might be enchanted with the blue blue eyes to..You never know!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...


When was the last time I saw a movie in a theater...?

Guess I'll have to wait for the satellite TV release.

Olivia said...

My new laptop arrived on Friday which is great as I borrowed DVDs at the library. I should be blogging about this rather than telling you...

Memoirs of a Geisha
A Cock and Bull Story

Enjoying the new laptop but it's a 17 inch keyboard and i am making so many typing errors, and keep turning on caps lock...grrr

Anyway i have just discovered I have a point. The other morning the BBC Breakfast hosts interviewed Daniel Craig and in the studio later on saying they were amazed to see him walk in wearing a cardigan. The male host said, "James Bond in a cardi, who knew?"
The female host was obviously star struck as she spent the first few minutes drying her teeth out in a helpless grin.

Leilouta said...

I am going to disappoint you, but I’ve never seen a James Bond movie. Actually, I did see a few minutes of the one with Catherine Zeta Jones..oops, sorry that was Zorro. I will try to see this one since you recommended it.

gazza27 said...

I've just read a young lad's review on the film and he rekons the guy is far too old for the part,but i've grew up on bond films and he's always been a middle aged man,thats part of the role?

tooners said...

gazza, oh i agree w/ you. i think he's the perfect age for the film. he was fabulous in the role. go see it and tell me what you think. it's soooo good!

roop, thanks for stopping bye. i'll check out your blog. don't know if i'd compare this james bond to the guy you're talking about, but... i've never seen this guy in a movie. i like indian movies... maybe i'll see this one you speak of.

reel, oh it was really good. i was a bit surprised that it didn't come out number 1 in the states, and the Happy Feet movie won over it... but hopefully by next weekend, it'll take the lead. it deserves it.

wendy, yeah, bond is an old movie, but you know, i love it. i think connery was a good bond, but i think daniel craig is by far my favorite now. i agree w/ olivia, i think that brosnan was too much of a don juan for the part. i see clips now of his movies, and that's all i see.

olivia, like i just said, i totally agree w/ you on brosnan. he was very much the don juan and not right for the role. if you see the new one, let me know what you think. oh yeah, have you watched constantine yet? if so, what did you think? like i said on your blog, i loved the book for Memoirs of a Geisha, but wasn't as impressed w/ the film. have you read the book? if not, listen to it on tape... it's fabulous like that!

leilouta, do you like bond? you should try this movie, it's really good. you're funny w/ the zorro mistake. cute! :)

puppy, i didn't realize that movie was filmed there. interesting. now i want to watch it again so i can see the area. they prob didn't use any of the women there because they had already cast all the roles.

anon, cute! :)

MSB said...

the first bond flick that i recall seeing is: Octopussy!!!

like u, i loved brosnan and was annoyed when Daniel Craig was selected. i thought he was a bad choice.

BUT, just saw the movie tonight (just posted about it too) and i loved it. he DID do a great job. i think he makes a great bond. i also liked the fact that this is the first 'believe-able' bond movie in ages (if not ever!)

gazza27 said...

This was the best ever Bond movie,not too far fetched with super gadgets like the rest only his Sony Erricson phone(bet they sell a few of them this xmass).one thing though,i know torture isnt supposed to be nice or pleasant.....but .....i made my stomach turn....

MSB said...

gazza: hahaha i know what u mean.. well, not really.. but i could tell from the way all the men in the theatre suddenly reacted!! =)

Roop said...

Hello Madam, the film actor name is Jai Shankar he is a Tamil Film artist. He acts mostly in Police roles and secret agent, we produly say him as James Bond of South India. I think this will give enough info about Jai Shankar. (Roop) (

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