Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Princess Anne is in da house!!

Royalty has arrived into Bahrain... not the first time and certainly not the last.... but the nice thing about today is that I got to have a peak at the likes of such just a little while ago. My office is situated right next to the front entrance of our main bldg., and it just so happens that all guests come thru the front door and pass right by my window and office door. So... I got a good lookies at the Princess as she made her way into our bldg. "Sooooo", some of you might be saying and I guess it's not that BIG of a deal, but I thought it was pretty exciting. I see dignitaries coming here all the time but none of them interest me... there's just something about English royalty that makes me take notice. I wonder why... but you know, it's been that way since Princess Diana. Did the whole world wake up and take notice then, or is it just me?! I never paid much attention to English royalty before then, but now... I still watch what's happening to her two sons and I even watched when Prince Charles married what's her face.... Camilla.

Surprisingly, she is very normal looking. Don't know what I expected, but she wasn't dressed up or anything. Had on a cream colored dress w/ pink something on it... maybe flowers or some type of small print. It wasn't a real fancy dress - just simple, but yet she looked elegant... maybe that's due to the fact that she's a Princess, you think? She had her hair up in a bun, which I think is the norm for her, and she came across as rather tall. She had on gloves yesterday when she arrived into the country, but I don't remember seeing gloves today.

Anyway... the hubby said I should run up and say hello... tell her that I'm a Princess from the West... I laughed... can you imagine?!! They're sitting in the formal room right next to me... I can hear someone in the hall clipping their nails w/ clippers!!!!! Now... why are they standing out in the hall cutting their nails at a time like this?? Some men... they have no class! I have to laugh though... I wonder if they realize how loud it sounds?!!

Well, she wasn't here for long. They were prob here for a total of 20 mins.... what's weird is when you walk past the meeting room, everyone will be sitting around on the sofas in a huge half circle... but NO ONE talks. What's up w/ that? Why do ppl just sit, smile and have their pictures taken, but have no real form of communication. Ok... maybe it's formality and there was some talking.... maybe, hopefully there was. There were women in there this time... so... you know there had to be talking! I know they're all gabbing and laughing rather loudly right now... only wish I understood it!


Olivia at Work said...

Gosh the Royals are certainly making their presence known out east this month.

Princess Anne is very normal. She likes dogs and horses and is patron of all sorts of related charities and events. She married a captain I think, and refused to allow titles for her children. Her daughter takes after her with the horses and has even adopted a less posh accent than her cousins, though there is no mistaking her poshness.

Anyway, I am glad you've had such an unexpected highlight to your day!

Miss Carnivorous said...

Anne has always been more interested in horses than clothes. there was a very good documentary on Prince Charles. They showed a film of him and Anne when they were little. They were in Asia feeding monkeys and Charles was hiding his face in someone's (nanny's) skirts, afraid of the monkeys. Anne was so happy feeding the monkeys she climbed down the side of a cliff to get to them, while Charles cowered. Anne's intrepid.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Anne is probably the best of the lot of them - because she does work hard at times - but really they are so so so rich and privileged that I really wouldn't walk across to road to see them. Okay?

jahooni said...

wow! now that is a fun day at work!

Anonymous said...

Princesses don't need to talk... you have to understand, they communicate via telepathy because royals are just that cool!

In fact, they were probably having a very philosophical discussion on the creation of the universe, life, and the ipod as a fashion statement... your middle class ears are just not attuned to it!