Sunday, February 25, 2007

She's So Outrageous

After having spent a week on and off watching the recent court battles over Anna Nicole Smith's body and all these men arguing over who the daddy is of this small 5 mth old baby, I can't help but to be more disgusted each time I see anything that has to do w/ this woman.

I didn't feel sorry for her when her son died... matter of fact, I blamed her for it. Here she's taking methadone and obviously lots of other drugs, and then her son dies of an apparent or obvious drug overdose. Everyone talks about what a good mother she was and how much she loved her son, but if you love your son and if you're such a good mother, what are you doing using methadone and other drugs in front of your child!? And shouldn't her love for her child and the fact that she was pregnant be enough of a reason to STOP using drugs all together? Obviously, she had been addicted to hard drugs for a long time .... as evidenced by her TV series on E - The Anna Nicole Smith Show. Did any of you watch this? I did.... even my mom watched it. We'd sit there is disbelief of her antics and how high she seemed most of the time... altho they tried to pretend it was alcohol. I knew better than that!

You could always tell that she was using some heavy drugs. And then, to see her on TV in recent weeks, before her death, and having seen her at some awards show where she was slurring her speech... it was pitiful.

Now... it has come out that she was prescribed methadone by some doctor in Hollywood while she was 8 mths pregnant. Larry Birkhead said to do a drug test on the baby and you'd see that the child had drugs in her system, but Anna Nicole said it wasn't true and I guess no one cared enough to do anything about it. Sure enough... the child was probably an addict when she was born... but hopefully she's doing better now.

Personally, I can't get over that any court is even thinking of giving custody of that child to that Howard K. Stern. Here he administered drugs to Anna Nicole Smith - knowing she was pregnant - and even gave her drugs after her pregnancy and NO ONE is thinking about this. It hasn't even been a topic of discussion - from what I've seen. Honestly, it all makes me sick.

How could anyone use drugs when they're pregnant? I didn't even dye my hair when I was pregnant... I could not imagine using drugs. I don't even understand women who smoke. I saw a video of Anna Nicole on just the other day where she's pushing around her baby in a stroller and Howard K. Stern is asking her if she's high on mushrooms. She's so out of it that she doesn't even understand what he's saying. He has to ask her 3 or 4 times the same question and she still doesn't get what he's saying. And the most sickening part about it is that the child is right there, pushing the stroller around and, at some point, I'm sure she was handling that child.

I knew she'd die like this but wasn't expecting it so soon. She was a train wreck waiting to happen. And the sickest part about it is that NO ONE did anything about this. How many ppl are coming forward NOW to talk about the drugs she was doing? All of them knew Howard K. Stern was giving them to her but no one did anything. But I guess when you have an addict, what can you do? You can't take it away from them because they'll get the drugs one way or another. It all reminds me of Elvis, to be honest. It seems all of these ppl have some type of death wish.

She lived her life in the wildest of ways it seems. Drugs, stripping, alcohol, Playboy spreads, Guess modeling, TV series w/ wild antics, men and more men, and then ... more drugs.

I feel sorry for her son... or did when he was alive. Everyone talked about how happy he was but each time I ever saw him on her show, he never looked happy. He looked embarrassed. Who wouldn't be embarrassed of a mother like that?!! I know I would. I can't even imagine it. He never smiled... and here he died from a combination of anti-depressants and methadone in his system. They're now saying that Howard K. Stern cleaned out his pockets the day he died and flushed more drugs down the toilet. They're even saying that he went to Anna's bedroom and got rid of some brown packet full of stuff that was hidden under her mattress and then flushed a bunch of drugs after her death. This all makes me think that he should be held for something. He was after her money, that's obvious. And now, even w/ death, he's trying to get everything he can get... from her home in the Bahamas to the yacht that she recently purchased... and the thing is... he'll take these as a swap for the baby - or so it's rumored.

Funny how they said that Larry Birkhead wasn't the baby's daddy but now it seems like he is. I knew he was. You could see it in the baby.

But what I don't understand is why Howard K. Stern is entitled to anything. He supplied drugs to Anna Nicole Smith and was nothing more than a pimp to her... so why does he deserve these things???

It all makes me sick. Her life or what there was of it makes me sick. I've always believed that what goes around comes around... and it seems like that's the case in this situation. Sad as it may be.

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