Saturday, March 03, 2007

10 Favorite Songs

I've been tagged by Munther from The Drivel of 2 Modern Bahrainis to list 10 of my favorite songs. This is a hard tag for me because I love music and my tastes change so much w/ each passing year. But... when I think about favorite songs that always make my heart shine or make me dance in my chair or even get up and dance... well... some of these come to mind... altho, I wouldn't consider these particular songs dance songs, except for one. The rest, well, they are just favorites.

They're in no particular order...

1) True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. She's an incredible artist. I love her style and uniqueness.

2) Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor. I love her music... her voice is incredible... it's only too bad she doesn't put out the songs like she used to.

3) Rapture by IIO - This song made my heart fly when I heard it because it reminds me of how I feel about my husband and the way I felt when I met him. It will always be my most favorite.

4) Constant Craving by KD Lang. I love her voice and this song is so beautiful.

5) Thank You by Dido. There's just something about this song that makes me sing along every time I hear it.

6) Metro by Berlin. Aaaahhh, I love Berlin. Saw them in concert years ago and they were fabulous. Hashim thinks they're too 80's... but I don't care. I love 'em.

7) Beautiful Stranger by Madonna. This song also reminds me of my husband and that's what he was to me when I first met him... a beautiful stranger. :)

8) California Dreamin by the Mommas and the Pappas. I love this song. Always makes me think of California and how much I love it there.

9) Imagine by John Lennon. This is a beautiful song and one that I wish we could all live by.

10) Foolish Games by Jewel. This is another absolute favorite of mine and it touches my heart in so many ways. She's such a wonderful singer w/ such a beautiful voice. And really good in concert.... she did nothing but stand in the center of the stage and sing.

Ok, this is my list. I could have probably listed another 10 or 20.... by I'll save you guys. ;)

I tag Olivia, Puppy, Jane, and Christopher.


Olivia said...

Huh. I came by to catch up on the blogs last night, to find I couldn't leave comments on Firefox, but in the rare instance IE doesn't crash, it seems to have solved the problem.

So anyway, i will endeavour to do this tag soon. I must say, you do have a distinct 80s slant to your taste in music ;)

So please do tell us the story of how you met Hashim!

tooners said...

olivia, aaahhh, how i met the man, eh?! now, that's a story.... one day... maybe soon :)

Munther said...
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gazza27 said...

Love it,class songs,but like Munther few i've never heard of,IIo,Berlin and Jewel but will download them and let you know what i think?

Hashim said...

I really love Rapture. I clearly remember when we first listened to it together. I also love the Chilled version of the song, i think it's on the album Euphoria.

I also remember 'I just can't get you out of my head' by Kyle. It was really popular when we were in the UK.

Munther said...

Ok my last reply came muddled up for some reason ! :D so here it is properly written again !

tooners, music gives a proper insight into ones personality and your list tells that you are a very caring person ! :)

I have to admit that I never liked "nothing compares to u" too bloody depressing for my liking ! But what do I know :P

tooners said...

gazza, let me know what you think of some of those songs. you might like berlin, but i'm not sure about jewel. IIO, well... depends on whether you like techno and such. i love the classics though! :)

munther, yeah, Nothing Compares 2 U is depressing, but i love her voice and this is the first song that really made me love Sinead O'Connor, and i'm a push over for mushy songs! plus, whenever i'm depressed, i love stuff like this. ;)

hashim, i remember hearing Kylie when we walked into the hotel the first time we went to london, and then getting to bahrain and buying it. i'll never forget those times.

gazza27 said...

I liked berlin,verry 80's good though,jewel was a lovely ballad,even better when i found out it was the soundtrack for Batman and Robin but IIo was the best,a propper get up and dance song,loved it.