Monday, March 05, 2007

Dreams with fire

The baby slept a lot today because of his circumcision yesterday, which is wonderful because I got to sleep right along with him... and it was very much needed. He's doing ok. Is experiencing some pain but we got over the counter meds for that and it helps a lot. He did just fine w/ the surgery, and when he came out, he looked happy and was content so that made me feel really good. The dr. gave him a local, so he didn't feel anything. :) I'm so relieved about that and glad it's over.

Today while I slept, I had the strangest of dreams, so I thought I'd blog about the main issue which is fire. I dreamt that I was at this person's house. I didn't know him and his family and not sure how I got there, but he didn't know I was there, but his children knew. He was a mean man who controlled his family and everyone was afraid of him. During the dream, I had tons of laundry to do (which is no different than my real life situation!), but the only thing was, if I did the laundry then he'd know I was there because the water backed up into this huge bathtub in the house and couldn't be drained w/out him knowing, and since I didn't want him to know I was there, we were doing everything to get that water to drain.... during which time, I fire breaks out in the house.

I've never had to experience a fire at home or anywhere for that matter... but an aunt did. Matter of fact, her son started a fire in the house a long time ago when he was a child. They lost most everything. So I've seen the devastation that it causes.

Which brings me to my question of the day.

If a fire broke out in your house and you only had 10 mins to collect everything you possibly could and leave w/ it, what would you take? Not including family or animals. They are safe and you don't have to worry about them.

Me... well, I'd get clothes and definitely family photos and pictures. Many that I have can't be replaced and there's no way I'd want to lose those things. How about you?

A month or so ago there were huge fires in Malibu, California. One of the main things that ppl mourned were family photos and heirlooms.... things you can't replace.


Thursday said...

Photos, my laptop and camera.

still breathing said...

actually a car was burning right outside my home a few days ago
and mama was afraid we might catch the fire she was like collecting her jewellery and stuff....

also back in the days when i was at school, a fire broke out..

u know in both situations i didn't panic but i was too shocked to walk out of the place...i was like frozen in my place, staring at nothing and couldn't hear or see anything.

but if i were in my right senses i'd probably pick nothing..everything would lose its value instantly.

btw, what do fires in dreams mean?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I guess I would collect the irreplaceable things .. like photographs, my laptop and other items of sentimental value.

How much time will I have? LOL!

Glad you and the baby are doing well!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I wonder if that dream was a metaphor for the anxiety you feel living with a family whose ways are different from yours...and who seem to be intent on controlling you. The recent discussions of breastfeeding and circumcision on this site might be directly connected.

I almost have to wonder if the "mean man who controlled his family" was a manifestation of either the culture surrounding you or Islam itself, at least the way you may be seeing it recently. Who might even be an extreme subconscious representation of the difference between your husband's values and yours with regard to your child. Deep inside, you want to do what you want and believe in (i.e. the laundry), but you are afraid to let that controlling influence "discover" you. That means you can't do anything but quietly accept the least on the surface. However, if you keep trying to find quiet, secretive ways to get around the family's will, you might wind up with a disaster in the family (the fire in the house).

That's just my gut-feeling interpretation, but it may be something to think about.

I'm not sure what I would save. Maybe I would grab my latest writing and, hopefully, at least a few of my musical instruments.

Olivia said...

It is good to hear that Naief is doing well, and that you both got caught up on sleep ;)

I would like to know how that dream could be interpreted! I think Minstrel is on the right track because I was having the same sort of thoughts.

Funny human trait to go for the photos every time. I'd do the same. So I wonder what they saved 100 years ago?

Photos, my laptop (which is where the rest of the photos are) and ... a handful of heirlooms. Oh, and my DeBeers necklace, which I would probably sell as after losing my house I'd need the money.

Olivia said...

laptop also because that's where all my work history and writings are!

Essentially, our computers have become an extension of us, haven't they?

Munther said...

I'd collect hmmmm, my certificates :P my mac, ipod and dreambox ! And dash to the hills ! Not that we have any over here :S oh and that big box of Belguim chocolates my mum got as a present ! *Drooling while having the evil thought of starting a fire* hehehe

gazza27 said...

Pc tower,i have all photos videos stored on the slave drive?i was a bit of a fire bug myself when i was a kid,nothing big,just loved,making fires on wasteland,(as you do)/

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I'm so glad to hear that the baby is doing well. You really worried too much beforehand I guess.

Re the dream; I think our dreams are crazy and quite bizarre but sometimes they drag up stuff that reveal our anxieties at the present time - in a symbolic way. Other times I think dreams are just like a computer defragmenting our stuff and there's no meaning at all!

I guess - in a fire - I'd grab some photo albums and floppy discs. Definitely not clothes!

tooners said...

well, my husband said that we'd have to have a team of ppl in here to help take out the clothes and thinks i'm crazy for saying clothes... so... i guess that would leave whatever struck me at the time, other than photos. he'd definitely get his musical equipment and the laptop - our desktop is kaput... and i'd have to get jewelry... altho there are only a few pieces that i truly love.

moody, altho i want to believe like wendy and think that our dreams sometimes mean nothing, i do definitely think they usually mean something. i think you hit the nail on the head moody when you describe what my dream could mean. i think it means a lot of all of the things you list. i'm having anxieties about many things and they're manifesting themselves in my dreams... or my subconscious is getting the better of me and exposing my fears in a dramatic way. i love your analysis of dreams. i think you should go into psychotherapy and i'm not kidding. you're always right on w/ these things.

gazza, you know, there's something very alluring about fire. i love to watch it burn.

memo said...

fire..oooo..dazzling...i love watching fire, especially a bon fire..oh my... against a black sky...and when its little bit cold..cuddling around it...BUT not when it burns my house!! I would save my photo frames..and laptop..since i would die without it..oh and my blanket!!! i carried it all the way from doesnt get to have it!

gazza27 said...

I thought it was just me lol.