Saturday, March 24, 2007

bird flu next door

While watching the news this evening, was informed that the bird flu has hit the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, which is very close to where we are. Not sure of exactly where when it says eastern, but just knowing it's that close is rather scary.

They haven't had any human deaths - only birds - but the thought of it coming to Bahrain kinda freaks me out. Not only do we have four birds of our own, but my FIL has lots of birds, including chickens, pigeons, parrots... and all kinds of other little beautifully feathered creatures.

I'll be interested in reading the papers tomorrow to see what Bahrain is saying about it being so close... because the last we heard it was in Kuwait and they were taking measures to keep it from entering the borders... but now... it's too close for comfort... I think.

I'd hate to see birds destroyed for the sake of keeping bird flu at bay and I really hope it doesn't come to that.... because there are so many ppl who sale birds here - beautiful birds - so I'm really hoping it doesn't happen.


Olivia said...

There was an entire farm of turkeys (or chickens) destroyed here in the UK last months. They showed aerial video of white suited health officials stuffing their live bodies into big dumpsters for incineration.

And it was a popular brand that makes breaded escalopes and breast meat and such like! The week after, I went to the grocery store and they were selling them at buy one get one half price, I think, or 2 for £3.00. I wonder who bought any.

tooners said...

olivia, i can't stand to see all of these birds being killed. i know it's better than having ppl contract the illness and die from it... but it just kills me to see all of these beautiful birds being killed. i so hope it doesn't come to bahrain. i know that two ppl haven't contracted the illness in Kuwait... so i'm just waiting for them to say the same about saudi. i read today that the Prime Minister is putting money out there to keep the virus from coming into the country. it's sorta scary.... or a lot actually.

was the bird flu in the UK near to you? does it freak you out at all?

i hope you are well. i've thought about you and your granny. i haven't read your blog in a while cuz we lost internet connection upstairs... and the desktop downstairs is kaput... so i hope you are well and that things are better. i will touch base w/ your site later tonight or tomorrow, hopefully. you've been in my thoughts though.

tooners said...

i meant to say that two ppl HAVE contracted the illnes in Kuwait...