Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm hooked

Last week MBC Action showed Lost for the first time... and since I've heard so many positive things about this series, I decided to give it a try. And whatta ya know.... I LOVED it! So... instead of waiting each week for a new episode and instead of having to deal w/ endless commercials, we decided to rent the DVDs. We're now on Season 2 and still loving it.

I spend most of my days here in the bedroom with the baby. I don't feel comfortable leaving him alone and since I don't have a monitor yet, and since I'm concerned about SIDS, I don't do much of anything except play and talk with him, watch him sleep (which is soooo enjoyable... who would have ever thought that watching a baby sleep could bring such joy!!) watch TV, listen to music, get on the net (sometimes)... and read. So... needless to say, when the baby is sleeping, there's some free time to enjoy it.

I've heard or read that they constantly kill off characters, and it must be true. So far, they've killed off several.

Do any of you watch this? I still haven't figured out what the big thing is in the forest that sounds like a dinosaur. I'm thinking it's some type of huge robot that protects the island... and I still haven't figured out what's up w/ the "others"... but I'm thinking they're part of this island experiment... maybe from the same group of scientists that put that guy down in the hatch... not sure though. I still haven't figured out why they steal away children.

It's very intriguing and I'm really hooked on it.


The baby is doing good. He has a lot of gas and cries a lot from it. It's heartbreaking to see him in such pain, especially when the only thing I can do is try and comfort him, which is really hard to do when he's in such pain. I do all the massaging ... and even pull his legs up to his belly, but usually it doesn't really help. I also try laying him on his stomach to relieve the pain, but at this stage, he only cries from not wanting to be like that. We've tried switching his formula but it hasn't helped. The dr. says not to worry that it'll pass.... which I hope happens sooner rather than later. It hurts him so much and hurts me even more.

His little eyebrows have come in and they give such personality to his face! His eyes haven't changed color yet but I do see another color coming in... and it sorta looks brown, but not sure. His eyes are focusing on things now, and when I call to him, he'll turn his head to look towards me. Can't tell ya what a feeling that gives to me! He's such a sweetheart... and even for a baby that is only a little over a month, he's already terribly spoiled. But have you ever heard - spare the rod, spoil the child? I think that's it... but not sure. Either way, I agree.

I have had ppl tell me not to hold him so much and not to let him fall asleep on me... which I understand... but, I will say this, I've seen some kids that weren't held when they were babies and I think I'd rather give that love to my child. I love having him fall asleep on me. I know I'll probably think differently when he gets older, but ... I'm not sure. I can see myself not having any probs w/ that even. Since we're only planning to have one child... I'd rather give him all of the love he can stand and not worry about later. So what if he desires to fall asleep on mommy!!?? But hey, he has me wrapped around his little pinkie already... so how can I say no! :)


Jane said...

I've never seen the show "Lost". People seem to be crazy over it though.

Here in the US we have a liquid gas reliever for infants, I don't know if it is available there. I think they're called mylicon drops or something like that. They sure helped when my kids were real gassy.

Don't worry about spoiling Naief right now--he's a newborn and the more love and attention the better. In a few months he'll be old enough to be on his own a bit more.

Best wishes.

Olivia said...

Aw, let him sleep on you. It probably means that whether he's 3, 13, or 30, he will still love to give his Mom a cuddle.

I am so glad you're into Lost! I think season 3 has started over here. However, I've "Lost" it now because it no longer shows on Channel 4, it's gone to Sky Cable (boo hoo!). I think one of my friends is putting it on DVD for those of us without cable. Meantime, seeing the ads for it are such torture!

Olivia said...

Mind you I just remembered that my aunts are saying that my cousin shouldn't let her baby sleep with her so much becuase she will become too dependant on her.

I wonder what is right...?

gazza27 said...

What i couldent get my head round was why could Lock walk when he was in a whealchair b4 the crash and why was there polar bears on the island?series 2 explains more about the island but not enough,series 3 has gone verry weird.

LouLou said...


Congratulations on Naief's safe arrival. Mabrook!

Have tried to post here and congratulate you several times before but for some reason blogger kept eating my comments.

If this comment fails to post again, I'll try putting it in a post on my blog and hope you read it.:)

The Moody Minstrel said...

I've always been a bit iffy on Dr. Spock, but his #1 piece of advice concerning child rearing is perhaps the best of all:

Trust your own instincts.

Never seen "Lost". Don't intend to bother trying unless it just happens to show up in the daily routine by accident. Don't laugh; it happened with "American Idol" despite my best efforts to avoid it. ;-)

Princess Ambiguous said...

Lost is an evil evil thing! It makes for compulsive veiwing. What bothers me is that I have to wait so long for the serieses... and that Hurly doesn't seem to be losing weight for a guy stuck on an island with rationed food...

Naief sounds like a sweetheart, best wished for you both and hopefully he'll feel better soon.

Thursday said...

Letting him sleep on you sounds absolutely fine to me.

tooners said...

jane, my sister told me about this same medicine. i'll see if the pharmacist has it. they have this stuff called Gripe Water here and a lot of ppl swear by it. i tried it but it seemed to make him a little loopy and i didn't like that.

olivia, just love Lost. seems that i can't get enough. and i agree... i think or hope that later he'll love cuddling just as much as he does now!

gazza, i wondered the same exact thing! and... did you notice that when he went to that plane w/ boone that he couldn't walk and had that leg injury. well, he never saw the dr. and now he's walking fine. but, last night he got caught under the heavy doors in the hatch... so i'm wondering what'll happen to him now.

loulou, i get these same problems sometimes when trying to post on ppl's blogs. no problem my dear and thank you!

moody, you know, i was the same as you. i wasn't intending to watch it but since it started on one of the main channels here, thought i'd try it out, and after that... well, i'm totally obsessed with it!

princess, yes it is evil! :) i'm addicted to it and you wanna talk about compulsive viewing... i eat, drink and live by it! :) matter of fact, we even signed up w/ another dvd shop because ours didn't have the some episodes... how crazy is that! :) and i agree... why can't hurley loose some weight. i'd think that after eating nothing but fish, fruit and an occasional boar would make you drop some serious weight! ;)

thursday, hi my dear! i agree with you! i couldn't stop it for nothing. i love it just as much as he does, and think i always will.

gazza27 said...

I dont want to spoil things but it becomes clear why hurley doesent lose any weight.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

How lovely to spend the day watching your baby. Gripe water is what I used when the baby had discomfort. It seemed to work.
You can't spoil a new baby - give him all the touching and care you can.
Regarding 'Lost' we watched some of the first series and it was addictive, though crazy. I think it's the second series that's on in Australia now, and it is bizarre. I try not to watch. I talked to my son about it and I reckon it is like the people might have died and they are in limbo - or purgatory (if that is a real place) and that explains some of the fantasy aspect! Just a theory. Or perhaps they have a dozen writers who go anywhere, every which way with the story lines.

tooners said...

gazza, well... we just finished watching where hurley saw "dave" from the mental institution. and the weird thing is... that girl that he really likes was there - sitting at another table - at the end. now... she's been shot by michael. i'm thinking that michael is a part of the "others" now. he also shot ana lucia... and since the hubby won't let me go to the next series yet... i am really going crazy w/ wondering what is happening. i'm starting to think they should have let sayid torture that guy to get information. i want to know who the "he" is that that "other" referred to. coz when claire was captured by ethan, that bearded guy (not bearded at the time) was talking to ethan about some other guy... maybe the leader or something.

wendy, i agree w/ you... that's why i refuse to listen to ppl when they tell me not to hold the baby. today was another such day and i just wanna say, "stick to raising your child and i'll stick to raising mine"... but... i don't. but soon... i can feel it.

Olivia said...

Thank you for all your wonderful catch-up comments on my blog.

You know, my family was brought up with a lot of affection. Even when he was 16, my cousin Mike would ask his mom for a back scratch. We all hug and hold each other a lot. Some of my older cousins think nothing of holding my hand while we talk on the sofa. Even into my 20s, my parents and I would squish up together on one loveseat and watch TV together. OK we are small people, but still...we never did take up much room in our 4 bedroom houses! In fact, when my dad came to see us in Canada this January, he held my hand all the way home from the airport.

Loving family is such a blessing, and we are never too old to be mushy.

Jane said...

Totally off topic here, but what is the status of the issue with Naief's name?

tooners said...

jane, well... the health ppl wouldn't spell it the way we wanted. when we went to the american embassy, they said they could spell it the way we wanted on his passport, and the hubby went to immigration the other day to get his CPR card (identification) and passport, and they're going to spell it the way we want... so, it seems that all is ok. i just hope when we get the documents that indeed it's spelled the way we want. sometimes ppl tell you one thing only to realize later that it's not how they made it sound.

olivia, my mom has always been one to rub my back. i love to lay down on the couch and put my head in her lap and she'll rub thru my hair and rub my back. there's nothing better than that. i've always loved to brush her hair too. me and my younger sister... we used to rub each other's backs to sleep and stuff... altho she swears i always got the better end of the stick w/ that... and i guess i did! ;) but i agree w/ you... i think a loving family is the only way to go.

i love that your family is like that. i can't say that my extended family is this way, but i'd love it if they were. there's just something about that type of closeness. and i love that you guys snuggled on the couch to watch tv... just love that.

this part of the world... it's different. men don't show emotion and especially to males in the family. i've told hashim that i want it to be different. i think it's very important for a boy to feel that closeness w/ his father. i just hope that when naief gets older that it doesn't become something like "no emotions because you're not a man if you show emotions".... because i see nothing wrong w/ a man having emotions.... i think it makes for a well-rounded individual. but.. in saying this, my husband's family don't hug and such. they do the standard kiss greeting, but that's it. i'm hoping that we will break the chain and create a new way of life. :) and my dear... i love your blog. i always go there and read... so you're welcome as far as the comments!

Olivia said...

Wow, it's so special that your family is loving too!

My mother still scratches my back, in fact when I was writing my thesis I was having a melt down, and she came to London and rescued me.

When I was born, very first thing when she got to touch me in the incubator, she ran her finger down my spine. To this day, when she does that, it's like she's tapping into my off button.

Yeah, and when we were younger, my cousins and I used to trade back rubs, like little addicts!

Munther said...

Hey tooners,

Welcome to the ever growing "lost" fanbase ! I was hooked to the show ever since the first episode. Bought the dvd after seeing a couple of adverts on the net. In my opinion I think that the show lost some of its thrills, not sure why though ! Regarding the monster "do you really want me to tell u, what it really is?" And you'll figure the others soon "its in the 2nd series !"

Regarding baby Nayif, I am sure its nothing, it will pass soon hopefully !

tooners said...

olivia, well... not all of my family is so loving. my brothers aren't this way and i don't feel that closeness to them nor w/ my older sister. i think that's prob because i didn't grow up around them. and... i didn't have that closeness w/ my mom until later in life. i think i started to really appreciate my mom around your age... altho, in thinking about it, i have always had a closeness w/ her but it was never as strong as it is now.

munther, finally saw what the big thing in the jungle is... but even still, i don't really get it. what do you consider it? it's almost as if it's the fear that lives inside of us or something... especially since it went up to mr. eko and did nothing to him whereas it has killed other ppl. and as far as the "others"... i don't get them. i'm wondering where they come from and where do they live. it's obvious that they're in disguise and by the end of the 2nd season, they made that pretty obvious. i'm starting to think that civilization is not too far from this island and the others stay there and only come to the island to make trouble for these ppl. i'm wondering if it isn't a big psychological experiment to test ppls resolve or something.

i hope some of it is cleared up in the 3rd season.

gazza still haven't figured out why hurley hasn't lost any weight. is it because he had his own private stash of food and was eating that? now that his "girl" was killed... i'm wondering what will happen to him.

gazza27 said...
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gazza27 said...

Hey,your not far wrong about Hurley,you'll say under your breath "the fat git"(thats the polite version)I did'nt get what the cloud'y thing was either,nor the polar bears?

Olivia said...

Clever Tooners - you have guessed right about Hurley!

Roop said...

I am in India and I am not able to watch the serial Lost, when you are saying that it is interesting, you have talent of good storytelling, your son is blessed to have a such kind of Mother.
Your Friend