Thursday, May 17, 2007

Momma Mia, C'On Down

I grew up watching The Price Is Right with Bob Barker. It is my utmost favorite game show ever and I can hardly believe that within a few months The Price Is Right will be no longer. :( Now that I'm thinking about, I'll bet that the show continues, but Bob will no longer be a part of it... and, to me, it just won't be the same. He makes that show.

I can't believe I didn't even get the chance to be on that show... I think it's one of my biggest wants or wishes.... wanting to feel the thrill of hearing my name called and then being told to "C'On Down". Then as I take my place down in the front, I get to bid on items w/ the hope of being the closest bidder or, better yet, being w/in a 100 bucks of the price of the item which affords me the thrill of receiving a 100 from Bob and then getting to get up on stage to play one of the games and hopefully be so successful that I get to be in the final show down at the end of the show, of course after spinning on the Big Wheel.

Which brings up another favorite of mine and that's the Big Wheel. This is what decides your fate after six games have been played. The games are split into two sets of three, so you step up w/ two other contestants and only hope that you pull it hard enough so that 1) it gets all the way around and 2) your first spin gets close enough to $1 so that you don't have to spin again because if you spin again, you could go over and if you do... well, you're out and the next person gets their chance to spin.... because whoever's closest to $1 w/out going over is in the show finale that day. Can't tell ya how many times I've cried here because one of my favorite contestants won and they got to go on to hopefully out bid the other contestant competing against them in the show down.

I was sooooo addicted to this show! And, truthfully, I'm actually depressed that I don't get to watch the final ones. When we went to California last year, every day, during the week, I'd watch the show at 10:00 a.m. I loved playing along w/ the contestants.... and I just loved Bob Barker. He is so funny and everyone loves him. He is a huge animal rights' advocate and one of the only ppl on daytime television to tell ppl to spay and neuter their animals, which he says at the end of each show. I really admire him for this and only wish more ppl would do the same. He's in his 80s now and is still a huge animal rights' advocate and a vegetarian.

And.. for anyone whose watched this show, you know of Barker's Beauties. Man... what a job. Tyra Banks lived out one of her fantasies which was being a Barker's Beauty for one day... she was so excited.

I just can't accept that the show's ending and here I am in Bahrain and not able to watch it!!

Some of my favorite games on that show are Cliff Hanger, Plinko, Clock Game, Dice Game, Double Prices, Hole in One or Two, Lucky Seven, Make Your Move, Money Game, Now or Then, On The Spot, Punch A Bunch, Range Game, Secret X, Spelling Bee, Ten Chances, and maybe a few others.

You know, as I look at their website, I can't help but think about how many ppl love this show. The contestants were of all ages.... young and old, thin and fat. They had bloopers sometimes... w/ one lady wearing a tube top and as she ran down to the front, her top fell down.... needless to say, everything popped out.

Bob has been doing the show for 35 years.... I think that's longer than anyone on daytime TV. Even what's his face, Pat Sajak hasn't been doing Wheel of Fortune for that long... another show I love.

Well... this is my goodbye to Bob Barker and The Price Is Right. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get to catch a few shows at the end.... maybe it'll be on long enough to allow me that opportunity... if not, I'll miss that show!


Jane said...

I just don't get it with people and this show. My father is also addicted and watches it religiously. I thought they were going to get a new host when Barker retired?

Janeen said...

I will try to tape them for you... last night they had a special $1,000,000 show on. I watched it but missed the ending. Bob is lookin pretty old and has lots of age spots that you can see but they try to cover them up with make-up. It will always be a part of our lives.

Um Naief said...

jane, i don't know but i've loved it for as long as i can remember. i couldn't wait to see it again when i got to the states. i just love, love, love it!! i bet they will get another host.. but it just won't be the same. and you know, this show is loved by all sorts of ppl. when you watch it, you see a LOT of young ppl up on stage... it amazes me.

janeen, i think that the show you're speaking of was the last... or that's what i saw online, if i read it right. so... i can only assume that i won't be seeing any when we come next time.... or at least i won't see bob hosting any more.

Janeen said...

what does um mean? why aren't you tooners anymore?

June said...

Oh man I used to watch that too when I was at school. I was also addicted to Wheel of Fortune (sad I know) and Jeopardy of course. I'm a closet game show addict.

Gaz said...

We've had our verson of this show in England for many years with different hosts and it's always been a great family show,we also get the clip ouf the woman poping out her dress on outake shows,try youtube,( theirs lots ot these shows on it.

Um Naief said...

janeen, it means Mother of Naief. i got tired of tooners and Munther, another bahraini blogger, reminded me of um naief, so i changed it. :)

june, you can come outta the closet! ;) i like wheel of fortune and jeopardy too. the are both shown here and it makes me wonder why price is right isn't shown..i wish it was. thanks for stopping by... hope to see you again.

gaz, i know the price is right in the states had lots of bloopers like that, but lastnight or early this morn. i was watching the early show from the states and they were talking about the price is right and bob barker and they showed that very show where that woman lost her tube top. it was still funny.

can we talk said...

while people outside the US might be able to take part (from their living rooms)in shows like wheel of fortune or jeapordy or even game shows like family feud, etc. a show like the price is right would make no sense at all, because it's not as if we could guess the prices of stuff, difference in currency and price levels and products not even being available here,it wouldn't make sense to put shows on here that people couldn't relate to at all.

hashim said...

here's tonights' top 10 list ladies and gentlemen:

10. "We get the prizes cheap because they're stolen"

9. "The actual retail price of the retirement watch CBS gave me... $17.95!"

8. "Before we give them away, I personally try out every hot tub"

7. "Slip daddy some cash and the Showcase Showdown wheel lands wherever you want"

6. "Sleeping until noon and playing golf all day? Come on down!"

5. "Howie Mandel may be a younger game show host, but at least I still have hair"

4. "I only wish Regis were alive to see this"

3. "On my last show I'm going to tell people, 'Go neuter yourselves' "

2. "I'm not only a game show host -- I'm also Spider-Man"

1. "Some older people have the good sense to retire... unlike Letterman"

Um Naief said...

can we talk, you have a point here. never thought of it like that... but even still, i wish, at least, we got it thru on cable or something.

hashim, thanks for that list!! i think it's one of the best from letterman in a while... and even better that bob barker did it himself.

Olivia said...

Heeh, Bob has been around for so long and looked the same for so long, I thoguht he'd be 100.

"The name of the popular general knowledge quiz show hosted by Alex Trebec."

"What is Jeopardy?"

(my fave)

Um Naief said...

olivia, bob does pretty dang old, huh!? i love jeapardy too! sometimes i get lucky and can guess lots of answers and then sometimes, feel rather stupid. ;)

MSB said...

i soo miss that show.. and u gotta admit, bob loves to kiss the ladies! him and what's that guy's name from Family Feud?

ahhh, quality tv.

Um Naief said...

msb, oh gosh... what is his name.... he used to be oh that show Hogan's Heroes... oh yeah, Richard Dawson. I loved that show and YES, he did love to kiss the ladies. that was some good television. i never missed a show!! and yes, bob did love to kiss the ladies as well, and you know, he used to keep that $100 bill in his side pocket and if it was lady who won it, he'd always kiss them beforehand. altho he's old enough to be my grandfather or older, i'd still love to do it! :)

and you're right, that's some good television!

thanks for coming by. i'm glad to see you around again. :)