Tuesday, May 01, 2007

how he's changing

naief has now realized he has hands and loves them. he likes to try his best to stuff his whole hand/fist into his mouth all at one time.... he'll gag and seem like he's gonna throw up, but it doesn't stop him. i laugh and ask 'em if he's practicing to be bulimic. yeah, sick joke or just sick that i would say something like that you may think... but hey... i can be that way! :) he just loves his hands though and will suck on them usually until he falls asleep. i've tried giving him a pacifier but he isn't interested, which i guess is a good thing.

his eyelashes have grown in fully now and they are soooo dang long. like his daddy. i love them and there's a strong part of me that wants to dab a little mascara on 'em just to see what it'll look like.... but i won't.... :) right now. :) (kidding dear sister so no since in telling mom!)

today i was playing w/ him and i took his little hand and stuffed it into my mouth. i think it scared him because when i took it out, his eyes got so big and he started to cry. i felt terrible... i wonder if he thought i ate it or something. ;) and i'll tell ya, when he gets upset about something, he really gets upset. this little boy has some strong lungs. and usually he not only cries but will do a thing that sounds like he's screaming or yelling.... it sounds like it's only something a boy would do, but i have no idea. my sister says that my niece didn't do this... but i'm sure there were times when she got mad and cried w/ mad fits.... or at least i would think so. i sometimes wonder what it'll be like when naief gets a little older. i could see him throwing himself down on the floor and having a full fledged fit because when he doesn't get his way, even now, he throws fits and it's hard to calm him down.

for instance... he hates his car seat and the stroller. i made the mistake one day of taking him out of the stroller as soon as he started crying and now he gets tired of being in it or just wants to be held and will start throwing a little fit. if i don't respond immediately and take him out, he gets beet red in the face and will have yelling fits, sometimes even sounding like he's growling. the other day he did this when we were heading to Al Bandar because he didn't want to be in the car seat. my sister laughs at all of this and tells me that i'm getting what i deserve and my mom said that i used to have little screaming fits when i was young. i watch the Nanny on TV and imagine what it could be like and really hope that we don't go thru the falling to the floor, having a fit stage....

he mimics the things i do w/ my mouth. if i stick my tongue out, he'll do it. it's so cute. i'm trying to teach him to pucker for kisses... he does it just a little or so i think... and i've taught him how to stick out his tongue when he's finished w/ his milk and i say blah and do the same.

and he gets the stinkiest little feet... like his daddy :) i love to smell them though, and when they're stinky i'll laugh and say phew and tell him, "smell, smell" and put them to his nose... he just smiles.... i'm looking forward to when he starts putting his feet into his mouth.

in 3 days, he'll be 3 mths old. i can hardly believe it. tonight we looked thru the pics from when i was in the hospital.... and of him when he first came out.... he sure has grown and changed, but also looks the same. i miss being pregnant a little bit and sometimes when he's sleeping, i just look at him and know that it won't be long and he'll be a little boy.... not a baby.

and... i think he's gonna be left handed. i thought he was going to be a while ago but hashim kept saying that it could change... but now i'm pretty certain. he mainly uses his left hand for everything. one of my brothers is left handed.... and does a lot of stuff w/ his right hand as well.... but hashim worries that he won't be able to teach him musical things because of this difference.... but i'll bet that it won't be a problem.

his hair is falling out and growing in darker, which i figured would happen. right now his hair is a dark dirty dishwater blonde w/ golden or golden red highlights. i have a brother that had red hair when he was young and then a cousin of mine has bright fire orange reddish hair and it's beautiful.... so i'm not surprised he has a little of this in his hair. the new hair coming in is darker.... so i'm thinking it'll be a dark brown w/ maybe some golden highlights or something. he's changing so much.... and it happens so fast. if only time would slow down just a bit.


Puppy said...

Very sweet post. Gosh i laughed so much over eyelashes and mascara thing :)))))))

I used to have red hair. Now its turned dark brown, however on sun u can see few tiny red hairs :)

Enjoy your son, every moment is unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable.

Have a nice day.


Jane said...

Time really starts to pass quickly once you have children. It truly seems to speed up.

My son always used his left hand to grab for toys and to eat with as an infant. But sometime around the age of two it changed. He's now definately right-handed.

His hair started to fall out around this age too. When he was born it was a beautiful jet-black. It grew back and remains a deep brown. Still gorgeous though.

Enjoy your boy. Looking forward to seeing the next round of pictures.

Anonymous said...

need new pictures!

Auntie Jahooni is having withdrawls.

tooners said...

puppy, i'm so glad i made you laugh! and it's true... i'm just dying to dab some mascara on them... :) so you had red hair?! i bet that naief will have the same as you w/ red hairs here and there... i could see it.. i know when i color my hair, if not careful, it will easily go to a reddish tint.

jane, i agree... the days fly by. i can't hardly believe it's already may. i really hope that, w/ some degree, it doesn't speed up to the point that i close my eyes and when they open, he's 5 or something.... but i could see it. did you shave your sons head? a lot of women do that here thinking it will make the hair grow in thicker. i won't do it. i can see a darkness in the new hair. hashim has black hair pretty much or just super dark brown... and naief's eyebrows are dark and his eyelashes... so i think his hair will be close to this. and, like you, i think it'll be gorgeous. :)

miss jahooni, dear sister... i'm sending you guys some pics i took on his 2 mth birthday... i can hardly believe a month has already passed and tomorrow it'll be 3 mths. but i'll send 'em anyway :)
tomorrow i'll take a few more and put one up w/ the t-shirt you sent him. it's so cute :) so watch for it!! also.. i sent you a video today... check your email.

Janeen said...

Testing Testing Testing...

Janeen said...

Wait I want my Jahooni back! Argghhh!

Olivia said...

Awwww, you don't want your baba to grow. If there was an age you could make him pause at for however long you wanted, what age would it be? I mean, I know he's not even 6 months yet, but as you say, he's changing every day.

I used to have reddish hair too, especially the underneath bits not visible under the top hair.

Children in their early years are very chameleonic, I think. Changing facets from one week to the next, reflecting all the dominant DNA strands battling for ascendancy.

Woow, I've never used that last word before.

He might be ambidextrous for a while, until he expresses his final preference which sounds as though he'll be a southpaw like me.

Okie time for bed, i am done fer.

tooners said...

olivia, as for an age that i prefer him.... hmmmm... so far, i really like where he's at right now. it's really fun to experience everything w/ him and to watch how, w/ each new experience, his expressions change and attitude. altho, i'm very much looking forward to when he crawls and walks. i think going outside and experiencing bugs will be a lot of fun. i hope he likes them. there's just so much about him that i love at this age... but he's changing so quickly .... very much like you say... even w/ his looks. he looks different depending on what he's doing... sometimes like an old man, and then sometimes different from one moment to the next.

one of my brothers is ambidextrous... so i am hoping that he might be the same... but whose to say. he could do like jane's child and go straight for one hand or the other.

Munther said...

This post was soooo cute ! I love babies and are looking forward to becoming a dad someday ! :) I enjoyed this post to an extent of dividing it into three parts and reading it on 3 different occasions ! :)

About the fits, I remeber my lil brother having them when we were driving to our grannies and I had to hold him ! He kept crying and screaming his lungs until we reach the distenation and by this time he is sooo tired, the only thing he does is sleep till we leave and continues the fits till we reached home :D

Don't worry its normal and I don't think that Naief would reach the throwing himself on the ground stage ! These are extreme cases ;) OK I'll shutup now ! I don't want to tempt fate !

The Moody Minstrel said...

What's really fun is when a baby sucks on his fist and then, when someone picks him up or otherwise gets their face close, he reaches up and slimes them. (-D

Ah...parenthood. It's so underrated!

Olivia said...

It is funny how sometimes babies look like old peeps!