Saturday, May 19, 2007

I See Dead People

I guess over a month ago, I noticed the baby looking at something or someone in the bedroom at night when I was the only one up and in the room w/ him... and I'll have to admit, at first, it scared me. I found myself becoming very aware of everything around me... I guess for fear that it might be an evil spirit or some such. But then... how could something like that make my little one smile and laugh the way he does whenever he watches Fred... as we call him.

We call him Fred after the movie, Drop Dead Fred. This is a movie about a little girl named Elizabeth that has an imaginary friend or so everyone thinks... but Fred is very real to Elizabeth. She's an only child and he helps Elizabeth thru difficult times in her childhood and then also returns when she's an adult to help her out of a difficult marriage.

The movie Heart and Souls w/ Robert Downey, Jr. is also about a baby boy who has several souls that stay with him until he's a teenager, I think, and then they come back when he's an adult to help him thru difficult situations.

I believe in spirits and I believe in ghosts, and when I first told my husband about this, I'm not sure he believed me. But I guess within the last several weeks, he has started to believe that there is definitely something or somebody that is visiting our son.

Whoever it is makes him smile and laugh like nobody. They entertain him and make him really happy. Tonight... my husband said it sorta spooks him somewhat... and I told him that it did me too, at first. Now... I try not to let it bother me because I know that they have only the best intentions... I only wish I knew who it was. I wonder how long they'll stay around.

My husband had an imaginary friend when he was little and it's very healthy for children to have imaginary friends.... I just don't think this Fred is imaginary.... we just can't see him. :) But the baby can.

Added info: I was also gonna state that the movie City of Angels had angels visiting young babies and such and this is also something I believe in. This is a favorite movie of mine starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. I believe in angels and I had wondered if it was a guardian angel looking over the baby and staying w/ him for a while - until he gets older. I just know that whatever it is... it's w/ us daily and the baby really likes him/her. They say that everyone has guardian angels and I know that I've had a few close calls in my life and have always thought that I had someone looking after me... here w/ me. I know God looks after me, but I also think there's an angel here w/ me as well.... and now the baby has someone or something. Someone made a comment that it's nice to know that there's angels and such looking after the young ones and I agree. :)


Munther said...

My sister used to have imaginary friends when she was young ! The freaky part is that when it comes to describing them she swears that they were angel like ! And came when she was needing them "from the sky" ! But again my sister is a total nutcase "by her own admission" so I wouldn't take notice of what she says ! :D

Anonymous said...

I was going through a horrid time in my life. My son and I were all alone after hubby left. I had 2 spirits who came daily to look after us. I even saw their reflection in my mirror in my bedroom. I believe is spirits too.


Sunshine Down Under said...

i'v seen small children smiling to thin air befor, but i dont think theyr ghosts or spirits, i actualy believe theyr angels playing with them or talking them..
nice to kno theres a gaurdian angel watching over the little ones doncha think? :)

hashim said...

He sure doesn't laugh with me like he does with Fred. I think it's adorable, if Fred really exists, that Naief finds him funny. I wonder if Fred even understands what Naief says cuz he seems to be talking a lot when he sees him.

Um Naief said...

munther, i think that's an interesting description, and maybe, indeed, they were angels. i believe it and wonder if angels are visiting naief. i'm not sure, but i know it's something or someone.

amirah, when you saw the reflection, did it scare you? i think it might have freaked me out for a bit. when i first saw naief noticing someone, i got afraid at night for several days. but i realize it's a good thing now.

sunshine, yeah, i agree w/ you and i think it's a really good thing. i think we all have guardian angels and maybe he's seeing his, or maybe it's a deceased relative... i'd be interested in knowing though.

hashim, i think Fred does exist and he prob understands naief or at least does funny things coz you're right, naief does laugh a lot w/ him... it is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Funny you ask... I felt very calm when the two angels/spirits were there. I felt God had sent them; I know some people will think I am crazy. Growing up in a rancher (house)in Lebanon, Tennessee, in the third bedroom their was a gun shot in the wall when we bought the house. A man had committed suicide. His spirit/ghost would open doors and roam at night or Saturday morning. He never hurt us, he was very restless. This house was only 5 yrs.old when Mom and Dad bought it. This ghost didn't scare me if Mamma and Daddy were home. I wouldn't go near those bedrooms if me and my brothers were the only ones home. Many of the women on my Mom's said could see spirits or knew if they were around. I do believe God sends angels to protect us.


memo said...

that is very odd..because when I was a kid (under a year) my mum said she believed that i was being visited and stuff..and she believes that babies see things that adults miss. I don't know if its true or not. But yea, I believe in spirits too and that one should not mess with them or try to contact them.

Jane said...

I think children can see and understand certain things that adults cannot. I think we lose this ability some where around age seven or eight. My two year old spends almost an hour every night talking and singing and playing with someone. I'm not really bothered by it because it seems to make her happy.

Years ago when my little brother was quite small something happened that did freak me out quite a bit. My cousin was staying overnight and sleeping in my room. Around two am my brother came in and woke us up--he was scared. He claimed he saw someone sitting in the chair across from his bed. Ty was only about four years old at the time. We got up to check and of course there was no one there. We asked what Ty saw and he began describing a older boy with long hair and dark clothes. It sent a chill through both my cousin and I. Earlier that day we had attended the funeral of a friend who matched that description. Ty had never seen this boy, never met him, never even heard of him. He didn't even know that our friend had died. I'm still not sure what to think of it.

I have very hazy memories of being a small child in my bed at night and seeing a woman standing in my doorway. I could never see her face but I knew it was not my mother. There was bright light behind her so she was really just a silhouette. Sometimes when she came my room seemed to spin very fast and I'd fall asleep. I was never afraid. Maybe it was just a recurring dream, I don't know. But I've not seen her since I was very young.

Thursday said...

Naief's happy about Fred and baby's are quick to pick up on bad vibes. Worry not.

Olivia said...

Well, I dont think he's old enough for an imaginary friend, but like everyone says babies can have angels watching over them in their innocence - also, sometimes there are friendly spirits who keep them company.

As children develop intellect and knowledge of the world, they may grow out of it, but sometimes they retain the gift of seeing the other side.

Lisa said...

I agree with Jane, I think children, especially babies, have an awareness that most adults grow out of. As we grow up we are taught not to believe in spirits and angels that show themselves. As I have gotten older though I beleive that those in the spiritual world reveal themselves in unique situations. I think its comforting to know that someone is watching over your baby. I think babies have such an innocence and thirst for learning that their minds and eyes are open to everything. Maybe if adults could learn to see with such purity we could see what babies do too. Though if i had a baby that was obviously seeing something i couldn't i think i would be really freaked out. I get freaked out easily when talking about this stuff.

Um Naief said...

amirah, don't know if i could have stayed in a haunted house. i once looked at a house in plano and the owner had hanged himself... i felt something spooky in that house and know i wouldn't have wanted to live there! i can't imagine you doing it... you have guts! ;)

memo, i think babies can see things too. i think they're open to this whereas like jane says, as we get older, we close our eyes to such. maybe naief will have abilities... now that'd be cool, coz i believe i have some .... but i've not mastered it by any means.

jane, i think it's very sweet that your two year old has a friend. and i can see where what happened w/ your brother would freak you out. does he have abilities now? i agree w/ you, i think that babies can see things that we as adults can't see... and i'm hoping, like i said, that maybe he'll have some sort of ability when he gets older. when i meet a person and get to know them, i can usually tell just by what they say and how they act, what will happen down the road, and i have an ability to know when a phone call is coming, and have been known to know when something bad is going to happen. i used to be able, when i watched the games, to know who would win in a football game. i could call them every time... too bad i never bet on any games! ;) so... maybe naief gets some of this from me. when i was small, like you, i could feel things and sense bad things ... but i don't remember seeing anyone like you. i think it would have scared me.

thursday, you are very right. he can tell when soemthing's not right. i try not to let it bother me now... and just know and feel happy that someone's here w/ us. i feel safer.

olivia, i hope he retains it and maybe he will... if he continues w/ it when he's 2 and such, like jane's child, i'll try to encourage it and maybe he'll keep it w/ him.

lisa, it did freak me out in the beginning. hubby started sleeping in another room when he started back to work so i was by myself, and when you get up every two hours and are tired, your mind starts to think things.. and mine did. when i saw him looking off and smiling, it bothered me and i got scared and when he continued to do it, it sorta gave me goosepimples for a bit, but i'm better now and just accept it. now, he laughs and talks to this angel or soul... it's weird to see, to be honest, but i'm glad he's happy.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I've already told you about the time I woke up and saw an old man bending over my newborn daughter...and then disappeared when I shouted. The man's appearance was identical to my wife's deceased grandfather (a fact I didn't know until my wife showed me a photograph of her grandfather afterward), right down to the yukata he was wearing (which I now have!).

I don't need any further convincing. Yes, there are spirits and angels, and children seem to have a closer connection with them, perhaps because their minds are more open.

It's good that Fred makes Naief happy.

Gazza said...

Have you noticed cat's stop in their tracks and stare at something,when you look theirs nothing their,my daughters had an imaginary friend called Ernie (i think this was of Sesamea St)they would pretend he was eating with them and refer to him at dinner time?

Um Naief said...

gaz, YES, i have seen my cats do exactly this, and it totally freaks me out. i know when i've been by myself and afraid... well, to see my cats do this causes me a lot of anxiety!! i think they can see things too. would ur daughters talk to ernie during dinner?

moody, i thought about you when i was writing this and about what you saw. and i'm glad too that fred makes naief happy. that's why i entitled this "i see dead people" because i so hope that it never becomes scary.

Anonymous said...

I have 4 children, 14, 12, 8 and 2...the two little ones are from a different father,.. the two older ones were from my husband...Last year , when my littlest son was around husband came and stayed with us for about 8 months...My husband then moved into his own apartment and he a couple months later committed suicide. To this day, my two year old from time to time says he sees, PETER..that was his how could a 2 year remember someones name and look at a picture and say thats him when he only knew him when he was 1...sometimes he says, he scared, he sees peter...he tells us when he is here and when he is scary at times, but now, we tell him to say hi.

Um Naief said...

anon, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this post....

i truly believe children can see the dead. i remember when i lived in dallas, one of favorite radio dj's had a daughter and she used to see her grandfather. it would spook Kid out, but i wasn't surprised.

naief still does it from time to time. the other day we were at the mall and he started laughing at this window advertisement but in a way that made me believe he was watching someone or something.

most ppl don't believe in this hear and will say, faster than anything, that it's an angel. and maybe it is... but i'd venture to say it's a ghost or spirit.

thanks for stopping by. i hope you enjoy the blog.

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