Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10 Simple Pleasures

I've been tagged by Munther at The Drivel of 2 Modern Bahrainis to list 10 Simple Pleasures of mine. I've also been tagged by the Moody Minstrel to list 5 of my favorite eating places here in Bahrain. So.... I'll list my pleasures first and then tomorrow or so, I'll make a list of my favorite eating spots. For some reason, picking these has been harder than I thought.

so.. here goes:

10 Simple Pleasures

1) hearing Naief laugh

2) feeling Naief sleeping against me

3) watching squirrels play

4) having coffee outside when it's really early (and there's a cool breeze) and you hear nothing but the birds... this is so relaxing.

5) listening to my husband play the piano

6) watching Christmas tree lights

7) sleeping while it's raining or relaxing while it's raining (i love loud thunder and then to hear it downpour)

8) planting flowers

9) relaxing and watching a good movie

10) feeling ice cold water in the back of my throat when it's really dry and I'm really thirsty. nothing quenches your thirst better than water.

I tag Olivia, Moody, Thursday, Leilouta, Jane and hubby, if his site is back and running. :)


Casmee said...

I love Christmas lights too!

Munther said...

1- Christmas lights ! I like !

2- Early Mornings & coffee, is great !

3- It seems that you really enjoy being a mother ! Really happy for both of you !

4- Make bu Naief fix his site ! It's getting on my nerves ! :P

Olivia said...

Uh, how come I didn't comment on this yesterday...

I remember thinking how, now you are a mom your list must be very different. Love how Naief's laugh is your number one. Baby laughs are gorgeous anyway, so your own child's must be heavenly.

Um Naief said...

casmee, isn't there something about christmas lights. they're so mesmerizing. i can sit for hours watching them.

munther, bu naief tried adding something to his site which caused it to crash. hopefully it'll be up soon, but he's hosting thru yahoo now and they aren't quick to respond.

olivia, you're right. if i had been asked about this a year ago, my answers would have been different. the only thing now when reading over it, i think i could have put more things about hashim... you know... this is probably why some men get jealous when the little one comes. i think a mother's attention is fully focused on the child for a while. isn't it said that a baby's laugh is contagious? i know that when naief first started laughing, it would cause me to laugh uncontrollably. i know some of the funniest videos i've ever seen are the ones of babies laughing. have you ever seen the one where they have a baby sitting in a high chair or on the bed (can't remember) and someone in the background is saying or doing something and the baby keeps breaking out in big bouts of laughter. it's soooo cute.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Simple pleasures aren't exactly one of the constants of the universe, but they're sure a nice, little non-constant!

I'll have to think about this...

Jane said...

I did your meme. I don't like Xmas lights though. But that's another story.

Nabeel said...

I love rain .. the sound of raindrops is comforting and soothing to me. And the smell of the earth after it rains .. ahhh .. beautiful.