Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do you ever wonder?

and try to look into ppl's lives?

Watching ppl while in a restaurant eating, I find myself wondering about their lives. Where they're going, why they have that particular look on their face.... are they happy.

I saw a man walking w/ a plastic bag in one hand filled w/ aluminum and in the other hand he held a long coat wire. I wondered if he dug around in dumpsters w/ that wire coat hanger. He looked tired and his spirit dragged.

I saw two women walk outside of Miami Hotel and they looked like women of the night. Were they? I wondered where they were going, what their lives must be like, what happens to turn a woman's life to that. Were they happy?

Today my friend, Bint Battuta, said something to me that struck a chord... a chord I've talked to myself about many times... pondered.... but today, for some reason, it sunk in and I thought about it and it's still w/ me.

Do you think that a person makes their own happiness... in that, even when someone is a bad person, and you know they are, why do only good things keep happening to them? Why are they the ones to get that promotion, why are they so wealthy, why doesn't karma slap them in the ass? Why do they always seem so happy?

Do we create our own misery and sadness which, in turn, causes bad things to come into our lives? If we're negative or a pessimest (or even a fatalist, like myself), then do we naturally draw bad luck our way....

and if so... what does that mean?


Shahrzad said...

hi dear new friend,

I like to watch people just like you and always think about them and that what's in their mind and if they do something what can be the motive behind that and things like this. You know I came to this conclusion that no matter where you're from, all people have the same feelings and they suffer from the same bad luck or good luck that they themselves or others caused it! That's amazing, but life's based on one global general rule, for there's only one God.
Wish you the best.

Gazza said...

If it wasent for bad luck i'd have no luck at all?

The Moody Minstrel said...

Life isn't fair. Deal with it.


Yes, people-watching is fun. It's something I never seem to be able to do often enough. It's not always fun to be the watchee, though, especially when the watchers report back to your boss.

Sunshine said...

Things are not what they seem, and even though you might not see it, Karma happens and what goes around comes around..
and yeah, people make thier own happiness, cuz in the end, your preception is your reality isnt it?

Olivia said...

Funny, I was telling my mother about a good friend of mine who has battled cancer for years, and she was wondering aloud why bad things happen to good people, and why the bad people hang about for years enjoying the good life and making all the money.

My theory is that the people who don't take risks or break rules are not the ones who make the millions. There has to be a hard side to someone who can do something risky, outside the lines, somewhat dangerous.

bint battuta said...

I don't think people create absolutely everything that happens to them; we are not in control of everything around us, and if something awful occurs to us we are not always responsible. I suppose I was just trying to say that attitude makes a difference; it's true that if you expect good things to happen they often will, and vice versa, but often that's just a matter of how we choose to see things, and whether we view something as a setback or not.

Um Naief said...

shahrzad, hi... i believe in destiny... believing that our lives are set out before we're even born. i agree in that we're all the same. i think that's why i like to watch ppl and what they're doing. i also believe, like you, that we can make good or bad things happen to us by our choices, but i think that Olivia hits on it, or w/ my thinking, in that you have to have a hard edge and be somewhat sinister (if that's describes it properly) ... because they're willing to take a risk whereas some of us don't do that.

gazza, me too!!

moody, i'm dealing! ;) and it's just no fair that life isn't fair! :) and you're right... i hate to be watched in that way. again... that's the sinister i'm talking about. they do the bad things and we take the hit.

sunshine, i like your thinking. what a great way to say it... your perception is your reality. that's so true....

olivia, i agree. you see all these millionaires and that's exactly what they've done... taken risks, gone beyond into the unknown.

bint battuta, you know... i agree w/ you but there's another part of me that says our fate is sealed... so what happens is meant to happen. all there for a lesson... it's up to us if we're willing to see and learn from the lesson. i think you really touched on what sunshine said about perception being our reality.

i really enjoy how you make me think.

Lisa said...

I think its all about perspective. If having lots of money and being the boss of people makes you happy, then you will pursue those things. But if you realize there is more to life than material possessions and social status, then your happiness will come from the simple things, even the difficult times.
I am not convinced that wealthy people and promotion getters are happy. They just have a lot of things to cover up their saddness- generally speaking of course... i mean, look at hollywood (you had to know i would bring up tinsel town!)

Jac said...

We are the ones who make heaven and hell here in in our lifetime.

But it is easier said than done.