Tuesday, August 28, 2007

look at that face

I took this yesterday w/ my telephone while he was playing in his blow up pool.

There are a 100 balls in his pool and it still wouldn't be enough if I started to list all the reasons why and how I love this little boy. He's my love bug.... and I find myself wishing he'd stay this way... altho I know it's not possible, I just find that I adore him more and more each day, and know that one day he'll be all grown up and not slap me in the face early in the morning to let me know it's time to get up or give me kisses just because.

He said mama yesterday.... I was thrilled.... can't wait for him to hold out his arms and say it!! oh yeah... not sure if I mentioned it, but he's crawling now :)


Jahooni said...

HE IS THE MOST ADORABLE LITTLE BOY! I am jealous that I don't have a little boy.

Glad that I am his Auntie.

Red Rover Red Rover.. let Naief come OVER!

Um Naief said...

well, you know i always wanted a girl... and here i had a boy. seeing that i can't say what it's like to have a girl, i know that i'm really glad that i have him.... but lemme tell ya... he's a handful... and i know from now that he'll be into everything... and i mean everything!

Olivia said...

Goodness me! he's changed/changing, and you're right his hair is looking light!

He has such lovely big happy eyes.

Gazza said...

He's growing up so quick,only seams like yesterday you were pregnant,a handsome young boy,break some hearts when he's older lol.

Puppy said...

OHHHHHHH he is so sweet!!!

Enjoy every moment.

Jac said...

Same comment of gazza. LOL

Munther said...

oooohhhhhh how cute ! Girls will be hitting on him like crazy when he grows up !!

Jane said...

Naief is gorgeous! Ahhh...everytime I see his picture my baby itch is back!

By the way, Happy Belated Birthday! Puppy told me.

Um Naief said...

olivia, he has hashim's eyes. ... i think they look egyptian. and he is changing... i swear, it's like every week now. :)

gazza, his pappa is hoping he'll be just that... a chick magnet.. actually, he tells me that he already is! ;) so you know what that means for his pappa!!!

puppy, thank you my dear! and i'm trying to... some days i have to remind myself tho... it's easy to get lost in time.

munther, every one is saying this... and hashim is so proud. he told 'em he'll show 'em the ropes... i think i need a girl to even out the playing field! ;)

jane, thanks! you know, puppy has one on the 7th! and thank you. btw, i have a baby itch that is trying hard to resurface... it's weird once you have a baby, how you want another.