Sunday, August 19, 2007

what do you call it?

Charming Madness

My mind floods through to the core
Slowly they slide through obscurity
…. I let it beckon me
it's easier to escape into my mind
Madness can sometimes surround me
and throughout this dark room.
Heavy breathing ………………………………….
And you are beside me
So much
it's all around.

My mind
So vast
Stretching here……………… and then sooooooooooooo far
It takes me to a different realm
I see it,
It shows me one after one
Or it can be
Like a fast picture show.

I laugh and I scream
I cry and I shout
It's only a movie
But I am worn out.

Me, yes……………..
Hi, I'm a Virgo and
A Fire Horse
It's so nice to meet you
Isn't it nice outside?

Laugh, no cry
The wit
and oh ………
the charm.
My inspiration
Now, there's a word
C H A R M.

Yes, I'm a cynic
But most writers are
Use it
Be creative
My inner power.

My mind
how it escapes me
As I remind myself to breathe
Many try to show and even say it is so

I believe
That only you will know.

not sure when i wrote this. either last year or year before. it's a favorite of mine.


poetic muslim said...

your a poet as well ! like me ? lol
that is exactly how I feel about my crazy mind

Christopher said...

Better than a fortune cookie on a rainy day my dear, what a lovely poem... I sit here typing this to you with my friend Michelle's bra on my cup on my head, the other cup on Trina's head...I think we're going shopping as Siamese twins.

The Moody Minstrel said...

are you breathing in,
or breathing out?

Olivia said...

My goodness, it's like seeing another side of you!

One and two words alone can express so much.


Christopher! LOL! If I am ever in Portland I am so seeing you!!!

Um Naief said...

i agree Olivia, i would LOVE to meet christopher! when i read his comment, all i could think was "i'm doing this w/ naief... !! ;) imagine the shock ... walking around this country w/ such on my head... and a baby no less! hehehehe makes me laugh just to think about it! matter of fact, i have sat here today and thought of Christopher many times... and how funny this is.. and how much i wish i had someone in my life here to bring such joy! you light up my days... many days, christopher! :)

poetic muslim, crazy mind... yes, i feel it often! ;)

moody, gosh, i lose track. but i must be doing something right, coz i'm still here! ;)

olivia, i told ya that i write when i'm depressed! and honestly, sometimes w/ the way my mind works and how fast it seems to travel... i do feel somewhat crazy.... then i remember to breathe....

and gosh... you are so right... i'd LOVE to meet christopher. i can only imagine how he is in person...

Olivia said...

Ah, I need to remember to breathe too.
The way my mind feels lately too!

I enjoy Christopher's comments, they are so full of life and randomness :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Well, I meant "breathing" in more of a psychological or spiritual sense, but whatever works...

Keep the muse a-rolling!

Jac said...

I didn't know that you write so well, um naief !!!

Um Naief said...

moody, i knew... just giving you a hard time!!! if i didn't... who would?? hmmm... i can think of a few ;)

jac, thank you!! maybe i'll get around to posting more... but i wonder what ppl would think... sometimes poetry can reveal too much :)