Monday, October 08, 2007

Dress up time

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I've loved it since I was a child. My mom made many of my costumes and, every year, I couldn't wait to get out of the house to trick or treat for candy.

This year, one of my friends is having a Halloween/birthday party for her 2 year old son. She's invited us, which I'm really happy about, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out what to dress Naief up as. I asked if the adults were dressing up as well and she said "as you like"... so, we can dress up if we want, which I'd love to do, but not sure if Hashim will go along w/ it. I told him today that he's a party pooper because he said he wouldn't, but I'm hoping he'll change his mind.

So... what do you guys think... what should I dress Naief as? The theme of the party is "scary". I've been thinking a zombie, but Hashim's first choice was an American soldier! heheheheh But hey.. where would we find a helmet?!! We also thought about terrorist, but I don't think too many ppl would find that funny... it is, but in a sick way. Which is the way I do best! Imagine strapping little bombs (fake of course) to his chest, under his clothes and stuff. Yeah... I know it's demented... but I LOVE IT!!

We've looked at Toys R Us for costumes but they don't have anything for a baby. I think we'll look at Seef Mall. They have a costume place there... but I'm thinking they'll probably have nothing for his size.

So bring on your suggestions. Remember... I don't have a sewing machine and I've never made an outfit. But I can sew by hand....


Anonymous said...

If you cant find a helmet, then dress up Naief as a general, even more scary:)



The Moody Minstrel said...

How about dressing him up as a baby? Now THERE'S an interesting idea!

Actually, dressing him up as a terrorist might not be so hard. They're saying that they're becoming more and more impossible to discern from the general public, which means you don't have to dress him up at all!

Jahooni said...

A Vampire with a little kape, a puppy or dalmation puppy (you can use an all white outfit and use black paint to make the spots and then make a brown nose with whiskers) or a cowboy with a hat.
I don't think a 2 year old should go as scary. Last year Katelyn was a witch but she was 6!

Glad you are going!
We have been invited to 4 already. Dan is having his haunted maze which I always wished you could see. People come from other towns to stand in line for it. We go to our friend's Halloween party. Their son's birthday is on the 31st, the party is on the 27th. We want to dress up this year.. katelyn will be an American Indian.
Her costume is cute! Maybe Brandon and I can go as the Biggest Loosers (make the shirts and shorts, etc.!)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A scary baby? No. We never had Halloween as children and I don't think they did much about it in Oz. I wouldn't like little kids to be scared of horrid looking strangers though. Do you really have to dress him up too?
w.PS What I find scary is those wooden dolls that ventriloquists use. said...

i dressed up as a pimp last halloween... but umm, yeah i dont suggest you pimp up your kid :)

Thursday said...

A ghost - white sheet, etc.

Sunshine said...

a nightmare!! just get a plain shirt and plain shorts, color them crazy if u like painting, stick some stuff out (think giant bugs on one side or watever sares u -crashing planes in my case- on the other) and double baby proof them, or make sure theyr edible if he decides to put them in his mouth, and ur good to go..

sorry.. personal life affecting way fo thinking..

alternitavly you can go as the wicked witch of the west and dress him up as one of those monkeys she had around with her..
or an umpa lumpa.. theyr scary too..

Um Naief said...

aaahhhh, i think the little umpa lumpa's are cute as buttons! :) i'm thinking of either a ghost, but i think he wouldn't keep the sheet on him, because we play peek a boo w/ the sheet, so i'd spend the day putting it back on him, or maybe a little vampire (which i think would be adorable) or go w/ a rabid dalmation... or a killer puppy. :)

Um Naief said...

but sunshine... i REALLY like the nightmare idea. great mind you have!!

Olivia said...

Eep! Possibly the first time your blog has scared me. *runs away and goes to bed*

Puppy said...

I like idea of a killer puppy ;)

Puppy - didnt kill anyone YET

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to post the pictures of him at the Halloween party:)))


Um Naief said...

well... we went today to get fake blood for his mouth, and i've been sewing his tail and ears, and what did we find??!! a little baby ghost costume and hashim insisted that we buy it, so we did. it's really cute, but you know, i was so looking forward to him being a little killer puppy! who knows, maybe we'll keep the other costume for next year.