Saturday, October 06, 2007

Creepy Crawlies

Who out there is afraid of bugs and insects? It seems that a lot of ppl in this part of the world are terrified of them. I know Hashim is... not every kind, but most.... ok, maybe all of them.

It makes me laugh... and I sometimes want to get one just to put it on him!! :) yeah, mean, but I just can't help it.

I'm not really afraid of any of them. I don't like or rather hate roaches. If one got on me, I'd probably scream. They have flying roaches in Texas and I was always terrified, when I saw one, to try to make it go away for fear it would fly over and land on my shoulder, head or something. If it did... I'd probably wig out and have a heart attach or something... so I can understand how Hashim feels... but it still makes me laugh.

Last night I was watching AFV on Channel 4. It's America's Funniest Videos and, gosh, do I find myself laughing uncontrollably w/ this show. Especially last night... because what were they showing... ppl scared outta their wits because some bug had flown onto them or this one showed a guy going crazy coz his friend had put this big lizard thing on him.

Which gets me to lizards. Why are so many ppl afraid of these little guys?

We house-sat for my in-laws back in the summer and my husband's older sister was there, and one night she started screaming, got up on the couch and demanded that we kill it. "It" turned out to be a lizard. Poor little guy. He was terrified and every time we found him, he'd run for his dear life.

So... what did we do? Instead of allowing the housemaid to kill it, I got a cup, caught it and took it outside... BUT... before I could get it outside, it jumped outta the cup and headed into the kitchen outside. I got down and caught it in my hand... it squealed! I didn't even know they made sounds....

I took it in my hand and carried it out front, put it on a tree and then told my SIL that she was safe. She laughed, not believing I had picked it up. They're not dangerous - except if you eat them. They're not slimy or anything. They don't move when you have them cupped in your hand, and even after you sit them down, they'll stay in one place for a bit.... but never has one ever tried to bite me or anything.

I can remember when I was a young girl and I'd go to Florida for the summer to visit my cousin and aunt who lived there. This is when I became up close and personal w/ lizards. They were everywhere. You'd go into the bathroom and they'd be hanging around on the walls. They were in the living room, bedrooms... everywhere. Not once did one try to hurt me, get on me or anything. And, actually, they're really good at keeping bugs away. I think my aunt liked them for that reason... but I can't remember.

I used to be afraid of spiders until I watched Charlotte's Web. I won't let them crawl on me or anything and still get afraid if one comes down in front of me while driving, but I don't kill them if I see them in the kitchen and elsewhere.

So... what bugs and insects are you afraid of? Have you ever been bitten by one? Or stung?

I've been stung by a wasp long ago... I think on my 13th birthday. It really hurt and I'm always careful if around these things because they're moody... but, even w/ that happening, I love bees. Especially big fat bumble bees! Aaaaahhhh, to see them bouncing from bloom to bloom... they don't have them here... I wish they did.

I plan to raise Naief to respect all creatures. I don't want him to be afraid of bugs, insects and such, and hopefully through my guidance they won't scare him. I think maybe Hashim was taught to fear them and that's why he's afraid... but who knows. I should ask him. :)

Have a great day.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Mantises rock!

When I was in senior high school I and a friend of mine were walking behind another friend through a patch of woods. The friend in the front of the line disturbed a yellow jacket (hornet) nest, but he got off scot free. They all attacked me and the other guy.

I was stung more than a dozen times. That was NOT fun. Yellow jackets kill more Americans every year than any other non-humanoid creature.

We sometimes have little geckos in our house. They're good at hiding, and they can scamper right up the walls and sometimes across the ceiling at a good clip, so they're hard to catch. I usually just leave them be since they cause no trouble and are really only interested in eating bug pests.

Like you, I evict spiders rather than kill them if I can. I value their services as pest-destroyers, too.

I do not tolerate cockroaches, though. Japanese roaches fly, too, and the females can be monstrously huge. I delight in squashing them or watching them die hideously in roach hotels.

June said...

Ugh, the thing with me is that it's more about the eeuw factor. I just find bugs really gross generally and hate that weird tickly feeling you get when they get on you somehow. Absolutely disgusting. That said, I really don't like killing them. I just shudder uncontrollably and pray they go away. And I'm allergic to bees so seeing one drives me into a state of frenzy. But hats off Um Naief. I seriously admire your bug-related courage.

Jane said...

I am not a fan of bugs but in general they don't bother me much. I do not like them in my house and will dispose of them. Outside I just let them be. I do despise roaches, though. I hate them. I've lived in two homes with roach infestation and will not do it again. There's nothing quite like opening a cabinet and seeing lots of movement. Bumble bees don't bother me in the least. I know that if I leave them alone they will not bother me. Wasps and yellow jackets are another story. They are so freaking aggresive and unpredictable that they do scare me. I was stung over a month ago by a yellow jacket and still have a lump. The sting was completely unprovoked. But these creatures are really nasty here in the fall. I haven't any experience with lizards. Truthfully I would love to live in a warmer climate but probably will never move to one because the warmer it is, the more insects there are.

poetic muslim said...

LOOL I hate coakroaches and spiders!! spiders just the blackness and the way they move erggggggggggggggggggggg. sometimes I laugh at myself , I am like what the hell is wrong with me ? I am like 4 times the size of this little teeny weeny thing and I am frightened of it stupid I knwo .
heres my other blog , that one is more about my life

I did not want to tell you on the otehr blog because I have personal friends who read that one
I replied to your other comment. :)
missed reading your blog , caught up with issues I guess , let me know how is your ramathan ?
oh what is your email adress? I would like to email you my password for some password protected posts , I would like to know your opinion on things .
heres my email adress

Um Naief said...

moody, i agree about mantises. i think they're one of my all time favorite insects/bugs. have you ever seen one of those insects that looks like a leaf? i don't know what they're called, but i saw one when i was a child. it freaked me out at first, but they're actually very cool.

i think they may have yellow jackets here, but i'm not sure. i know they sorta resemble them, or they're honey bees.. but i don't think so. did you have to go to the dr. after being stung so many times by them? i was stung when we lived in texas by some type of bee.... at night. it really hurt.

the lizards i'm speaking of are geckos. these are hard to catch as well. i felt lucky to catch that one in a cup.

i can't stand to step on roaches. that squeeshy sound makes me sick.... and then the aftermath. i don't know how you do it! the ones here are big too. now i don't know how big the females are there, but when i came to bahrain i was shocked to see the size of the cockroaches.... but i love to watch them die from roach hotels as well. you know, i don't think they sell those here.... too bad.

june, i hate that tickly feeling too. i'm not one for having bugs crawl on me, and have been known to freak out over the possibility of a spider being on me. :) i'm pretty good about all the others except if they're really horrible looking.

jane, sometimes we get roaches bad here. our sink in the kitchen leaks a lot, so it's moist under there, and the roaches love it. there are usually many different varieties and it makes me sick. i hate them. and the thing w/ them is that they get everywhere and on everything. they're so disgusting. i try to spray to get rid of them, but it's no time at all that they're back. plus, i've heard they're pretty good about surviving against bug spray. i think you're right about bees.. they really have attitudes. these yellow jackets sound like they'll attack anything that gets close to them. i should look into what type of bees these are here in bahrain, because they look very similar to yellow jackets. warmer climates are nice, but the books are terrible. our house is usually full of ants and many of them bite. hashim has been bitten many times by these tiny ones and they leave lumps too. they don't bother me at all and i even walk around the house barefoot.

poetic, good... i'm glad you have another post. i thought you had said that then felt like i was going a bit crazy! ;) funny how easy it is to feel crazy when you have a small baby and can't remember a thing! spiders used to make me feel like you but not any more. oddly enough, we were leaving the house yesterday and there was a spider on the back door, right in plain sight and hashim opened the door w/out a problem and didn't even say a word. kudoos to him!! :)

i'll email you :) said...

haha, thats cool. yup, keep him strong! i just had a freak encounter with a "mother of 44" :p

check out my latest post for more details :p

Um Naief said...

ammaro, this is TOO weird. we were JUST talking about "mother of 44" tonight after iftar. i had no idea what it was, but now i do. can't wait to read your post. can you believe they eat these things in the far east? said...

not suprised. theyll eat anything that moves in the far east :p i saw some wierd stuff last time i went to thailand and malaysia :p

Anonymous said...

As you say most of the insects are moody. In Florida, they were allowed to be useful in your aunt's house and therefore were not touched and always stayed calm.

Most people woudnt find insects around to be a pleasure, especially in the house.

And it is really wonderful to have them in your garden amongst trees and flowers, well, to the extent that they would let you have nice time in there.

I really enjoyed the picture of the big bee, I liked them despite I was harshly stung several times.
I will always remember how the bee stung me right before my departure for studies abroad on my last year in school. I was trying to make some physical excercise in the garden of my uncle hanging on the tree when suddenly the bee got onto me from amongst the leaves of the tree and stung right in my upper lip:). The same moment my upper lip swollen to the extent that I could hardly open my mouth. It was really funny to see myself in that shape:))))



Um Naief said...

anon, i love the bumble bee pic as well. now.. i'm not the kind to go out and put myself in harm's way and/or be stupid and get stung or anything, but i do love to watch bumble bees.

i don't like insects in the house, especially flies. they drive me crazy because they are so stubborn and dirty, in my eyes. but if a spider or lizard is in the house, it doesn't bother me. altho, those little geckos don't come in our house because of the cats. the cats would have a field day w/ them.

my cat, chloe, who died last year, loved to eat geckos. there were many times when i'd catch her w/ a tail hanging outta her mouth.

and i can't imagine being stung on the LIP!!!! i'm sure that really hurt. how long did it stay swollen?

Anonymous said...

Um Naief,

you know i did not realise how I was stung, but then it was very painful and funny the same time when you couldnt open your mouth to say a single word:)

It stayed swollen for 2-3 days as far as I remember



Gazza said...

Cockroaches........the devil himself must have created them.......they are the most disgusting things on earth eughhhhhhhhhh......and slugs.....snails without shells....but larger......i'd rather die than toutch one.........

Olivia said...

When I was little, here in London I was wearing short yellow shorts, and guess what stung me on my bum???

Still, I used to love insects, and I'd rescue them from the bird bath all summer long...and then I moved to Texas, where everything bites...

Which is why we used to encourage lizards, those cute little green anoles.

Once, we had a praying mantis on our screen door and I couldn't stop staring at it through the mesh. Those eyes.