Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cat Food Tester

Naief getting into the cat bowls. He thought he'd try few bites of the cat's food :)


Puppy said...

Little boy cant find anything to eat, but cats food :))))))

I was starring to see what he will do next, very interesting to watch babies, i just love doing it.

The last moment where u were putting food back to tray one by one, he spread it all again with one hand. Well Done Naief :))))) That was funny.

Very sweet video!, thanks for sharing.

bint battuta said...

At least it's the cat food and not the other thing you were concerned about...

H. said...

*caption time*
"For the little one will grow up to be a tiger!!"

Jahooni said...

It makes me sad to watch this.... but happy at the same time.

Sweetest little boy!
Think he is giving Mommy hint that he is hungry!!!!!

Jahooni said...

And... the SIL should most definitly see this movie!!!

Jane said...

What a goof! I can see you have your hands full with this boy. He's at the age when he wants to explore everything. He's so beautiful with those big eyes!

It reminds me of when my son was that age. Whenever we would visit my parents he would get into the dog's dish. It was so gross! But not nearly as gross as when he tried to eat a mouse dropping. Luckily I was still quick back then and managed to swipe it out of hand before it reached his mouth.

Um Naief said...

puppy, yeah... i just give him cat food and table scraps during the day! ;) heheheheh imagine! the video was a little dark, but it was so sweet.... i'm glad you liked it.

bint battuta, no kidding! i'm waiting for the day, and i'm sure it'll come... but i hope not!

h, you think? w/ the mix of cats and cat food.. how could he not! ;)

jahooni, make sure to show mom the video! what do you mean hungry... that was his 3rd helping of cat food that morning! ;) and yes, SIL and MIL would die! for sure.

jane, i'll tell ya... i can only imagine what he's going to be like when he gets older. when he gets something in his head, you can change his course. i've tried, and he's right back for it w/in a matter of minutes. i have a feeling he'll get his hands into the litter box if i'm not careful! thank goodness this wasn't soft food, or i would have been totally grossed out... :) i just hope he doesn't walk into the kitchen one day w/ poop in his mouth! from the litter box of course! ;)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good on you Naief - exploring your world, touching, feeling, tasting. Way to go.
Okay Mummy, he'll try to eat worse things so watch out!

The Moody Minstrel said...

In Naief's mind:

Oh, boy! Look what I found! I bet I can grab it! Let's see...there! Okay! Now let's see if I can pick it up. Grasp...lift...toss... Hey, look at what I did! Wait, look! There's another one! Maybe I can do the same thing! Let's see...grasp... But wait a minute, what's with these little things inside it? Hey, I bet I can grab those, too! Let's try it. Lessee...little things...hard to get the fingers around. Steady, steady... Yes! I did it! Maybe I can do it again! Okay...YES!!! Look at me, mommy! You know, these are small enough, I just bet they'll fit in the mouth! Yes, the mouth is the black hole at the center of the universe, and these little things are about to discover oral gravity! Okay...in we go! Yay!!!! Well, maybe not "yay", but mommy seems happy!

In the cat's mind:
Well, what the...? What's that obnoxious mini-human doing now? Wait, is it...is it getting into my food?!? Well, of all the...what nerve!!! Why, I oughtta...ohhhh.. I think...I think I'll... Ohhh! I'm gonna... Phooey! I'm outta here!

Man, that's great! Thanks for sharing! And Wendy's right; everything will go into the mouth, so watch what you leave in reach.

Sunshine said...

hahaha aaaaw baby boy has the cutest smile :)

Um Naief said...

moody, you tickled my funny bone good and proper!!!!! isn't that right... i can just picture him and especially w/ the looks he gets on his face and his eyebrows... you can tell he's thinking hard, i'm sure that is exactly what he was thinking. :)

and the cats.... no kidding.. i'm sure they'll poo right in front of him... hoping he'll pick it up to taste it...

i'm dreading that day.. and hopefully it'll NEVER COME. imagine. i had a cousin and her son used to play in the toilet and try to eat ciggerette (sp?) butts. nasty!!

all of you... i'm glad you guys enjoyed the video.

Um Naief said...

sunshine, thank you my dear! i thought i saw a little dimple on his right cheek the other day... i hope it stays. he also does a half smile that reminds me of Elvis!! ;)

Olivia said...

Oh wow, he's crawling! And he's so cute at it, and such a mischievous grin!

I love how the cat is complaining about it too :P