Thursday, October 18, 2007

weekend plans

Can't hardly believe it, but we have a babysitter for tonight and me and Hashim are going out on a little date to our favorite restaurant!! Needless to say, I'm thrilled. Can't even tell ya how long it's been since we've been outta the house w/out the baby. I'm having her come early so that Naief is still awake because I've noticed that whenever we've left him w/ my MIL - and he's sleeping - he wakes up and goes into fits. So... my hopes are that we'll avoid this by having him awake w/ her and me around... that way, we can say goodbye to him and he knows that everything is ok... or at least I'm hoping it works out so well.

This weekend will be a busy weekend. Me, hubby and Naief will be meeting up w/ some of our friends that we met in our Lamaze class - both women had their babies before me... one is two months older than Naief and one is three months older (I think he's that age... and I hope she and her husband are coming) - so it should be quite an experience because Naief loves other babies. And another good thing is that both women are very open minded and we all think a lot alike, so it'll be nice to swap stories and have things in common. I'm really looking forward to that.

It's hard when your friends don't have children, especially when you're consumed w/ your child. Because at this age and being a new mom, it's impossible not to be consumed. Everything revolves around being a mother. You think, eat, breathe baby stuff.... or at least I do. That's probably why I don't remember anything any more and my brain feels like mush most days.... unless you wanna hear a lullaby, play patty cake or get on the floor and make babbling noises... then forget talking to me! :)

I'm also gonna be meeting a girl that left a comment on my blog some time ago who is pregnant right now and will be having her baby around Naief's bday next year... I think she's due around the 6th of Feb., if I'm not mistaken. I'm excited because she's from the States, loves cats, has a similar taste in music.... and did I say pregnant?!! :)

Anyway... nice weekend to you guys... hopefully the weather will be cool... I'm really enjoying the fact that the weather is changing. I can't hardly wait for the day when we don't have to run the a/c.


LouLou said...

Hope you had a great evening.

If you lived in Abu Dhabi, I'd have loved to have Naeif anytime you guys had plans.:)

I love to babysit. It's the second best thing to actual motherhood.

And I am having a lot of free evenings these days.

Olivia said...

It's great that you and Hashim still go out together - no matter what, as the years go by don't stop dating each other!

Hope you had a wonderful time.

(Hehe, my code is "wierdz")

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Have a lovely time.
As for your head getting stuffy and silly with being a young mum, I remember one time when I was looking after a tiny prem baby. Wendy Junior (yes, named after me) stayed with us when her mum had heart surgery. Well, I became a different person. I was doing a BA Honours thesis at the time and I couldn't focus at all. I was all into lullabies and baby-talk!

gazza27 said...

I hope you's had a wonderful time,me and Joan went out Friday and spent the night out,couldent help worrying about our kids even though our Tracy's the youngest (17) lol.

Um Naief said...

loulou, if we were in dubai, i'd definitely let you babysit. i think you'd be wonderful!!! naief probably wouldn't want to come home! ;)

olivia, i think couples need date night, even when they're a lot older. adds a spark to your marriage... if you want it to.

wendy, isn't it weird how your mind set changes sooo significantly. i would have never believed it before, but now... i'm living proof! how cute... wendy junior!! i hope her mom was ok after the surgery!

gazza, you and the misses had a date and even stayed out all night! who do you think you are?!! 20 somethings?! it's something how all your priorities change w/ children... and even tho your youngest is 17, i see it never changes. now, w/ having a baby, i see why my mom is the way she is w/ one of my brothers. i never understood it before, but now i do.

Olivia said...

Yes! It's all about keeping the spark alive. A lot of couples get so involved with parenthood and their children, that they grow apart without realising it. Then when the nest is empty, they look at each other and realise they don't know this person...

But of course, whether this happens or not, some couples are more dedicated to staying together anyway. How else do you explain marriages that last for 60 years?

Christopher said...

Hello darling! Did you and hubby enjoy your date out? Here's hoping you did (champagne glasses clink) and that you had a lovely time. xoxoxoxo come on by sometime, I miss you around these parts!

gazza27 said...

Ha-Ha-and we got wrecked like we did in our 20's lol.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Too greeeeeeen with envy to comment...