Wednesday, December 19, 2007

few pics of Naief in California

Thought some of you might enjoy these pics of the baby, his cousin and my sis while here in Cali.

It's raining today, cold outside and there are so many low lying clouds that you can't see the mountains in front of my sister's place.... I love it. :) I've missed the rain, but, so far, there's no thunder or lightening or such.

Anyway... hope you like the photos.


Hashim said...

My god he's growing up fast! It's just been a little over a week, and look at him already. Sweet little thing..

I'm shocked that he's not trying to tear up the xmas tree. Maybe he already tried to?

I can't believe how much he's talking now, too. I think I'll miss some major milestones :(

I miss you guys both...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Hashims right, it does look like he's grown in such a short time! Habeeeeeeeeby he is so adorable :) I love the last picture :) He must be enjoying the change in weather and atmosphere. And he must be missing baba like crazy!

Rock Chef said...

Fab pictures. Hope everyone is well for the big day!

hashim said...

i just noticed this:

Naief has about 8 teeth, few more are coming in;

Katelyn's new teeth are coming in;

Jahooni has braces on!

I should go and add dental to our plan :)

Um Naief said...

shoom, yes, i think dental would be great to add... especially w/ the teeth i have, and i think the baby is gonna have my teeth!! hopefully he wont have as many probs because i'm not feeding him tons of sweets like my mom did w/ me when i was young!

omtutu, you know, you guys see that he's grown, but i don't see it really. the first pic i can tell that he's changing and looking more like a little boy than a baby, but still... altho, he's starting to talk (baby talk of course) tons, and it's the sweetest thing. he argues w/ my mom!!! wonder where he got that from!??? hehe

rockchef, everyone is well here, finally. the baby didn't catch whatever katelyn had, thank goodness, and he had a small cold when we left bahrain but is fine now, even w/ this cold weather. i hope it stays that way!

eshda3wa said...

hes sooo cute

im glad ur having such a good time!


Anonymous said...

haha that's hilarious that Naief is arguing already. heheh. YOU GOTTA RECORD HIM!!! take little mini video clips if you have to. I'm such a freak about pics and video clips.

And when his birthday comes along you should take a picture of him with a local newspaper showing the date. And make sure to allow for some of the headline to show up in the picture.

Christopher said...

Awww look at his little poses and his widdle hands! He's just gorgeous! I am so happy that this holiday season you got to see your family, and here's to hoping next year or very soon your husband can join you when you go for another visit. I hope you have happy holidays, and a wonderfully Happy New Year!