Saturday, December 08, 2007

soon enough

Tomorrow is the big day... we'll be leaving home at around 11 p.m. to head to the airport w/ our flight taking off at about 2:00 a.m. I'm pretty much packed... just getting the last few odds and ends ready and making sure or trying to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything.... and for some reason, I keep forgetting to get my socks out. I always tend to forget to pack socks.

My nerves have calmed pretty much, thank goodness. We pick up Naief's visa to the UK tomorrow, so I'm hoping that when we go thru immigration here in Bahrain, there won't be a problem. I'm taking his birth certificates, a letter from Hashim stating that it's okay for me to be traveling w/ the baby (alone), and I hope that about covers it. I won't be pulling out his American passport, unless needed, until we get on American soil... except at the airline's counter here in Bahrain... so it's my hope that it's smooth sailing at all points.

Gave Naief the sleeping meds last night to try them out. They made him hyper for about an hour 1/2 and then he fell asleep. Slept this morning until about 7 and took two bottles while asleep, which I thought was great. I was afraid they'd knock him out to the point that it was like he was in a coma, but it was very mild. I'm not for drugging the baby or anything, but since this is the first time to fly w/ him and because he hates to sit in one place for longer than 2 mins., it seems, and because I'm a bit of a nervous wreck w/ the thought of not being able to handle him by myself, I decided to go w/ the med. And really, I'm glad I have. I think it'll be perfect ... it'll let him sleep soundly and will allow me to get a little rest myself.

I'm thrilled to be going. Can't hardly wait. Packing is killing me though. I never know what to take, what not to take and wind up taking things I never wear. I promised myself I wouldn't do that again this time, but wouldn't ya know it, I am. But... I'm hoping that as tomorrow comes upon me, I'll have some type of revelation and know exactly what is needed! yeah, right.... but at least I can be dream...

My friend, S, will be having her baby in Feb., actually her due date is 2 days prior to Naief's birthday. I'm thrilled for her, but sad because I won't be here for it. I can't wait to hear the good news and to come back to see her sweet little baby! My sister and all her friends in Cali do this thing where they take food to all their new momma friends, and I'm gonna start that tradition here starting w/ S. Never realized how much something like that can help until having my own baby. My MIL sent food to us for weeks after the birth and it was so needed. It's nice to not have to worry about cooking, especially when you're tired and have a million other things on your mind!

I saw Henry yesterday. It warmed my heart to see that he's alive and doing well. My FIL has taken on two more of these birds and I'm really wanting to set them free. I told Hashim today that I want to become a caped crusader and set all these caged birds free!!! Imagine... seems like a crazy idea but I'm just the one to do it!! :) One of my blog friends, Jane, made an interesting point about caged birds. She said something like, "If God had intended for birds not to fly, He wouldn't have given them wings" or "If God had intended for birds to be caged, He wouldn't have given them wings". I so agree w/ this and will never buy another caged bird. Now, if I could only get my in-laws to see it this way!

And that's about it for me. I'm tired - need to sleep but can't because of my nerves - and am so anxious that I leave tomorrow that I'm beside myself. Today we were driving around Bahrain and I actually got sad. For as much as I think I don't like it here (on days), I really have fallen in love w/ Bahrain! Can you believe I'm saying this?!! The people are really good here... so many times, out of the blue, people will start talking to me about the baby. I get smiles from mothers and complete strangers, and just a general positive vibe from people who don't know me but love babies. It's a good feeling and it's nice to be experiencing it! And Naief loves the attention! And wouldn't you know it, but I can honestly say I'm gonna miss my FIL and MIL! Yes, pick yourself up off the floor, it's true! :)


bint battuta said...

have a safe and enjoyable trip...and make sure you blog about your adventures!

Puppy said...

Ohh i thought i will catch you before you leave to wish you a good flight.

Anyways, hope you will have a good flight, and a great welcome from your sis, mom and other relatives.

Take care and keep us updated :)


Christopher said...

Interesting that the med that they gave to you is that hard to find in Bahrain, it is generally given for nausea and isn't narcotic. I was scratching my head at the idea of that it not being found easily there.

I do so hope that you have a wonderful visit and that you had a safe flight and please post PLENTY of pictures and keep us all updated! xoxoxo Kissy

The Moody Minstrel said...

Happy trails, and safe flying!

Enjoy your holidays!

Thursday said...

Godspeed, have a fabulous time and catch up with you soon!

eshda3wa said...

hope both of u have a good safe flight!

Olivia said...

LOL well, you don't appreciate something until you no longer have it. That rule applies to both Bahrain (love-hate) and the US (not having been there in so long).

Well, sorry I am late, but I hope when you are there you will check in here and update us as you promised.

I also hope you had an uneventful and peaceful flight with Naief, and that you had a joyous reunion with your sister and that you enjoyed meeting your niece. AND I hope you got some tickle-rubs already!

OK, gonna stop piling on the hopes and just wait to hear...

gazza27 said...

Have a wonderful time,"wish i could be home for chirstmass" song comes into my mind lol.

MSB said...

sorry to be reading ur post so late.. i'm wondering if ur passport dilemma was the dual citizenship issue.. and if so, i could've helped answer a few questions for u. too late now!

u should be in the US by now.. hope u had a safe flight.. enjoy and have a blast! keep us updated!

Lulwa said...

Ihope you and Naief have a safe and pleasant trip! :)

Jahooni said...

you're here and I can't believe it and we haven't killed each other yet!

Just a Girl said...

I hope your visit is going well and the trip with Naief went smoothly. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

aww :) We've emailed back and forth already, so I know that you are doing well, but we miss you!!! So come back already!

Shall I entice you with some Chocolate trifle???? mmmmm.

I know i'm being selfish, so i'll stop.

Ok so really have a good time over there! Can't wait to hear more stories!

And thank you for thinking about tuta and I :) You are too sweet. I hope when you come, my mom will still be here so you can meet her!