Thursday, December 06, 2007

up, up and away

I sure hope it looks like this for me and Naief. Went to the dr. yesterday and got traveling meds, but wouldn't you know it, they expire in January (so that means no meds for our return flight), and no other pharmacy in Bahrain has that med.... figures. We haven't checked w/ every one yet... but I hope to check w/ many more tomorrow before giving up.

Why does this stuff always seem to happen? The medicine we got is phenegran (sp??), which I've never heard of giving a baby prior to this, but the dr. gave it to his kids when they traveled and it worked perfectly he said... altho, they were hyper two hours prior to the flight. After that, they were out for the entire trip.

I've heard stories about different meds, one woman gave her child some drops and the children were in something of a coma state for most of the trip, if not the entire trip. Now... I'm not sure I'd like that, but it would be nice if it made him nice and relaxed, and he was able to sleep.

I'm thrilled at leaving, and from the way Hashim was carrying on w/ the dr. while we were there, it's obvious he's in a different state of mind w/ the fact that he's going to have the house to himself for practically 2 mths!!! He's beside himself... but hey, I'm thrilled to be going to the States and to be spending Christmas w/ my family (altho there were a few days there that I went back and forth about going or not going) - even got into a spat or two w/ my mom and sis - but, in the end, I'm dying to go, can't wait for them to meet the baby, and we'll even go camping in Arizona while we're there... and man, it's been years since I've been camping.

Can't say my temperament has been the greatest over the last several days. I've actually been quite stressed... if it's not worrying about the paperwork for traveling w/ Naief, his passport issues, how he'll be on the flight, flying alone with a baby, jet lag, missing my husband, not fighting with my sister, what clothes to take, what shoes to take, buying gifts, finding the stockings my mom made for us.... then it's the stuff here at the house. The kitchen sink started leaking again - this time it was a mini fountain coming from the faucet, the bathroom overflowing, the water tank overflowing, worrying about Salumi letting the cats out while I'm gone, the cats not being fed properly, the birds not being fed, who'll watch the house when Hashim leaves.... you name it, I'm worrying about it. But hey.... aren't all of us Virgos worry warts? I know I am.

I just know I need a break from the life here and from my in-laws. I'm longing for the rain that pours down in California, the thunder, the lightening.... the cold weather, the clouds, the birds, the great stores, the people, the restaurants.... just life in the States. I miss it. I need the support of my family, the unconditional love (ok... not always, but hey, at least we try), and, really, just feeling like I belong. I do here w/ a lot of ppl, mainly friends, with many of them being Bahrainis, but I miss that feeling you get from your own family. Even though me and my sister have this love/hate relationship, we still have a bond like no other... and I miss being around her and being around my mom.

anyway... I'm nervous... anxious, excited, thrilled, and ready to go. I'll post before... and post while there... so stay tuned :)


Jahooni said...

OMG, I just saw this picture and for a brief second I thought you and Naief were already on the plane and this picture was YOU! I almost pissed my panties.

Let me finish reading... whew!

Jahooni said...

Yes everyone... we are already arguing and she isn't even here yet! LOLOLOL

Hey-we might wait to go to Chili's over the weekend because you might be sleeping for two days straight!

4 more days. OMG OMG OMG ;-)

Olivia said...

Oh, I can't wait till you go - I know just how you feel - the worrying, the anxiety, the nostalgia. Enjoy yourself - two months may seem a long time, but don't put off anything till later or the time will fly too fast and you don't want to return to Bahrain wishing you'd done this or that...

If you run out of meds, maybe you could find something in the US?

gazza27 said...

When our kids were babys,friends of ours used to give their kids phenergran at bed time to go asleep,it's a travel sickness medicine that has the side affect of making the kid drowsey,i ask our dr about it and he flipped his lid saying "it's very dangerous to dope a baby".....even though you could buy it over the counter....and.....the health visiter recomended it?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Have a wonderful holiday. There's no place like home! Don't worry, just relax. I've never given my kids sleeping medicines. Maybe because they were Pacific islander kids they slept easily anywhere. I sometimes went back to Australia when my kids were babies. One time I took the littlie and left two behind with Peceli. When I returned to Fiji one sister-in-law wouldn't give one of the kids back for two months! They just said I could make more!

Rock Chef said...

I also thought the photo was of you in flight!

Hope the flight and everything goes well for you both, and I am sure you will have a fantastic time when you arrive. It must be really hard living so far from everyone in a different culture too!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Um Naief, I just wanted to know that I'll be glaring at you balefully with a blazing green aura until you get back.

Traveling meds...I wish I'd thought of that when I took my daughter traveling when she was a baby. Going to the States was never a problem, but she never seemed to like the flights coming back to Japan and tended to fuss (scream?) a lot. I had other passengers get in my face about it once. Of course, now that my daughter is 11...

Um Naief said...

well, the reason i'm going w/ meds is that he is terribly fussy right now, doesn't want to sit in one place for more than 10 mins, if that long, and has little screaming fits when he doesn't get his way.

i tried the meds last night and it put him right to sleep. he wasn't completely out of it or anything because i was able to give him two bottles while he slept.

gazza, my SIL wants the name of the med so that she can use it to dope her child!!! i'd NEVER do that nor will i use it for anything other than to make it easier for both of us. i also got some meds from the dr. to calm myself down!!! :)

moody, some ppl have a lot of nerve, and i'm starting to think that the ppl who get in your face have no clue as to what it's like raising a child. i didn't know until having one, and when you have a child that is upset, doesn't want or like what's happening to them, scared, anxious and whatnot, they will scream and cry. there's not a lot a parent can do... i just hope that i don't get any rude ppl in this travel to home.

Nabeel said...

well hope you had a nice flight and what a warm and loving picture .. i was all awwwwwwwwww. The baby is sound asleep. Wish I could sleep that deep when traveling. said...

take me with you! i miss the states too :(

and i was wondering whose blog i stumbled by, the whole thing turned blue. are you blue?

SoulSearch said...

Hiya, why do you want to get away from your in-laws?
Hope you're enjoying California!