Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy holidays... tomorrow is the big day :)

Tomorrow is Christmas! Wow... it came fast! Weird, but when I'm in Bahrain, it seems to come and go w/out much hoopla and this year I'm really feeling it. Didn't think so at first, but there's just something about Christmas Eve and Santa coming that makes Christmas a little bit different.

Altho, I haven't had a visit from Santa in years, Naief will be visited tonight and I just can't wait to see what happens tomorrow morning when we all get up and he sees all his goodies under the tree. I doubt if he'll get overjoyed, since he was more estactic over the paper at the Christmas party we went to last night than his actual gifts... but I don't care... I'm just thrilled that he'll get to enjoy all the fun w/ his cousin, Katelyn.

Btw... he ADORES his cousin. Makes me wish I had a little 7 year old at home for him to play with, but maybe in the coming year we'll get around to making a little playmate for him! ;) He loves to pull her hair and try to attack her. He follows her around everywhere and gets so bashful in the mornings when she gets up. It's just too cute.

Last night while at the Christmas party, my sister's friend, R, had this walker that we let Naief play with... different than a walker in Bahrain in that this is the kind that you stand up with and push to walk, instead of sit in and ride around. To my utter amazement, he walked with it!!! I was overjoyed and tried to get it on tape for Hashim but it was too dark in her house and I only got a small amount of footage. But... R let me borrow it, so I have it here so that Naief can get used to it. He's already tried it this morning and loves it. My sister wanted to get him one of those, but I told her not to bother because I didn't think he could use it, but now I'm thinking we outta get one to take home w/ us... not that they don't have them there... so, I should probably just wait.

R has two little girls and a little boy. Her youngest is 6 mths and while holding her, Naief was also in my arms and just smiled and started touching her. It was so sweet. I was a bit afraid he might try to slap her or pull her hair, which is his latest big thing, but he didn't. He didn't even cry or get jealous... I was proud! ;) Matter of fact, he behaved so well last night. At first he was a little afraid for me to let him down, but probably after 10 mins. he wanted to get down and crawled around everywhere, even going outside.

Oh yeah... he NOW loves the grass! With a little urging from his cousin, he went out onto it yesterday and seemed to love it. We also took him down to the park and he got to swing all by himself for the first time, and played in the sand for the first time. He was very interested in the sand. Got some cute pics of him in it, so I'll try to post some later.

We're having a Christmas Eve party today with all of my BILs family and some of my sister's friends coming. We've been cleaning house all morning and I must say that my sister is one helluva cleaner... getting down on her hands and knees to scrub things... and I thought I was a clean fanatic! Then tomorrow we're going to dinner w/ my BILs family to a mexican joint... different than what I've had in the past, but sounds yummy to me!

Oh yeah... almost forgot. Last night at the party, I was holding Naief and there were some friends of R's there and her brother, well... one guy asked me Naief's name and I told him what it was then he started asking where it came from, what it means and whatnot, so I tell him that it's Muslim , then all of a sudden he says, "I'm a Jew". I didn't know what to say. I just stood there and he walked off. I wasn't sure if he was trying to be rude or just being funny. Later that night I realized he was only joking around and was a really nice person... but that really stunned me at first.

Ok... I hope you all are doing well... enjoying the holiday festivities and looking forward to Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone.... and

HO HO HO!!!!

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santa doesn't usually make it far past the atlantic, so we dont get him here in bahrain. but im sure you're feeling him there in the states! love the feeling :) merry christmas!