Saturday, September 06, 2008

pigging out

Tonight I ate too much... this is the thing I have the most difficulty with at Ramadan. And for someone who doesn't eat a lot, this isn't a good thing. I feel like a stuffed pig.

We went over to my MIL & FILs tonight and there was soooo much food. One of my SILs made 3 or 4 different dishes, and my MIL made everything under the sun, it seemed. It was all delicious... but man oh man, I'm not used to eating so much. My MIL made foul tonight..... I LOVE FOUL!!!!!!! It was soooo gooood and she makes the best, bar none! On top of that, I had a samboosa, 2 helpings of rocket salad, harees, some kind of yogurt w/ hard bread, 1/2 piece of Bahraini bread and a piece of some kind of sweet chicken.... and then I had two helpings of halwa (a very sweet treat that one usually has w/ arabic coffee, and pictured above), which is what made me sick, I think. That and 4 cups of Arabic coffee would make anyone sick... so one might wonder why I ate so much... well, me too. Probably because I went into it too hungry, and I love halwa. Haven't had the stuff in over a year... so I figured, "what the hell." ;) Now.. my tummy is paying me back. Thinking about it... it's not the sweet part of halwa that makes me sick... I think it's all the ghee they use when making it! Me and oily foods don't get along. It's just so yummy... I can't resist!

Now... I'm at home... sick. But, it's getting better. A little Alka-Seltzer and water should do the trick. My MIL always suggests drinking margadush... but it never helps. I can barely stand the taste of it, but she swears by it. ;)

Tonight Naief saw his oldest cousin, whom he hasn't seen since the beginning of the year... if that's right. His cousin's in the 7th grade now and has a lot of patience for the little ones. Naief followed him around like a puppy on a leash. Showing off, calling out to him, standing close to where he was sitting.... it was so sweet. He's liked T since he was a baby. Always wanting his attention. It's really sweet to watch him interact with those he adores. There's some type of sparkle in his eyes.

It's weird, coz tonight when his cousin came in... I realized how fast, once again, time flies. I remember when I first met him.... back in 2001. He was 6 and adorable. Now, lemme tell ya, ladies... he has the eyelashes that any woman would die for... long and lush. Beautiful eyes, actually. Handsome young man. He's a lot taller now, has lost a lot of weight... and seemed more self-confident. I teased after asking what grade he was in now and told him that tomorrow he'd be going to college and soon he'd be getting married. :) He laughed... but a little bit of me was serious... in that I can't get over how fast time goes by. It's a bit scary, actually. But... since I'm really trying hard not to look at the glass half full (and for anyone who knows me... knows how hard that is!!! ;) ) .... I'll just leave it at that.

I've started taking these little hormone pills at the advice of my dr. It's to regulate things... and boy is it regulating. I've been in the crabbiest of moods lately. So... hubby has 3 more glorious months until I'm back to my loving and tender ways! ;) lol

And btw... since I'm on the topic of crabbiness, dear Sister Jahooni... MAIL MY BIRTHDAY BOX!!!!! Do I have to wait for mom to get back to Cali before it's mailed???!!!! Or would you rather I come there and jerk a knot?!

Peace, out! (gosh, it feels good to have my spunkiness back.. maybe I should take these hormone pills all the time!! :) )


Olivia said...

You do sound different and more upbeat, but I must say I hadn't noticed how you were before, so I guess we were used to you!

But you naughty naughty Um Naief, stuffing yourself sick. Too much sugar and too much caffeine missy! *wags finger*
Nothing but a shock to your deprived system.

I know what foul is, since I saw Anthony Bourdain eat some at a breakfast stall in Cairo. Lots of beans, onion, other tasty stuff gets thrown in, and you scoop it up with lots of flat bread. Right?

P.S. Note the irony of comparing yourself to a stuffed pig on a muslim holy day ;)

Olivia said...

Oh, speaking of oily foods, roomie and I ordered chinese tonight, as tropical storm Hanna is lashing about outside. Not knowing what it was, I got the crispy duck, and well, it is the usual strips of duck with meat, fat and a crackling layer of skin, but THEN it's deep fried in batter. SOOOOOOO bad it's good. Or so good it's bad?

Roomie's mother had brought some tiny bottles of digestive tonic back from Austria. It's called Unterberger, and since roomie doesn't like bitter herbal flavors, after one sniff she gave the bottle to me. It's sort of like concentrated herbal schnapps. 44% alcohol, so I could feel it evaporating off my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and it burns more and longer than brandy going down. So that's why it's digestive, it simply dissolves all the bacteria and fat you ingested with whatever crap caused you to drink the stuff in the first place. I mean, 44% - I wipe down the things at the surgery with 50%!

Christopher said...

I'm glad you snacked on goodies! You deserve it.

I know you like dance music, and Cyndi Lauper's new song "Into The Nightlife" is cute. The video on youtube is priceless. She had all her gay fans meet her in a club and she filmed it makes me smile that no matter how big Madonna has gotten, sadly Cyndi was the one who was so much more talented.

Le sigh, I feel old.

L_Oman said...

Oh man - that coffee is like 10x strength, isn't it? I stay far, far away from it because I kid you not I don't sleep for two days from just a hit of the stuff!

To make you feel less guilty, I think we all stuff our faces sometimes during Ramadan! :)

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I've never had Arabic coffee, but I'm intrigued...

I agree with Olivia; it's ironic to hear about you stuffing yourself sick during a holy fasting season!

Oh, and I think most of us appreciate the hormone-driven you better, so don't change a thing!

Um Naief said...

olivia, well, i haven't been on the hormone pills for too long... just about 4 days... so i have another 2 1/2 mths to go :)

this stuff your roomie gave to you sounds very similar to margadoush, if that's the way it's spelled. same herbal stuff w/ strong flavor and it burns going down.

and yeah... i was trying to be smart by comparing myself to a stuffed pig, especially after the anon comments on the previous blog. it must be the hormones! ;)

kissyfur, yes, i agree... i think indulging oneself now and again is good... and i have a whole month of it!! :)

i haven't heard cyndi's new song. i'll take a listen. thanks :)!!

l_oman, i had just one cup of coffee tonight and can already feel my stomach. maybe it's the coffee that made me sick last night.. not sure. tonight, i stayed away from the sweets and stopped eating as soon as i felt full.

moody, i'd be happy to send you some arabic coffee if you'd like. i have a new package that i've never opened. it's very light... like green tea, but must be high in caffeine. and yes, it is ironic... i'll have to take a pic of the spread tomorrow night so you can see just how much food my in-laws serve. it's incredible!!

Um Naief said...

and olivia, yes, that's foul. my MIL is Egyptian, so what you saw Anthony eating was very close to how the makes it. she also adds whole eggs, which sorta come out in a poached manner. it's very tasty.

Olivia said...

Part of the good mood is probably the psychological relief, even if the hormones are not completely integrated in your system yet (takes a few weeks doesn't it?)

I think foul would keep me on the ground for a day and a half! Too bad I am not keen on beans.

I've got to comment on your coffee again. When I started drinking water regularly, as did everyone else back in the 90s (remember? what did we do before water?), the first time I drank coffee after that I found it disgusting. My stomach felt acidic and not too comfortable, and I just wanted to rinse out my digestive tract. I haven't touched it ten times since then, though there are the few times when I do enjoy it after dinner in company or so. Just a story by way of comparison for you...In your case it's probably too much for your stomach which has been empty. Empty stomachs tend to gnaw on themselves and there can be some acid damage.

Um Naief said...

olivia, i had 2 cups tonight (they are tiny cups, i might add) and it did the same thing. i think it's the coffee mixing w/ the acid. you know, i have cafe mochas every few wknds and they don't do this to me... so maybe it's a combination of everything. fattier foods which often make me sick, and then the sweets and coffee.

the foul is heavy. makes you very tired.... along w/ all the other carbs on ppl who've been fasting. btw.. i'm not fasting this year, but since i've started teaching in the mornings, i'm not fasting since all the teachers are Muslim, except me and a Filipina woman. and today i didn't eat after coming home. put naief to nap, rested and then started dinner. i didn't have any probs until this afternoon. started feeling sick and lightheaded, prob from low blood sugar.

i'm exhausted.

Um Naief said...

and yeah... i think that it's mainly psychological right now... but, i'll add this, they have affected my moods in that i go to anger or irritation quickly. but hopefully it'll straighten my body out over the next couple of months.