Sunday, September 28, 2008

farm fun, british humor, and pet monkeys

Friday was fun in that we took Naief to a farm day at Bizzi Beez. The place was packed when we got there w/ kids running around everywhere, tons of parents, tons of animals and hot, humid weather.

We took Naief over to where the animals were at first. He wouldn't move from my arms, so instead of forcing it upon him, I sat down on the grass w/ him to see if he might want to pet one of the many animals they had there. There were baby sheep, baby goats, a baby calf, a little, fat, furry puppy, ducks, baby chicks, Shetland ponies that all the kids seemed to love riding, some type of other goat w/ curled horns that didn't seem to be pleased to be there, and a monkey.

I hate ppl having monkeys for pets. I don't know if I've ranted about this in the past or not, but I turned-in an establishment for selling them over to a few outside organizations. The first time was a year or so ago, then again about 6 mths ago. I think it's a cruel business. Monkeys aren't meant to be pets, and this little one wasn't pleased to be there. Several times, as I watched this guy handle the little thing, it would try to get away by jumping up to his head, biting his arm or screaming out, then he'd hit it or scold it like it was a person. The poor little thing. Then, after a while, it'd give up and lay face down on the grass w/out moving. I asked the guy how he kept the monkey. He looked a bit shocked and didn't answer me, then I repeated it and asked, "in a small cage or big enclosure"... he said, "don't worry, he's kept in a good place". At first I believed him, but after seeing him hit the little thing and talk to it the way he did, I knew he was lying. I've also seen a place not far from where I live, called The Pet Farm or some such, and how they keep them. It's horrible. The two times I went there, the monkeys never had food, water and the enclosure was terribly small. They made no sounds... just sat and did nothing. It's really sad to see the life inside an animal killed by humans caging them!!!

I was a bit disturbed that Bizzi Beez brought a monkey for children to play w/, seeing that the guy told one child, "don't touch him or he will bite you". Oh fun... just what any parent would want... a monkey biting their child. Truly, I just don't get it. Monkeys aren't meant to be kept in small cages... they're wild animals and are meant to be free.... but since Bahrain doesn't have any laws to protect them, there's nothing that can be done. I, for one, am ready for that to change. If anyone wants to stand w/ me, please let me know.

All in all, it was a fun day. Naief, after about 20 or so mins., warmed up and started to play and run around. We went inside for a bit so he could show daddy where he and mommy play when we go, and then we headed back outside. Needless to say, he slept well that night. :)

Part of the afternoon fun was hosted by DJ Krazy Kevin. He was going around from room to room, talking to ppl and doing stuff for his tv show.... and while we were outside by the sand boxes, he came over and asked to interview me. I said no immediately, but he wouldn't let up and since Hashim refused, I reluctantly said, "ok". It only lasted for 2 or so mins., but I froze... got very serious and couldn't relax... for nothing! I felt like an idiot, needless to say. He told me after that you Americans don't have a sense of humor... hmmm... and here, all along, I thought it was the other way around.. that the Brits didn't have a sense of humor! ;) Obviously, I was mistaken... now I understand why I don't get British humor... I'm just not funny. :) Altho, I will say, I do love a few British comedians, but I have no idea who they are. One dresses up like a woman most times and the other is Conley or something... I can't remember. Hashim said that it's our shoot and ask questions later mentality. hmmmm.... maybe.

Oh yeah... while I was talking to him or after the interview, I asked if he was Scottish or British.. he quickly replied, "I'm English". hmmmm... did I mess up? Are you not supposed to ask a Brit if they're British??? Is that not proper or what?!! ;) Chief Rock Chef, I'm waiting for you to let me know. :)

anyway... that was our fun weekend. Hubby is taking holiday this week, I just made some high fiber banana bread (which I've never made before) and plan to make some Thai food for Iftar. I'm not making my own sauce... bought something while out today, so we'll see if it's any good. It's a red curry sauce w/ coconut milk... so I expect it to be a little spicy, but hopefully not too much so since Hashim doesn't do spicy. :)

Have a good week friends... just a few more days and Eid will be here. :))))) Needless to say, I'm excited. Oh yeah, bought Naief some cute clothes for Eid this year. It's the first time, and I had so much fun doing it. He's outgrown most of his shoes, so I got him two new pair this weekend, two pairs of jeans and his first little button down shirt!!

He's changing so much. He's learned how to fake burp, so anytime he takes a drink of something, he'll do his burping thing. It's truly the funniest thing! He got some new house slippers yesterday as well and loves them.... so much so that he slept in them... refusing to take them off!!



One Wink at a Time said...

What a busy time! Glad Naief warmed up to the animals.
I'm with you, it hurts me to watch animals be forced into domestication when they are obviously not made for it.
I wish I understood your holidays and their meanings better. I'm trying to learn more about other cultures and it doesn't take my brain long to get saturated!
So is it proper to wish you a Happy Iftar and a Happy Eid?
You seem to have a lot of holidays this time of year.
Mmmmm. Banana bread, yum! Did you put nuts in it?

Olivia said...

Oh, that broke my heart to read about the monkeys. Surely there is a right way of keeping monkeys, or else parrots should be free too.

As for British humor, it isn't what it once was. It has always been quite subversive and often shocking bur nowadays I've noticed it's often downright vulgar. It's possible the DJ was being particularly abrasive because he's abroad, AND speaking to an American, never a good combo.


I was trying to imagine Naief fake burping. Show us sometime...?

Gaz said...

I have always noticed a difference in humer between the usa and english,just a region thing i think,and as Olivia says english humer has become vulgar,as for "im english" i think he was being racist,eg,say if an african person was born in england,they would be a british citizen,not an english citizen....he was trying to point out he was a true englishman.....and an idiot.

Um Naief said...

gazza, aaahhh, so he was saying he was a true englishman. this guy, i thought, was being rude to me all around, but then he used the excuse that americans don't have a sense of humor... so it let him off the hook, he thought. and yeah, there is a difference w/ humor. i don't get most british humor. are you the same when it comes to american humor??

olivia, i was very upset to see the monkey. he seemed to have no spirit left in him... only had an attitude when presented w/ watermelon and then gobbled it down. it's sad really to think about it and to think about so many animals here in this country. ppl choose to look the other way, govt doesn't care.. so no one does, except very few and, even w/ that, it seems to not make a difference.

one wink, well, he never quite warmed up to the animals, but he did warm up to playing. :) he was a bit scared of all the animals, even the babies.

holidays are a bit different here. i don't understand them myself. Eid is the celebration after ramadan... and it basically is to celebrate the fact that you can eat again. maybe it's more than that and prob is, but i'm not up on what it means and neither is hubby.. for i asked him and he didn't really have an answer for me. i should probably research things myself and will probably have to once naief gets a bit older.