Monday, September 22, 2008

old movie reviews

Back when Hashim and I were living in Denton (sometime in 2002), I started writing my own little movie reviews to some of my favorite movies on a website we created... and since moving to Bahrain, having many computer changes and such, I thought these were lost in time and space... but, wow... outta the blue, Hashim found them for me!!! So... thought I'd post a couple of them just for fun....

The first is from a movie that I love called The Joy Luck Club and then I'll post the one from another movie called Kung Pow - Enter the Fist. They're totally different from each other. One if a drama/love story and the other is a comedy... is you enjoy that type of humor, then you'll call it a comedy. Some may call in nonsense. :) Anyway... remember... I wrote these things many moons ago, so if it's a bit campy... well... hopefully they're not. :)

First, let me say that I love this movie. I've seen it probably 15 times, no kidding... if not more. I watch it every time I see it on cable and plan to buy the DVD. I'm very fond of Asian/Far East stories/movie/literature and this movie is so very good. I really don't know where to begin, but I'll say that I think it's a girl movie/chick flick, so not everyone will enjoy it!

The movie starts out by introducing you to four different families, with the main focus being spent, in the beginning, on the mothers and grown daughters -- you're at a going-away party for one of the daughters and it's here that each woman starts to think about her life, her past, and about her daughter and the relationship she has with her daughter... the struggles that each have gone through while growing up and the struggles from the present day. One by one, each woman flashes back to her past and you are taken away on magnificent journeys of mind, body and spirit. It's truly beautiful.

Soon the focus changes and this is when you see it from the daughters point-of-view. They flash back to their childhoods, adolescence, and then adulthood and present day. You see them struggling with issues dealing with their mothers, families and with men, and then something happens -- just when you think there is no hope, all comes clear. As each daughter thinks about her life and loves, she starts to change from within and something magical happens. They begin to respect who they are, their needs, desires, ambitions, and life. Their attitudes change and soon their relationships with their mothers change -- but with this change comes much sadness as well as incredible happiness.

I loved how important the relationships were in this movie -- especially family ties and the strong bonds within the family unit. This is so important and has such an impact on each of us, and this movie shows that in such a terrific way. I cried a lot in this movie because it touched me in many different ways. It will forever be one of my all-time favorites and a MUST SEE for those of you that love a heart tug every now and then.

What a crazy movie! This movie is sorta like an "old" chinese martial arts movie - Bruce Lee style. It has some funny over-dubbed voices, just like in the old Chinese movies but this is better because they've included some great accents to compliment the characters including one country-fied sounding guy and many that sound spanish. The fact that they digitally inserted themselves into an old movie is too good and some of the scenes make you laugh for quite a while. Also... some good endorsements for Taco Bell, Hooters and Bowflex - you'll have to watch to see what I mean. :)

The main character is called Chosen One and has a special relationship with his tongue (it has eyes and a mouth of its own). There are some pretty funny fight scenes with cool special affects including the Chosen One and a milk cow - done Matrix style. The One-Boobed Chick is funny and it sounds like her voice is actually female (most are not), and the girl, Ling Ling (male voice), is too crazy with her cat noises and don't miss her quick skin flashes!!!! This movie is sorta along the lines of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" with flying and running in trees .... nothing should be taken too seriously though.

The one-liners are to die for -- so so funny. "For now on, I will go by the name of Betty"... "Jack the Ripper" ... "I got some yellow liquid for you and it's non-dairy" ... "That's a lot of nuts" ... "Betty" ... Just watch and you will not be disappointed. But let me tell you, it's a no brainer movie, but that's the gem of it. Also, if you can, try to catch the outtakes/bloopers at the end of the movie, they're very good! We've watched it about 4 times now, and we still can't get enough of it. So enjoy!!!

ok... so... I have a few more that I'll post later. Hope it doesn't bore you guys to tears!! :)


Coolred38 said...

Ha ha my sons watched Kung Pow about 20 after the other for about a week. By the end of it they had the darn thing memorized...its utter nonsense...but makes them laugh just hard the 10th time as the first.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Kung Pow looks like my kind of movie! I will have a look for it! Thanks for the pointer.