Saturday, September 13, 2008

the new City Centre

Wow, wow, wow!!!! What a place!

Checked out the new mall late this afternoon. There's only some hundred stores open right now, but ... even still, made me feel like I was walking in some other country. I'm so tickled w/ all the stores. One of my old favs is coming..... Saks Fifth Avenue! Not that I have the money to really shop there nowadays... but just to walk through... possibly see something adorable I might want and in my price range... well, the mere thought sends me floating in air! ;) Hashim and I were just talking about this store and he could hardly believe when he saw it today!!

And one of his favorite stores of all time - Virgin Records - is HERE!!!!!!!! Two stories, I might add! We made a stop there tonight. They have so many great movies!!! Can't wait for all the music to come!

I'm so excited that American stores are coming. We're even getting a Krispy Kreme!!! lordamighty.... what is this small island comin' to??!!!!

The new theatre looks incredible. Could only see the marble at the entrance and some areas where ppl will enter, and just from that, it might be a cause to return my butt to the movies! :)

I'm just thrilled. In a time that I'm really missing my family... my mom espcially... this brings a little piece of America to me... be it, all the stores aren't open yet, but just from knowing that there'll be so many new places to wonder through, if the mood hits me, makes me smile.

Did I mention that they're going to have the largest indoor water park for this part of the world? Or for the time being, at least. This should be interesting. Can't imagine going to the mall for a day of swimming... so I'm wondering what it'll be like.

mmmmm... we made a last stop being leaving at the ice cream place that does everything on cold marble, and mmmmm.... it was so yummy! I didn't get what I asked for since the guy behind the counter had his undies turned inside out by an Arab mother who was most upset at the fact that the girl behind the counter ignored her 6 kids when they wanted ice cream and let EVERYONE know about it... but it was still yummy. I feel like Winnie the Pooh !!!! mmmm, honey! :) I got dark choc ice cream w/ twix (i wanted that toffee candy - the name eludes me at the moment) and strawberries. it was good, but Hashim's was delicious! He got both dark choc ice cream and cream cake i.c. with strawberries at the candy I wanted :( He saved the last 3 bites for me though :)))) which made up for that yucky twix that I got and didn't complain about, I might add :)!!!! I felt sorry for the guy and for the mother. She reminded me of how my mother gets when she's mad. It always embarrasses me, but boy... she gets what she wants and so did this mother. All of a sudden everyone stepped away from the counter to let her children go first. She was havin' one hell of a momma rush and topped w/ not eating all day... wouldn't tangle w/ the mix... :)

Naief had fun too... running around and insisting of sitting whenever he saw fit. We ignored him which soon remedied the situation. I also told him that if he did it again, momma was gonna put him in the stroller. and ... it worked!! :) We took him to play today at Marina Mall (my thinking they were closed during the morning coz of Ramadan - but nope.. they close at 1)... and he loved it. It's been wks since he's been anywhere and he actually remembered and squealed when he saw where we were going. He play a tiny bit of air hockey, if you can believe it, w/ daddy, but likes to take the puck and put it in the hole so, obviously, daddy always wins. Can't wait til he figures out what's up w/ this game. I love air hockey, Hashim does too, so it'll be fun to play w/ him!! :)

Hashim loves playing Xbox and such, and the other day when Naief woke up from his nap, he took the controller (if that's what they're called) and moved the tank by himself... even got it thru the next checkpoint!! Hashim laughed w/ hysteria... it was sorta scary! ;) He was clapping and telling Naief go keep going... OMG... I can't imagine when he actually starts playing. :) It was really cute though.... if I have to say so myself. I was firing for him but he'd do this laser thing every so often. lol


One Wink at a Time said...

This sounds so exciting for you! I'm not a big shopper, per se, but I love hanging out at malls and seeing all there is to see and watching people. I could have a ball and not even spend a penny. Except, of course for the food...
Which, speaking of, you have me wracking my brain, trying to think of that toffee candy. Is it Skor?
Little kids playing computer games amaze me, it's almost like they're born with a talent for it.
A two-story Virgin Records store??? Sounds like heaven to me!

Um Naief said...

one wink, i agree.. i love to ppl watch! Especially w/ a child because to see them interact w/ adults and children, it's a lot of fun.

Virgin Records will be a favorite spot. I could spend hours browsing in there and probably will once the top level is opened up. :)

the candy was Heath. i remembered last night ... i love Heath Bar!!! you can't buy them here, so this is the only place to get it, and Butterfinger, as well.

ammaro said...

lol... i went on the first day, lotsa shops, lotsa walking, and no where to stop and eat! (besides the mutltitude of coffee shops which i detest).. but yeah, should be great with the official launch in december :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

I believe the toffee candy you're thinking of is Heath. Heath bar milk shakes (like McDonald's has sometimes) are great stuff!

But just WHAT do you have against Twix, anyway?

Naief is a born gamer. Oh, joy...

The Moody Minstrel said...

Aw, nuts (or was that Heath?)! I guess I should've read your comment before I posted mine!

(Now I look REALLY dumb!)
(Hey, who said that?)

Um Naief said...

moody, heath... YUM!!!!! yes, i love heath too... only wish mcd's did a heath shake here. no such luck. was happy when the dairy queen started doing butterfinger things... what are those frosty things called there??? or freeze things?!!! and yep... he's going to be a gamer, the joy of it! i don't mind, but my fear is that that'll be the ONLY thing he wants to do, and wont enjoy being outside, which is what i like to do. maybe i'll get lucky and he'll love both.

ammaro, yeah, they didn't have too many places open to eat. seems like that'll be the last thing to come. and yeah, TONS of coffee shops. weird that you'd find so many in competition w/ each other.. but have you noticed how many there are at seef now?!! every time you round a corner, there's a coffee shop. i do like the mall though, and yes, there's tons of walking. we were there for a good hour 1/2 and still didn't see all the halls and such between each main hallway. we just did the big loop on each floor, if that makes sense. glad to see you around!! :) hope you're well and your wife is the same... and hope you guys are having a good ramadan.

Hashim said...

Just for the record, Naief was playing Gears of War :)

One Wink at a Time said...

Heath! Thank you :-) Was going to drive me nuts... I think Skor is toffee too, but Heath was what I wanted to say.

Mmmmmm :-)