Saturday, July 01, 2006

10-4, this is Kitty Cop, Over.

This is a picture of Charlie (aka Puss, Kitty Cop, Mean Puss). She's a Norweigen Coon. I adopted her from a no-kill shelter in Dallas about eight years ago. She was a kitten then and I got her while doing some volunteer work there. She was a little rebel then and still pretty much is. I could tell right away that she was a little heathen, but I had to have her. What I liked most about her was her spunk. I let her out to play - trying to decide which kitty to adopt - and I can remember her chasing around this little boy cat. It was sooo cute so I had to get her. She had the longest tail I had ever seen on a cat. She'd curl it up like a little pig's tail... refusing to hold it like a 'normal' kitty. She still does this.

Puss is such a smart girl - really intelligent. She's top cat in our kitty household. None of the other cats mess w/ her except for Aimee, whose sorta like her sister (I adopted them together). Aimee has this way of chasing Puss that makes her mad so she'll cry like nothing else when Aimee's gettin' the best of her. But no one else messes w/ Puss. Yumi, our Arab kitty, loves to try to bully her, but she won't allow it. Puss hates Yumi Cat. Most of our cats do... but Puss does the most.

Whenever Puss is on the bed and Yumi tries to get up, 'Puss the Kitty Cop' comes out and will run towards Yumi and force her off the bed. It's funny to watch. She patrols the bed and NO kitty is allowed on the bed unless she decides so. She'll walk the parameter of the bed watching for any kitties wanting to jump up and if they try, she'll act like she's gonna tear them to pieces. but.... she doesn't. She gets tired after about 15 or 20 mins and then allows the other kitties on board. Puss also patrols the house and keeps the cats in line. She takes no crap from any of our other furbabies.

Puss is really good at finding things. When she finds a string that she likes - even if it's attached to my clothing - and I hide it, she'll find it. She watches where I put toys and especially these strings and the next thing I know, she has it... chewing little pieces out of it. She loves to play and will run after about anything. She loves for me to put my hand under the sheets so that she can hear the sound and try to attack whatever she thinks it is under the sheets. I love to play this game w/ her but she's really strong and usually gets ahold of me w/in a matter of seconds, draws blood and I wind up quitting. She's a sore loser tho and will usually wind up getting me one way or another.

When Puss was younger she had bad allergies and her mouth and paws would swell up. I had some testing done at the vet's office and they wound up giving her steroid shots, which I don't recommend. She started eating a lot, gained weight and still has the same problems - sometimes. Now, no matter how little she eats, she can't lose it - so she's a rather big furbaby... weighing in at a little over 15 pounds!

Puss has the sweetest cry of any kitty we have or have ever seen. She doesn't do the normal 'meoooow'.... her cry is more like a 'uuuuuhhhhhh' a whisper sort of tone. It's so cute. She only uses the regular meow when Aimee is trying to get her or when she's mad. When she's mad... watch out!

When I first met my husband, he hadn't been around cats really, and Puss didn't like him. He would try his best to win her over but it took a long time. I can remember when he first starting holding her and he'd start moving his face close to her real fast - back and forth - and one time she tried to get him. Matter of fact, she slapped him. I kept telling him that she was gonna get him but he wouldn't listen and she did. Not hard but just enough to scare him. She still does this sometimes to both of us... just to show who's the boss, I'm sure, cuz she is boss.

He was afraid of her for a while after that... but it taught him not to mess w/ her. She does me the same way when I aggravate her..... I always know when cuz she'll give this look that sorta says, "I'm gonna get ya" and then she'll smack me. She gives me little love bites too. In the mornings when she's ready for me to get up, she'll come up to my face and give me little bites on my cheeks, chin or nose... whatever is out in the open. I'm the only one that she bites - I don't know why - but it's never hard. All I have to say is "owww, Puss, that hurts" and she'll stop.

She never gives lovie bites to the hubby.... except for maybe once.... and she never bites him, no matter how much he makes her mad. In this picture you'll notice that she's on her back.. this is her fav position. Me and my husband both love to give tons of kisses to her stomach and she just lays there and lets us. If he's doing it, I'll tell her how sweet she is and she'll do the little paw massage in the air ... she's sooo sweet! Her belly is soooo soft and the fur is like velvet. I love to give her kisses there.

Puss LOVES cartoons and watching TV. We have a video especially made for animals that she adores. It's full of squirrels and birds coming down to the ground to get bird seed and nuts, and she'll jump up towards the TV when watching it.... sitting for half an hour giving her full attention to the television. And she loves to go outside and loves watching birds.

She sleeps w/ us every night usually and doesn't get up until morning - unlike some of our others that get up at 3:30 or 4 insisting to go outside our bedroom. She is so spoiled to me and will bite me, slightly, if I don't give her my undivided attention whenever she wants it... which is all the time. Puss is very shy though. She's all bark.... even tho the smaller furbabies in the house wouldn't know it. She hates to have her claws cut and will stare me down when I'm doing it... When she starts staring, I can't look at her in the face cuz if I do, she'll get me w/ the other paw - a smack in the face - which scares me.... she totally controls me (I admit it)... so usually the hubby has to hold her down while I cut the claws as fast as possible cuz she gets really irritated after about the 3rd claw. Some days she's fine w/ it... it just depends on her mood.

Puss snores something terrible... I usually wake her up several times during the night so I can sleep... she also has little kittymares... and will wake up after kinda screaming in her sleep... it's just so cute and I always ask her if she had a kittymare and she'll tell me all about it... and then runs to me. I love her something awful! :)

Anyway... this is our sweet girl Charlie... better known to all that know her as Puss.


mae mae said...

she's beautiful, and what you've written about her reminds me of my own kitty cat--milo. i guess i'll have to do a blog on her someday soon. lol.

Olivia said...

Awww I love the way you say she tells you about the kitty-mares and then runs to you!

She resembles more the original wild cat, which is probably why she's smarter and higher up in the hierarchy at home. The other cats have it all bred out of them...?

One of my rabbits Lulu was really smart. She used to watch everything too. To stop her tipping over her food bowl in a tantrum (if she'd eaten all the seeds and fruit from her pellet mix), my dad drilled little holes and held the bowl to the wire on her cage with a twist tie. She would stand there watching him, when usual bunnies ignore, and then before the day is out the wire was always undone and the bowl upside down.

'Course he won in the end by using hanger wire that could only be undone with pliers!

We also had a society finch Lena that watched too. Zebra finches flutter about in a panic when you put your hand in the cage to do anything, but society finches are smarter, and Lena would sit on her perch and watch me.

I love it when smart animals "watch"....

Ms Bees Knees said...

awwww! i love how sweetly you talk about your furbabies!!! my cat happy is my BABY... she sleeps with her head on my pillow and is convinced she's a human. lol. miss you hon!!!

Alfanan said...

Puss is such a ham. You would think she has this deep, strong kitty cat cry, but she doesn't :) She sounds as if someone's pinching her, as if she's going to die :)

She takes joking VERY seriously... especially from me. She can let me pet her, or play with her just for a little while. She then gets aggrevated, and makes sure to let me know that enough is enough :)

She's my fav cat.... love her to death ;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

She's so adorable! I am a sucker for cats.

tooners said...

SBG!! Hi!! I'm a sucker for kitties too! All the strays in our neighborhood know it and use me. ;)