Saturday, July 29, 2006

horray for facials!

I love facials. There is a place in Dallas that I used to go to for spa treatments and they had the absolute best facials... the Crescent Spa Club. The girls working there were always so professional and you always got the best service. Before having spa treatments, you always slipped into a comfy white cotton robe, slippers and sipped on the best beverages while waiting for your particular treatment. The waiting room always had a relaxing atmosphere with soft music, candles, plush sofas... everything to take away the cares of the day. The treatment rooms were always dimly lit w/ soft music playing in the background, smelled nice and all the equipment was the latest and greatest. Prior to having your facial, they'd always rub your hands down with heavy lotions and then slip them into warm mitts to condition them during the hour-long process. The rooms were always quite chilly but they'd cover you with heavy, warm blankets which made for a perfect, comfy experience - at least for me.

Since being in Bahrain, I've tried several different places and I must admit that it's been difficult to find a place that I really like... although, I will say that I've now gone twice to the Pineapple Spa and have had two different types of facials from Mary, and I've been pretty impressed with the spa, her skills and the ambiance of the entire place. She has 14 years of experience and I think it shows... even though - sometimes - she rushes through things, which makes me a bit nervous. The facials are great though. I had the deep cleansing facial last week and the rejuvinating facial on Thursday morning - both were fabulous. They use all natural products and ummmm... do they smell good! So good that I think I could eat them. :)

The treatment rooms have a very professional layout. They also dim the lights and have nice music playing in the background which is very soothing and it relaxes you immediately. Altho, the rooms aren't as quiet as I'd like - they're all open at the top so you can hear everything that's going on - if ppl are walking around outside and such - which I don't like. Because - and I hate to say it but it's the truth - many ppl here don't have respect for clients and such procedures and will talk and laugh loudly when they're in the vicinity of such rooms which can be disturbing and I don't like it. Especially if you're having a massage - I always like peaceful and quiet places when having a massage - because who wants to hear ppl talking and laughing when you're trying to relax!

Anyway... the rooms smell very nice - lots of potpourri and scented oils and candles. They have showers in the rooms - one room even has a large tub - and it's all very relaxing but professional. I even had a leg wax the other day and she's much better than I've had in the past - which was a welcomed change. They also cover you in warm towels - the rooms are quite cool, which I really enjoyed.

I've also wanted to try the Ritz Carlton because they have some really nice sounding facials but to be honest, I CAN NOT imagine paying the price they want for facials. What if they're no better than this place and I've paid three times the amount.... just can't see it. Why is it that these places make it impossible for the average joe to enjoy their services. Just doesn't seem right to me. But I guess when you're extremely wealthy, you don't want to be having a manicure or facial w/ the average joe's of Bahrain! Seriously though... it sure would be nice to find a place that only did spa treatments w/ dark rooms down in the basement that were so quiet you could hear a pin drop! Now.. that's relaxation!!


Puppy said...

I LOVE FACIALS and spa centers. Here in Baku i dont think we have Spa salons, may be in hotel HYATT or somewhere we have it. But i used to go to facial when i lived in Moscow and during my business trip in Almaty,Kazakhstan. I also used to buy some mixtures and doing masks at home, which is not the same effect, but still made me feel better.

You know what i dont like in Expensive Spa salons, that they look at you and judge by ur appearance. 2wice i went to expensive salon, simply in jeans, t-shirt, and bag behind on my shoulders,. with no make up and etc. They looked at me like i dont I came to the wrong address :((((

At work I am always in suits or business style, and on weekends I like to wear some stupid shirts, jeans no make up, no hills, no nothing. My mom always fights with me because of that.

And having these looks didn’t make me enjoy fully the facial. Yes sure it says that they are not professionals for giving such looks. But when they are professional in all means, I really ENJOY IT.

Hurray Facials!!!


tooners said...

Puppy, I'm like you... I'm a jeans, t-shirt and flip flops girl on the weekends and at night. I love to be super casual. I've gone into places like this before and it's the worst feeling. They make you feel 'less than' for not dressing up, doing your make-up and hair when all they'r gonna do is take it off for the facial and such. I've been to hair salons like this and didn't go back. The most important thing to me is to be comfortable. If I feel uneasy, I won't go back there. You'd think these places would learn or teach their employees because, after all, we are the paying clients!

At work I'm always in suits and such as well. And oddly enough, my mom says the same kind of stuff to me... altho, she has gotten better as I've gotten older. I guess she's given up! ;)

May said...

Over here in Cairo, Egypt I can't even FIND a beauty salon that does facials!!!

MOst of them here are just good at hair styling... i've been looking around for a month now, and since I have NO experience I can't even do them at home.

I'm still looking though, hoping to find the place where I'd relax and let loose.

mae mae said...

i've never had a facial, but i'm sure i would enjoy one. they sound soooo relaxing.

tooners said...

may, don't know about any places in egypt. when i was in cairo visiting, didn't see a lot of places like that, but i'm sure they have them.

mae mae, facials are really nice if they're done by the right ppl.

Olivia said...

You know I've had a massage, but I've never had a facial.

Haven't had a manicure or pedicure since I left the States, so when I get a job I told my Mum that those two things and quick massages were going to become a monthly habit for me.

I know what you mean about people being inconsiderate about other clients. I have been in nice shops where lots of Arab women go, and whether they're in a group or on the phone - never mind that they're in public, and especially in England - they get so SHOUTY!

The other day I was in a changing room cubicle next to a woman who got a phone call and her voice, and her strong guttural Arabic mixed with heavily accented English just "did my head in" as they say here - and I ended up walking out of the room knowing more about her life than I wanted to.

tooners said...

olivia, YES.. exactly. when i'm trying to relax, this is the last thing i want to hear!

you must have a nice facial. they're soooo wonderful!