Friday, July 28, 2006

Cedrik, our Persian furrbaby :)

This is lil Cedrik. In this pic, taken about 2 yrs ago - when we lived w/ my in-laws - it shows him after having most of his fur cut away... because he's actually quite massive when he has all of his fur (if you'd like to see a pic go to my flickr acct and there's one of him there).

He hates to have his picture made and refuses to look at the camera most times... he's very stubborn that way. His full name is Ludwig Von Cedrik and he's a full blooded persian kitty. We got him in the States about 4 yrs ago when he was just 7 wks old. I'll never forget the day we saw him at the pet store. He was so shy and timid and wouldn't play. He didn't have any life it seemed. When we took into a room to play w/ him, it took about 15 mins for him to come to life - figuratively speaking. He was so unhappy there and was the only persian kitty. He made no sounds.... and seemed really depressed. I had never had a persian - a friend of mine had four of them and they all were so highly emotional, independent and intelligent - and as we soon found out, Cedrik was very similar.

Cedrik is a sweet kitty and can be quite vocal when wanting kitty treats and will even go so far as to open the cupboard door to get what he wants. He loves to roll over on his back and look at me and then cry in his baby cry to get what he wants. He's soooooo spoiled and usually always gets what he wants.. so he knows how to work it!! My husband tells me not to spoil him... but look at him... how do you not!??

He's extremely independent... doesn't really like to be held or kissed and such. He's a boy's boy and only wants babied when he wants it, and only then. He loves to sleep in our bedroom at night and when he's ready for me to get up, he'll come up to my head and w/ his paw will take his claws and grab ahold of either my pillow, the covers or my sleepwear and pull it towards him.... he'll continue to do this until I look at him. He usually wants to be rubbed and talked to, and if he doesn't get what he wants and I make him get down, he'll go and get on one of the tables or dresser and knock something off to get my attention. He's a real brat when he wants to be. And believe me, he knows what he's doing and all I have to do is say his name and he scurries away! But... if I haven't gotten up or called for him to come, he'll be up on something else within no time and doing the same thing again. Really, he's too clever for his own good!

Cedrik loves to play w/ the other kitties and will chase after them... running sideways and puffing up his fur and tail... it's so cute and he really thinks he's tough. He's really a little coward and we think he's gay! ;) He's never had any interest in the girls, altho he does run and play w/ Porsche - she adores him - so... I guess he does have a fondness for her... but he was fixed when he was quite small, so maybe that's why.

He loves to go outside when it's cool, loves to watch the birds and eat grass. He never tries to runaway or get out of the yard... he's a very good little kitty.

Cedrik hates to go to the vet, have his claws cut, have his fur cut and such. He does this thing where it sounds like he's hyperventilating and having little kitty heart attacks when he doesn't get what he wants. He'll squirm and try to get away and when all else fails, he gets really mad and will cry in his meannest cry... to let you know he means business! Me and the hubby laugh usually which only pisses him off more and then... he'll use his claws. Today he did just that. We were shaving his fur - cause we had a scare w/ him day before yesterday because of the heat - and he can't stand it. He refuses to lay still, will squirm and try to get away, cry out, breathe heavy... and then when all else fails, he digs his claws into me to get away. Just a while ago, he dug them into one of my toes in order to get what he wanted. So.. needless to say, I screamed and let the little brat go. See... he got what he wanted!

He's fine w/ his fur looking all punk! If it stayed 3 or 4 different layers, he's be fine w/ it. It is cute that way.... but w/ this weather, he has to have it all shaved away, which is the hardest thing to do w/ this little boy. In the past, we've had to cut his fur w/ shears, but last night we found a shaver and have been using it today to cut away the knotts and tangles and to give him a good shaving. But he's having no part of it! He'll lay still for maybe 5 minutes... maybe, but then he usually gets fed up and wants to end it.... but we both hold him down and try to cut away as much fur as possible until he has his final fit. Which, like I said, he did... so we'll have to cut more later today.

Day before yesterday - in the morning - I went downstairs to find him laying by the water bowl w/ his mouth open, breathing heavy, panting and making horrible sounds. It terrified me. When I called out to him, he just cried more. He got up and then plopped himself down again and cried some more. I knew something was wrong - which was probably the heat. I turned on the kitchen a/c and took him in there, but nothing seemed to help. When my husband came downstairs, we scooped him up and put him in the sink to give him a real soaking. It was his first bath and I was pretty surprised at how well he handled it. He didn't cry at all but tried to get out a few times. He let me soak him good and proper and then we put him down on the floor so that I could towel him off a bit... and after that he walked off and plopped himself down out in the hall... panted some more but seemed to feel better.

This heat is bad for animals. It's especially bad for him because he has so much fur. I can't imagine how tough it is for the cats that live on the streets.

We also call Cedrik 'cream cake' and 'lil boy'.... he loves all affection shown to him but can't stand other kitties to get his attention. If he's on the bed and another kitty jumps up, he usually jumps down. He wants all the attention when he's ready for it and nothing less will do!

hmmm... Cedrik is such a sweet kitty cat and I can't imagine life w/out him. I'm so glad we got him years ago.... he's brought such a joy to our kitty household!


TechZ said...

He looks like the cat they used in that movie Cats & Dogs...bit of a meanie look :P

Can't imagine what its like being "fixed", poor guy :|

tooners said...

techz, he DOES look like that cat... i thought so too! you should see him w/ all of his hair.. too cute. but he does have attitude - he has since he was a little guy.

yeah, my hubby has the same issues w/ being fixed... but all of our cats are. there are just too many cats out there to allow others to come into the world.

Alfanan said...

Poor little thing…. His dynasty is pretty much over.

You know tooners, we have his little family tree some place at home. We should find it, scan it, and post it. It’ll be interesting to let everyone see it ☺

Olivia said...

See! When I saw the expression on his face I *knew* he was a kitty with an attitude!

But, whew, when you got to the bit where he couldn't get up I thought you were going to tell us something awful happened!

tooners said...

olivia, i thought something bad was about to happen to him too! we were leaving the house when this happened, and i'm telling ya, i worried the entire time we were gone. we've cut his fur now and he hasn't done that since. poor little guy!

The Moody Minstrel said...

That is one serious lump of fuzz! ;-)