Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Am I seeing things or was that Fonda??

Not much to write about... but thought I'd make a quick entry. Have had a horrid headache for the last few days, thankfully it's gone today. I took off of work yesterday because of it and rested a lot... and late in the afternoon, I guess around 3:00 pm or so, I saw some green object over in the tree across the street, so I got up and went to the window.... AND GUESS what/who I think I saw??!!!!

Fonda! I don't know if it was her, but it looked just like her. She was climbing around in my FIL's tree across the street.... just having a great time, it seemed like. She was eating the leaves or thoroughly enjoying something on that tree. I opened the window, snapped a few quick photos (I'll post them here in a little while - when I get home - but they're not real clear or close up), heard her snapping a few tree branches... and then I decided to call her name. After I said "Fonda", the bird, if it was her, looked over in my direction and held the gaze for a few seconds... I called again. She stopped what she was doing and looked in my direction another time and then continued to break branches and climb around in the tree. She was so cute and so free. I wanted to let Henry go when I saw this... all I kept thinking was how much happier he'd be to be out there w/ Fonda or that bird, climbing around in the trees... free.

I wish my husband had been home so he could have seen her... She stayed in that tree for probably a good 10 minutes.... and then when she flew off, she squawked loudly as if to say hello to Henry. Well, Henry heard her. He started squawking back... and I found myself wondering if he thought about her.... or if he knew something I didn't know. Was it Fonda? Was she saying hello to him? I guess in a perfect world, that could easily be the case... but in all actuality, I don't even know if it was Fonda.

I know the other green birds that I've seen over in that tree aren't as big as Henry and Fonda.... they're the smaller parakeets like the ones we have (Oprah & Stedman). But this one is bigger, like Henry. I hope it was Fonda. I hope she survived getting out of our house... however that happened.

Now, I only wish I could set Henry free... to fly free... to live free of cages.


Lisa said...

I didn't realize Fonda was a bird, so when I read you saw something green and it was climbing out of your FIL's tree and thought it was Fonda... I was thinking of Jane Fonda.... I was confused, imagining Jane Fonda painted green, climbing out of a tree... it made me somewhat happy... but now I get it!! Haha!

Leilouta said...

I am glad your headache is over. I never have those, but I had a toothache at the end of last week, and then about an hour ago I started feeling something weird behind my right eye...I am worried. I should make a dentist appointment now, but I am too lazy. I hate dentists.

I was thinking of Jane Fonda too LOL...

mae mae said...

i was also imagining jane fonda for a brief moment while reading your post. lol. maybe she'll come home to you.

Greg said...

I didn'g get to read the first part of this story but I'm just guessing Fonda was your first parrot that somehow escaped. I feel bad for you, you having had such a beautiful relationship with Fonda and her having deserted you...but I guess like you said, she's free now. I wonder: are parrots able to survive in Bahrain's climate? Are there a lot of lizards in Bahrain. I'm asking about the lizards because when we were fleeing the USSR in '89 I had 9 lizards living in a big box while in Italy...lovely place.

Anyhow, I enjoyed reading your post and will be back!

Munther said...

Hehe I would have to agree with the rest ! I got a bit confused about a green thing in the FIL called fonda ! Back to the subject, I know its very selfish but I wouldn't want my peanuts to escape ! :( it will be very hard for me to coupe with ! I got quite attached to the lil green bird ! BTW does henry talk ? :)

TechZ said...

I thought it was Jane Fonda too :D

Glad your headache is over, they suck :P

Rain said...


I think u should set Henry free , i love animals , but birds are created to be free .

tooners said...

hey guys... you know, we named Henry and Fonda after Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda's dad. Why, hmmmm, I'm not sure. It came to us one day and it stuck. We were gonna name them him and her, and did call them that for a while, but decided later on Henry & Fonda.

Munther, yes, Henry talks. He's quite the bugger... he's very stubborn and only talks when he wants to talk. But he mimics the other birds perfectly - their calls - and will say things that I've said when I least expect it.

rain, yes, i do agree that birds should be free. i've never had birds before and i'm not one for caging animals. It's not like I imagined it to be... they don't like being caged! I'd love to set Henry free but my worry about whether or not he'd survive gets the best of me!

greg, yes, there are tons of lizards here in Bahrain... but we don't get a lot in the house because of our cats. One day, Yumi caught one but she didn't hurt it and when she let it out of her mouth, it ran away. I thought she would go sick w/ worry and wanting it. That's the last one that's been in the house for a while. He prob told all his friends about the cats that lurk inside! ;) And believe it or not, there are many places here in Bahrain that have these small green parakeets around in the trees and they do quite well from what I understand.

AND thanks everyone.. the headache is gone and I haven't had another since then. I hate headaches!

leilouta, I HATE the dentist too. The dentists in Bahrain.. well, they're not good. I've been to five already and can't seem to find one that doesn't cause me unnecessary pain! Not like the dentists in the states... but I've never liked them. You should go to the dentist.. you might be getting an infection or such and you don't want to let that go!

Olivia said...

We had a couple of blue parakeets once called Peter and Paul. Whenever I put their cage out in the garden for an airing, I used to quote the old rhyme, "Fly away Peter, fly away Paul; Come back Peter, come back Paul."

Ironically, one day Peter did fly away; Paul missed him, and one day he flew away too. Neither ever returned, of course. It was always a mystery how those doors opened, though...

tooners said...

olivia, i love the names peter and paul! makes me think of peter, paul and mary!

you know, birds are smart little things. my sister's birds have figured out how to open their cage door - well, she has a new cage now, but while i was visiting her, i went outside one morning and the birds were out of their cages. after we finally got them back in, i went to feed them that afternoon, and they started lifting the door where you slide the food in... that's how they got out. very smart!

i've also watched Animal Planet and they've shown shows where the birds will open and slip out of the cage doors. i never knew they were so smart.