Saturday, July 22, 2006

the weekend

Well, haven't been posting lately... it's been probably 4 days or so. Haven't had a lot to talk about really.. the whole situation in Beirut has me sad and I just don't seem to have the energy to post. I guess I'm suffering from laziness and moodiness of the mind....

Yesterday me and the hubby decided to make a quick trip to the mall to pick up his watch from repair - this was at about 4 pm - and as we were rounding the first corner to leave the neighborhood, we saw those big trucks that carry the riot police down the block, and as we got closer to the end of our street, we saw two armed policemen - riot police w/ BIG guns and such - standing and checking ppl as they drove thru. The whole next street was filled w/ riot police in both directions - as far as you could see. At the corner, there were probably another 30 riot police armed w/ shields, battons, guns and such all standing ready for a fight. They had all the streets blocked and weren't allowing any cars into the area. I had my camera... but because of what happened once when we went by the American Embassy when I pulled out my camera... I decided against trying to snap a picture!

We were able to leave, but I seriously feared what would be waiting upon our return - altho my husband said not to worry. We stayed at the mall for probably an hour and on our drive back, most all the roads leading to our neighborhood were blocked. As usual, no one was allowed to enter. We've encountered this before but never in our own neighborhood - which is relatively quiet and usually very safe. I mean, we've had the occasional break-in here and there, trash bins being spray-painted w/ cuss words and naked ladies, metal doors being stolen - but overall, it's a good neighborhood!

After taking the necessary back roads, we were finally able to get on the main road out by Nasser Pharmacy and as we neared our turnoff, we pulled up to the cop and he decided to be nice and allow us access into our neighborhood. This was after my husband showed his identification and after sitting for a few minutes and talking to him.

The riot police were gone - the ones w/ the guns and shields, but the trucks remained and the guys dressed in the grey, black and white camaflouge outfits were still there. I have no idea how long they stayed but everyone in the neighborhood seemed to be out watering their lawns along the road.

We never heard anything but at about midnight my husband looked outside and all the streetlights were out. Don't know if it had anything to do w/ it, but it makes ya wonder.

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We downloaded and watched The Breakup last night. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. I really like Jennifer Aniston and since she seems to be coming into her own w/ acting and such, I thought it would be a good movie... plus, the reviews have been really good. So needless to say, I was quite thrilled when my husband surprised me w/ the download!! I was one happy lil camper!

For a download, the quality was great. We watched it on the puter while eating on the bed.... quite romantic I must admit! ;)

The movie was good. I won't give any spoilers (ok, maybe just a couple) cuz there's prob a lot of ppl who haven't seen it yet... but I'll say this... I did find it to be sad and very touching. It felt very real - unlike a lot of other movies similar to this, and it touched on some very 'every day' topics that could lead to some extreme emotions.

*********Little spoiler - One topic/situation that I thought was great was how they had Vince Vaughn's character playing video games and not really being attentive to her - especially w/ the dishes. No one likes to do dishes... but the whole point was to do them together... to help out... to be there... to be a 'part of'. His attitude towards it, his comments and her reactions were so real. I could actually feel for both characters... I felt sorry for them. Sorry that they couldn't communicate what they both so desperately wanted. **************


I liked everything about the movie. It didn't disappoint me whatsoever... and, unlike most movies, I didn't figure out the ending - which is even sweeter! Altho, I did long for it to be different.

There are so many rumors surrounding Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. I read Ted Casablanca's site most days and he swears that their union is for publicity and publicity ONLY. I looked for chemistry between the two during the movie and they had ok chemistry but I'm not sure that it's enough for marriage. There are many out there who swear they're about to get engaged, have them looking for homes together, and all that jazz... but whose to say.

I know the movie is good and they both are good actors and did a great job. The other characters are good... the girl who plays Jennifer's good friend is the same girl that was in that movie Chasing Amy - which I loved. This is the first time I've seen her acting in a while... and she was really good as well.

It's hard to imagine that Jennifer did this movie during her break-up w/ Brad Pitt. My pissy comments on the matter is that she's better off w/out him. I can't stand him personally and he and Angelina deserve each other! She's a man eater anyway... so it's only a matter of time!


The Moody Minstrel said...

I guess I'm suffering from laziness and moodiness of the mind....

Or was that moodiness in your comment threads? ;-)

Wow...what a scare! Any word on what it was all about?

BTW, I obviously missed something. What happened when you took your camera out near the U.S. embassy?

Puppy said...

Thanks for giving me idea on my boring weekend. I think I will go out and buy the movie. Here u can buy dvd with good quality for 5$ :)

Btw I was fan of Angelina Jolie 5 years ago or so. I liked her acting and her eyes. But I started to dislike her for breaking a family of Jen and Brad.

tooners said...

Minstrel, hmmmm... moodiness in my comment threads, moodiness in my blog... moodiness everywhere! ;))

they were protesting the war in Lebanon and i'm assuming America's backing of Israel because most of the protests and such were by the American Embassy which is about 1/2 mile or so from us.

i'll have to check my post... because maybe i said it wrong, but what happened actually occured by the U.S. Naval Base. we were out sightseeing one day and decided to drive by there, i pulled out my camera to take a picture and they pulled their guns on me, started yelling for me to put down the object and such. it literally terrified me. i guess anyone could have a bomb or such, but i thought it was pretty extreme for a picture/camera.

puppy, from what i hear, brad and jennifer were broken up way before angelina came into the picture... but still. just the mere fact that she had an affair and got preggers by a married man sorta puts a bad taste in my mouth. i've never really liked her... altho i did really enjoy her acting in Gigli and that one movie she did w/ Winona Ryder... can't remember the name of it.

tooners said...

puppy, oh yeah, that movie title is Girl, Interrupted. if you haven't seen it, it's good... deep though.

Puppy said...


Girl, Interrpted. one of my favorites. I have it. I have seen it few times :) AJ won her only oscar for that role.
Seen "The break up" yesterday didnt like it that much:) Too much fights on nothing, expected something different. wasn’t in the mood for that movie I guess. I met the friend before seeing the movie, whose b/f was asking about my break up. Since the guy i dated was a person he knows.

But I liked Aniston, I was a big fan of her in FRIENDS, and knowing that she was shooting this movie when she was actually breaking up with Pitt, made me respect her and her acting more.

I made a good deal 3 DVDs for 12$. Quite good quality, but discs are pirate ones. I don’t really care to be honest.

tooners said...

puppy, we get the pirated DVDs here as well. they are a dinar a piece, which isn't bad. altho, we have to be careful when buying these cuz sometimes they're the kind that have been short w/ a hand-held camcorder... and i don't care for the quality of those.

the other movie i mentioned for angelina wasn't Gigli... i can't remember the name... but it was about this supermodel that gets hooked on heroin. very good and she's quite fabulous in the role. very believable. very deep and dark though.

i didn't realize you had recently gone thru a break-up... and i agree... there was a lot of arguing in the film, that's why i thought it had a very real quality to it. i haven't seen many movies as of late that take such a serious approach to relationships.... and look at the volatile side that plague many. sorry you didn't enjoy it!

Puppy said...


The movie about supermodel is named GIA, one of my favorites, its also written in my profile.

After that movie GIA, i became AJ FAN, i mean she played really really good in that movie. I have that movie on VHS and yesterday along with the "Break up" DVD, I suddenly saw GIA on DVD so I bought it and 3rd one also starring angelina jolie "True Women". I never seen it before, its about war between Americans and Indians, north and south..I liked the movie, it’s a story of 2 girls, 2 families, their life during that hard period. Quite touching.

As for "Break up" movie, its OK movie :)) Thanks anyways.



Olivia said...

Really, that situation in your town, let alone your neighbourhood, would put anyone in a pissy mood. Is the mood lifting today?

Speaking of moods, that movie might put me in one, as most relationship movies do. Since dipping my toe in the dating waters, (yes this late in life), and not succeeding, and getting dumped last autumn, I've got a bit cynical. But I'm fed up and am ready to date again!