Tuesday, September 19, 2006

aaahhhh, concerts!

My mind has been filled w/ music today. My fav song of late is Sexyback w/ Justin Timberlake. I never wanted to like this song... cuz I don't care for the guy.. but, I really am really crazy for it! I hum it all the time. I'm also really liking James Blunt as of late. I saw him on Oprah... and he seems so, uhhhh, I don't know.. so soulful. Not in his singing, altho I really like his voice, but, I mean, in his heart. Who knows tho, maybe he's not. I do like his music though.

Well, this got me to thinking about concerts and all the concerts I've been to, so I thought it would be fun to share all of them w/ you and then see which on my list you've seen and to add your own.

So.. here goes.. now.. I may not remember all of them, but I hope. Oh yeah.. I WILL for sure take a pic, when I get home, of all of my old concert tickets, cuz I've saved all of them or most of them - NO KIDDING!

1) My first concert was to Heart and John Cougar (he's now John Mellancamp). I really liked John Mellancamp.. he was raised in Bloomington which is a short drive from where I grew up. Me and my girlfriend made fake passes on our hands w/ markers and got down on the floor for Heart. It was fabulous! It was my first concert and we stood on the chairs. One guy asked to see our tickets and we pretended to have lost them. He was cool and let us stay there w/ him. We were probably 4 or 5 rows back from the stage. :)

Now, I can't remember all the concerts in order, so I'll just write them down and maybe make comments here and there.

2) Rick Springfield. yes.. I did go see him. Actually, he made my heart throb. I remember when the lights went down and he was coming out on stage.. oh gosh, my legs started shaking so bad I could hardly stand it. His concert was great! I still like some of his old stuff. :)
3) Journey. Loved this show. I still think that Steve Perry has one of the best voices I've ever heard.
4) The Cure. I went there to see their opening act, but I can't remember who it was. My girlfriend, Caren, wanted to see this band really bad, so we went. I found myself loving their music after this.
5) one group I saw used to wear red tight pants but I cant remember the name of this band. I'll have to look when I get home, or maybe I'll remember in a few. edit: band was Loverboy. Does anyone remember this group? I think they were a three hit wonder ;)
6) Rush. Hated this concert! I've never liked this band and went w/ a school chum to see the concert. It was way too loud and lasted way too long.
7) George Michael. I adore him and loved this concert. He controlled the crowd like no one I've seen since. I stood in line starting at 4 a.m. w/ my girlfriends and younger sister to get tickets, and we still got lousy seats! But it was still a fab concert.
8) The Rolling Stones. Good concert but would have preferred better seats. During the concert, someone fell back on their seat and collapsed all the rows in back of them.
9) Bush. I had front row tickets! I thought I'd die during the concert because everyone rushed the stage and I couldn't breathe. They only played a few songs, which sucked and pissed me off.
10) Billy Idol. Man, oh man, that was a good concert. He fell off the stage during the show and stayed down on the floor for a bit... he was totally out of it during the whole show.
11) AC/DC. Good show but they kept taking drug breaks after every set, which I didn't like. What's his face took off his pants and ran around the crowd.. that was interesting. ;)
12) Rod Stewart. Really good show. This was later in his career after he had mellowed somewhat. I really enjoyed it.
13) Kiss FM show w/ many artists including Milli Venilli (however that's spelled) and Ton Loc... if it's spelled that way.
14) Berlin. Oh man, I love Berlin!! This was a fantastic show! She has such a great voice.
15) B-52s - Great show!
16) Cindy Lauper - Another great show!
17) Prince. Good show but it freaked me out afterwards - a bunch of ppl got into a huge fight before leaving Reunion and I got trapped. During the show, I was pretty mad because he didn't sing any of my fav songs.
18) Robert Plant. Good show and good seats. He came over to where I was sitting at one point and looked right into my eyes! ;)
19) Michael Jackson. Good show. I actually was really thrilled to see him. This was years ago when he was really quite popular. And he put on a great show.
20) Elton John. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! He's a terrific artist and this was before he came out and he did all the fantastic costumes. I loved the show.
21) Jewel. This was a nice show. She is a great singer and controlled the audience well.
22) Cher. I love Cher!!! We had the best seats - 3 rows back from the stage and at one point, she looked right in my direction. She puts on a great show... I'll never forget it. This was her farewell tour.
23) Collective Soul. They opened up for Cher. Very good!! Altho, my girlfriend was late and we missed part of the show. I didn't like!
24) Garth Brooks. This was when he was really popular and I was going thru my country phase... thank gaawwwd I'm thru w/ that! ;)
25) Creed. This was the first concert my husband ever went to.. he loved it. We were both Creed fans... and the show was really good. We had great seats too, which makes it all the better!
26) I took my mom to see a country singer that she likes, but I can't remember his name. It was a good concert and she loved it! edit: This was Vince Gill and Tanya Tucker opened up for him. Thanks to my sister for reminding me of this! :)


27) Backstreet Boys.
Bad, bad, bad!!! worst concert ever!
28) Def Leppard. My sis reminded me that we saw this concert. How could I forget?!! This was really good. My fav part was when the drummer took a solo and water poured down on him from the ceiling and how he played thru it and how it sounded.... it made the most unusual and hallow type of sound... very cool indeed!

Gosh, I used to go to concerts all the time and have seen others, but I can't remember. I'll look thru my tickets today, take a pic and then maybe edit this post. I'm looking forward to hearing about who you've seen.

edit: sadly, I looked thru my tickets and I don't have as many as I expected! Makes me wonder where so many of them have gone. I don't have many of the latest ones, including Creed... so I wonder if I lost them in the move to Bahrain. I also saved some tickets to various musicals... which I really enjoy.


Rain said...

Hey Tooners,
Well, I've never been to a singer's or a band's concert b4 , but i've been to Omar Khyrat's concert , he's a very famous egyptian musician ...and God !! his music is so so good..esp. he plays the piano , i enjoyed it very much, and i also attened some operah and ballet performances .that's it for me :)

Lilly said...

hi there, i never been into a concert :( lucky you you must had lots of fun!

The Moody Minstrel said...

You've been to more major concerts than I have, that's for sure. I really didn't go to concerts all that much. I've watched and played in a lot of smaller gigs both back home in Portland and in Tokyo.

I've seen Rush twice and loved both shows, but I'm a fan. They're not really a band you can just go and see without any familiarity and get into. They're too quirky, kind of like a musical equivalent of licorice. (I hesitate to use the term "acquired taste", but it almost seems to fit. It's best to warm up to them a bit first and figure out what they're all about.) They changed a lot over the years, but both musically and lyrically they're still kind of complicated.

I wonder what tour you saw. Neither of the concerts I saw struck me as being particularly loud...not after Van Halen, the Scorpions, or Judas Priest.

Puppy said...

Wrote a comment and something happened to my internet, it didnt save what i wrote. By the time i was writing only Rain commented so far. Now look how many ppl did, mashallah :))
So i will be short this time.
I dont like going to concerts, since there are a lot of ppl screaming and etc. I like calm music, so i prefer to listen it on my own. I also like "dups dups" music i like listening to it at home with my big sound amplifier.
I have been to concerts, not of that famous bands u were, but i simply dont get it. Must be the atmosphere i dont understand :))
I like going to operas:)

sorry for a mess message, but i was pissed off to retype it twice.



Thursday said...

You've been to some seriously good concerts - I adore John Mellencamp, I've also seen the Cure, Rod Stewart, the Stones and Robert Plant. I can't believe you've seen Journey - I too think Steve Perry's got a fab voice.

jahooni said...

you took me to Def Leapord (it was my first concert) and how could you forget PRINCE!!!!!!

I have seen: Def Leapord, George Michael, Prince, Whitney Houston, Oingo Boingo, Pink FLoyd, Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthew Band, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Rolling Stones, and gosh now I am drawing a blank... let me think about this. I wish I saved all my tickets!!!!

jahooni said...

oh I just noticed that you mentioned Prince. I was young and didn't remember the break out fight.

Oh I saw B-52's too.

hymn.... who else have I seen???
this is going to drive me nuts all day!

jahooni said...

you took Mom to see Vince Gill and Tanya Tucker opened for him. :-)

tooners said...

rain, i've never been to an arabic singers concert. i like arabic music somewhat... but don't know if i could sit thru a concert. i love the ballet as well. i've never been to the opera but have always wanted to see one.

lilly, mainly all of these were when i was in my 20s. i haven't been to a concert in a few years... altho i do still enjoy it.

moody, i remember you saying that you like rush. and i agree w/ you.. i think they're an acquired taste. i have no idea what tour it was... but i could look on the ticket cuz i think that's one i have. if so, i'll let you know.

puppy, yeah, these things are loud and crowded, but i like it. the only one that i didn't like was the bush concert when i was being smushed up against the stage and couldn't breathe. it was a terrible experience.

thursday, i love journey too. the concert was really good. in one song it showed steve peggy shaving off his mustache and the whole crowd "aaahhhhed" when it happened. it was a really good show. i miss them. i've been a fan of john mellencamps for a long time too.

jahooni, girl, i totally forgot about def leppard... oh man, that was a really good concert. i loved how water poured down on the drummer as he did a solo and the way it sounded. really nice!!! thanks for reminding me. :) you've seen some great bands! i didn't know you saw pink floyd! i'm really somewhat jealous of that... i'm sure it was really good. i think seeing whitney houston would have been good... you know, i think she's trying to make a come back.. she's FINALLY leaving that loser of a husband. i hope she's off the drugs!

Olivia said...

Wow, of all yor concerts the one I would have wanted to go to was Rolling Stones and Elton John.

The Moody Blues are in London this week.

I went to more musicals and ballets and things.
Most of my concerts were classical, but I did go to a couple of obscure teen ones in the 90s and Michael Crawford (original Phantom of the Opera) kicked off his world tour at the Woodlands Pavilion near Houston.

Olivia said...

From you sis comment: Vince Gill is the one who married Amy Grant, right?

One Wink at a Time said...

I had left a really long comment here... hmmm. Will rewrite when I get time.

Christopher said...

The reason why Boy George called him "hairdresser" was because thats obviously a gay term for a gay job for a gay man :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

You were wondering about Loverboy. Actually, they started out as a band called Streetheart (better than Loverboy, I think) that was big in Canada but not well known elsewhere. When they reincarnated as Loverboy they were pretty hip for a few years and got a lot of (read "too damned much") MTV coverage. I remember their song "Working for the Weekend" was pretty popular, but they had a few other hits.

I actually liked them better than a lot of the "hip" 80s bands, but I got tired of the hype and commercialism.

When their popularity started to wane, apparently a couple of members left and the band turned back into Streetheart again. I have a Canadian friend who is a big Streetheart fan. I'll have to ask him.

tooners said...

olivia, yes, vince gill married someone, but not sure if it was amy grant. it sounds familiar, but my sis would know lots more than me. she loves country. i don't keep up w/ it. i'll ask her.

christopher, makes sense about the hairdresser comment. you tickle me w/ all your info.

moody, i had no idea about loverboy. i really liked that song "working for the weekend"... and there was another one that was quite popular, but i can't remember the name. you know, they were actually really good in concert. they all wore hot red pants. i had no idea that they were from canada... or that they started this other group. very interesting.

gazza27 said...

I saw the Cure a verry long time ago,i think 1t was around 78-79,they supported soiuxsie and the banshees,Robert Smith was the bass player in both at the same time.