Thursday, September 14, 2006

contents of my purse

I was tagged by Leilouta to show the contents of my purse... so here goes :)

I don't carry a lot of things cuz I tend to switch purses depending on my mood, but I think I have a variety of things in this one.

This is what you see:

1) my fake gucci wallet from dubai
2) my favorite gold/jewelled pen
3) cell phone
4) charger for phone
5) various papers/notes
6) vitamins
7) facial powder
8) two packages of chewing gum
9) clinique facial mirror
10) Eve's Kiss lip moisterizer (my personal favorite - great taste and super w/ conditioning)
11) favorite cuticle moisterizer - smells like lemons and is great stuff. found it in texas and i use it sparingly because i don't want to run out!! so i'm very stingy!!
12) various lip glosses including one from clinique that is a lip gloss w/ a hint of red. so perfect and gives just enough of a red tint. the others are somewhat pearl in color. one of the lip glosses - by the papers - has a kind of paint brush type of thing to put the gloss on. i love this. i don't know how many of you use this type, but try it if you haven't. it goes on so nicely w/ this type of tip.
13) two bottles of perfume. the small one is a fake (rip off of expensive cologe) from egypt that smells fabulous and then an oud cologe that has a wonderful smell that i got here in bahrain.
14) used white wadded up tissue ;)

that's it for me. others carry so much in their purses and i do have one purse that has tons of stuff still in it from my trip to the U.S. maybe i should have shared that one...

anyway.... mine is boring compared to you guys'!!


TechZ said...

wow, women and purses, you can even fit a phone charger in there!

I just carry a few ID/Bank cards, and money in my wallet :P

The Moody Minstrel said...

And the rest of us can only speculate whether or not there's anything you're not showing us... that a streak of red next to that billfold? EEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Blayde said...

Why do you carry a charger in there, how many times a day do you charge your phone?!?! The rest of the stuff is typical...

tooners said...

techz, well, this is one of my larger purses, so yeah, i could prob fit a few books and such too ;)

moody, thank you very much but that is ALL that was in THIS purse! hehehehe you should see some of the others!! no way would i show what was in my traveling purse! ;)

blayde, the reason for the charger is cuz i charged my phone yesterday and just hadn't taken it out. and really, i tend to keep these things either in my purse or drawer by the bed cuz i'm constantly losing them or one of our cats loves to bite these little babies to pieces.

Leilouta said...

LOL, not only do I carry a phone charger in my purse, I carry my camera and its charger :)

Olivia said...

Well, I have come to the conclusion that we girls carry essentially the same thing, differing only on how many electrical devices we prefer.

Tooner - is your bag a Dooney & Bourke?

still breathing said...

no keys??

Munther said...

Hey tooners ! :)

What's with the girlie posts lately ? Two in one week ! Come on girl you are ignoring us guys! :P Will mentioning whats in our wallets be acceptable ? :)

Elaine said...

no, MINE is totally boring. After Leilouta posted hers (she had a LIGHTBULB in there...I was so jealous) I shamefully put my boring contents but it was no match for either of you guys. :P Mine was much like a grandma's purse.

Ingrid said...

oh boy, what a thing to get tagged on. My bag (aka one of those backpack bags) is pretty filled up, both sides!

One Wink at a Time said...

Cute post tooners. I'm guessing a lot can be told about a woman by the stuff she totes around with her everyday. Which is exactly why I wouldn't share the contents of mine... ;-) I'd rather people think I'm relatively normal. lol

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice to see perfume and pretty things there - not like mine. I've answered this post by putting some pics from scans I did - on geelong-visual-diary. ( ) A bowerbird's collection of bits and pieces.

tooners said...

olivia, yes, it's a dooney & bourke. i got it years ago in the U.S. i love it. it's my most favorite.

still breathing, well, my hubby carries the keys. i have some, but i keep them hanging in the key thing in the house. i lose keys in a bad way, so i don't carry them unless i have to. :)

munther, yes, i tag you to see what you carry in your pocket or in your wallet. :) and hey... i've been ranting so bad lately, that i figured a few girlie posts would be a good thing! :)

elaine, thanks for stopping by my blog! i'll have to check yours out and see what you have! i thought mine was way boring compared to leilouta's!! i had nothing in comparison!

ingrid, i'd love to see the contents of your bag. seeing where you're from... i'd love to see what you carry! so post up woman!! :)

one wink, i want to see your goodies too! i hereby tag you!! :)

wendy, i'm looking forward to seeing your contents. i agree w/ one wink, it's a good way to see what someone is like by what they carry in their purse or wallet. i think it says a lot about a person.

One Wink at a Time said...

tooners: I just spent some time photographing my purse contents (I took it as a dare *wink*) and as soon as I get some free time will post it for your viewing pleasure. Have a nice day, kiddo :-)

Munther said...

Ok tooners, I accept your challenge !:P Will photograph my wallet, pockets and overcoats contents at work and post 'em on my blog tomorrow ! :)