Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Thursday

today is the last day of the week for me and i can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! ;) my sister has been calling me at 7:00 a.m. in the mornings here lately but i told her today that if she calls me tomorrow or sat., i will definitely hurt her in a major way. she thinks it's funny to call so early - even tho i'm usually up (but the hubby isn't and this is the prob! ;) ). i told my mom to put the phone next to her so that i can be sure to call on her weekend at 7:00 a.m., since she doesn't usually get outta bed until 9:30 or so!!! it's good to give her a taste of her own medicine... don't ya think!!? ;)

it's been pretty uneventul this week other than coming up w/ new and exciting recipes for iftar. today i'm looking at some pasta salads, stuffed bell peppers, or different veggie salads. the family makes a lot of fried foods, which can be good, but i'm sorta sick of it already, plus fried food tends to make me sick. how ppl can eat so many fried samboosas and such w/out feeling ill is something i don't get. the greasy stuff always has a way of staying around and annoying me until a good 4 hours or so later.

i've been really bored as of late... so haven't had much to blog about. am thinking of finishing a few paintings that i started months ago but haven't felt the desire until just a few days back... so i might actually do some painting this weekend, and a blog friend (munther) suggested a good book, so maybe i'll do some reading.

tonight we might go to Al Bandar late, just to sit and watch the ppl, maybe have a late bite and then listen to the music. we haven't been out for Ramadan yet, so i'm really wanting to do something. i know of a few places that have some great live music but they're usually super crowded and i'm not really into large crowds. sometimes i like to just ride around but even that sounds sorta boring.

but anyway... not much to blog about... just wanted to say hi. if you guys have any good recipes, let me know... i'm up for some new recipes. :)

have a good one!!


stillsmokin' said...

my sentiments exactly ya tooners; thursday means end of the week for me as well, sleeeeeping in tomorrow is gonna be a blessing for real! and as you said, this whole week has been mostly about the fitar, where to eat, with who, and of course WHAT to eat!! i don't know whats wrong with me though this year, i have been hungry non stop, i usually wa able to hold it in till iftar time, but now i am just thinking of food all day- and that can't be healthy..

The Moody Minstrel said...

Tooners, I realize this is totally unrelated to the topic(s) at hand, but why am I suddenly unable to comment on your husband's blog? Have I been blocked or something?

MSB said...

the weather is nice today so AlBandar should be good!

as for recipes, i've got a nice chocolatey dessert recipe for ya; it's anything but healthy! so let me know if ur interested ;)

Girl, Interrupted said...

I miss Bahrain during this time of year. And for some reason, I only crave fried food (sambosas, kebabs, etc) during Ramadan... I wonder why.
As for recipes, pasta salad sounds yum... You could try your hand in my fave dish that involves aubergines and mince meat... Let me know if you're interested and I'll email you the details. It's amazing and less greasy than everything else, especially that you get to bake it in the oven.
Okay, I better stop... All this take about food is making me even more hungry...
Take care


Alfanan said...


For some odd reason, your comments were listed under 'spam'.

Problem fixed though :)

Blayde said...

Yay, the weekend is here, and a good one for me too, three days...

The hunger thing must be psychological, i get hungry a lot more too.

Olivia said...

Uhuh, you haven't been around much lately, that's true.
And I've had a lot going on and no time to tell y'all about it.

Wanna blog for me while I am at work??? :P

tooners said...

my dear olivia, what would i write about??? your life is far more exciting than mine! :) i would blog for ya, but i think it would be dreadfully boring!! i miss hearing your stories.

the weather is so nice now... i really, really hope it lasts. lastnight was so wonderful. we drove w/ the windows down and a cool breeze was coming thru the windows... couldn't ask for more.

and i'd love some recipes msb and girl, interrupted, my email address is just drop me a line. and as far as the fried foods... you know, i crave them too and tend to eat too much of it and then feel sick afterwards! but hey, i love food! :)

Puppy said...


sorry for late answer, but here is a link with some azeri recipes. U can find there nice fresh soup from yogurt and herbals called DOVGA. Anyways most are here

i also should admit that Azeri cuisine is greasy too, but not too much :) Plus u can find nice things suitable for you.

bon appetite


Puppy said...

Wanted to add that Actually there are a lot of recipes online just make a google search for "Azeri cuisine" and it will appear.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Alfanan, thanks!

I've actually had problems with spam filters before. I've tried to e-mail relatives back home only to have my message bounced back with a "Your provider has been listed as a possible source of spam, so you've been blocked" note attached. I looked into it, and it turns out that the IP address of my provider here in Japan is officially included on a public blacklist in the U.S.. Apparently someone has been using it to send out mass spam e-mails.

Either that or my e-messages just give off the wrong vibes...

Word verification poem:
Blue moon hanging low,
Melancholy lands below;
Nebulous, the clouds do fly,
Zipping through a troubled sky.
Is it all a joke to you?
Verily, I say, 'Adieu.'

(Z' and V's...GACK!!!!)

Olivia said...

Tooners - well I was thinking we could set up a telepathic system where I send you my stories while I am typing interviews at work, and you can slap 'em down on my blog ;)

No? OK, I shall get down to the blogging tonight.

Hey I was looking at your photos on Flickr and WOW are you and your hubby creative or what. Him with his music, you with your paintings. And you just love to capture the world around you. Almost like you installed a camera behind your eyes, which is what I'd like to do.

P.S. the cat I rescued last night looks like a small version of your Aimee. It is an adolescent I think, and it might belong to next door, as it's always in their front yard.

I'm not allowed pets, otherwise I'd have a canary, and I'd go get myself a bunny as quick as you can say Peter Rabbit. I miss bunny shnuggles.

tooners said...

puppy, thanks for the link my dear! i will def look at some of the soup recipes... i LOVE soups! i made some deviled eggs yesterday, a salad and choc cupcakes - yum!! i've been wanting soup, so let me check these out.

moody, another great poem! i love this one. you know, i haven't written any poetry in i don't know how long. once i started the blog, my muse seemed to go away for an extended holiday or something and she refuses to return! ;)

olivia, thank you for all the compliments! now... if i could only finish two other paintings i have, i'd feel pretty good about myself. i got a lot done this morning in the house, so hopefully i have the inspiration this afternoon. and you know, what you say about having a camera behind your eyes... another girl said the exact same thing - that she wished she had this - and i so wish i did. i'd love to capture things just as i see them but so often i don't have the camera handy. i wish you could have pets too. my FIL has two rabbits. they aren't really friendly but are interested. they're very cute. i've tried to pick them up but they totally refuse me. :( ;)