Sunday, September 17, 2006

what's in a weekend?

our weekend was pretty uneventful, so i don't have much to blog about. we did walk around the corniche thursday night, which was nice. the weather was good, ppl were everywhere sitting on blankets, talking, and laughing. children were running and playing, ppl were jogging, guys were playing soccer and there were even rollerbladers - which was a bit odd since it was dark out, but it was nice to see so many ppl enjoying themselves.

while we were walking down the pathway by the seaside, i was somewhat dumbfounded by what i saw coming towards us. there were two guys walking and one guy had a monkey on a leash. it was a little monkey and he had it dressed in girly clothes. i sooo disagree w/ this and it took everything inside of me not to say something. but really, it wouldn't have done any good. i wonder how he got this monkey. i'm assuming they're being smuggled into bahrain.

there's a show that i watch on animal planet called monkey business. the facility is located in the UK and they take in monkeys that have been abused, used for shows on TV or in the streets or in countries in far east asia or the middle east, and some of the monkeys are some that ppl have taken as pets only to realize later that monkeys can't be pets. so many ppl leave these animals chained up outside, in small cages, or try to keep them in their homes, which as soon as the monkey gets old enough, they realize how destructive they are and strong... so they wind up doing whatever they can to get rid of them. anyway.. this is a great show and i'm seriously thinking of contacting them to let them know that monkeys are being brought into bahrain - whatever the means - if they're smuggled or brought in legally. it doesn't matter because it shouldn't be happening.

this is a trade that i so disagree with. usually the mothers are killed in order to get the babies. they are smuggled in crates where many die. they are cared for by ppl who aren't capable of taking care of them, abused because they won't do what their owners want.... or used in shows on TV or in countries like thailand and such... for the enjoyment of humans. so you get ppl seeing these shows and the first thing they think is "oooohhh, i want a monkey". who would get a monkey w/out reading up and researching it first? it's not like having a cat or dog.

my FIL was talking about getting a monkey. i couldn't believe it and, this time, i didn't stay silent. i remember one indonesian housemaid that we had. she told me about the monkeys that her son had tied up outside of their house. i couldn't even listen to the story. sometimes i want to shake ppl and say "WAKE UP!!!!... monkeys shouldn't be pets".

and then... we walked past what used to be the dolphin park. i know that animal orgs have been very busy trying to keep this place from opening up again after the fire... but i have a feeling that this guy knows some higher ups and it will be opened again. here, a fire broke out, one marine animal was killed, parents who left their children unattended at the place rushed there in hopes that their kids hadn't been killed, the place is tooooooo dang small for all the marine animals that they have, it's a safety hazard, what training do the employees at this place have???, but... they wan't to reopen it and put on nightly shows for the public once again. even the owner has argued at how well the animals are kept. OH OK.... yeah, i bet. what degrees do these ppl have that are taking care of the animals? where were they trained? who's training the animals to do the tricks? i believe this place even has a whale, if i'm not mistaken. this place is small and they have a whale, dolphins, sea lions and such! what a shame, truly. ppl don't care here. it's just a place to drop off your child for the night.... and looky looky children... you get to see a whale, dolphins... and they have games for you... and popcorn.

which reminds me of the circus. here they're moving to juffair and i thought they were leaving the country! they've been here for like 3 years now. i grew up w/ circus' coming and going. NEVER have i seen a circus stay so long in one place. usually they are up and outta there in a few wks time. the tigers are kept in small cages outside in this heat - which i informed a few animal rights orgs about some time ago... but... once again, nothing can be done. i wonder why! who's financing this circus? they have a whole village set up for their use. i guess they'll be here forever and no one gives a damn! nightly you see cars packed into that place and for what? to see a man riding around on a horse? to see the tigers come out and be hit w/ whips to jump from one stand to another?! all for the amusement of humans. it makes me sick. i wonder what'll happen when the tigers get sick of it and kill one of the handlers? then... they'll kill the tigers and it'll be talked about for months. personally, i believe the handlers and the ppl who back this crap should be whipped, chained, put in small cages outside and be eaten alive by the tigers. yeah... that's the ticket that i'll buy!!!!!!!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It's good that you are observant and noticing cruelty to animals in the country where you live.
What can you do about circuses, crowded aquariums, monkeys as pets, etc.?
Can you talk to your husband about it as he might have more influence than you do. I know that sounds sexist, but maybe it's so. Take care though with relatives because you don't want to come across as being superior in your knowledge of what's acceptable behaviour. Tread gently. Speak softly but clearly at the right time hey!

TechZ said...

cruelty to animals. even as nice as people are, you'll see it everywhere. Bahrain is no different sadly.

We try and do what we can, help out at the BSPCA, and such things. ultimately humanity needs to wake up...

Weathers getting better tooners, you can actually walk outside and not faint with the heat! :)

tooners said...

wendy, well, there's not a lot you can do here, i don't think. i've written letters to the GDN, as others have, but the powers at be seem to be okay w/ the way the things are... is what i gather. not sure though. the hubby doesn't have any influence in matters such as this. w/ reference to the in-laws... yeah, well... when it comes to animals, i try to be diplomatic but i am upfront about it. if i'm not, then who will be?! there comes a time when someone has to say something.

techz, yes abuse happens everywhere. i think it's seen or more right in your face because the country is so small. i just wish more ppl were aware and educated themselves to the plight of animals. that would be good to see. and yes! the weather is getting better. it's actually half way decent outside at night now. the wind has come, so it won't be long until the rain comes, and i'm sooooo looking forward to that!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Animal abuse is a serious thing, but it is also something that should be looked at carefully. A lot of "animal rights" groups such as PETA tend to get all rabid and frothy when they see any animal in anything but a wild situation, but they never seem to take the animals' feelings into account. For example, there have been cases when would-be animal heroes have broken into schools and turned well-kept and well-loved pets loose into an urban environment in which they probably wouldn't survive long.

Wise move, dumbass.

A lot of animal activists also go infernal at the idea of milking cows or goats, but I would invite such people actually to watch such animals being milked and observe how contented they look. I would also invite them to listen to a goat or cow screaming bloody murder if its milking doesn't happen on time, because that's exactly what they do.

Let's put reality ahead of knee-jerk ideals, shall we?

As for monkeys, I don't know whether "girlie clothes" really make them suffer, but yeah, I agree. They do not make good pets and often wind up suffering as a result. (The same is true of large dogs and miniature pigs.) On the other hand, if the owner/keeper has a bit of training and knows exactly what to expect, it is possible to keep an older monkey and have everyone be quite happy with the situation. As with so many things, it takes effort and proper preparation. One should dispense with the cute, furry ideal and be prepared to deal with reality.

You could say the same thing about marriage, right?

tooners said...

moody, a lot of these PETA ppl give others a bad name, i think. they make a lot of ppl who truly care for the safety of animals look like wackos. your story about them breaking into schools and setting free animals into the urban streets is really something else. see... right there, i think lunatic! i've been involved w/ animal rights orgs in the States but we never did anything so extreme - just handing out leaflets at circus' and some other things that didn't bring the cops to our doorsteps.

no, the girlie clothes wasn't making the monkey suffer but it just reminded me of what i saw on Monkey Business. i just totally disagree w/ anyone having a monkey as a pet because i doubt if they're educated on how to properly raise them - but... i could be wrong!

i know someone who has a pet pig in the states. she got it as a tiny baby and it's huge now. i don't agree w/ it. we got footage of it when we were in the states, i should have my husband post it on his blog. w/ respect to really large dogs... i think that if you have a large house w/ a lot of running room outside and ample facilities for the dog's welfare, then it's ok. but... keeping big dogs locked outside on porches while you're away at work isn't good. i've seen this many times in the states w/ ppl living in very small apts.

Miss Carnivorous said...

Yes, they may suffer the Steve Irwin syndrome otherwise known as the stingray's revenge!