Monday, September 18, 2006

Who would you choose?

If you could have dinner with two ppl, anyone of your choice - famous or not famous - alive or the dearly departed - who would it be and why?

Me... well, I think a long time ago I would have said Elvis as one of my choices, and I might still like that because I think he'd be a fascinating person to talk to and I've been an Elvis fan since I was a young girl... gosh, I mourned and cried for days when he died!, but I have read so much about him that I'm not sure he'd still be on the list. I also would love to talk to John Lennon... so I'm not sure who I'd choose between the two of them. I think John Lennon had an interesting life and I'd really like to talk to him about peace, his music, what inspired him, did he regret decisions in his life... and so on.

As for the other person... gosh, there are sooo many ppl. I'd love to gossip w/ Marilyn Monroe and talk to her about her life, her loves and what happened to cause her death. Not that she'd tell me, but it sure would be an interesting conversation. There's so much speculation around her death... did the Kennedy's kill her or did she commit suicide.

It's hard for me to choose on this one because there are so many ppl that I'd love to sit down with... there are so many ppl that are living today that have been such an inspiration to me - like Maya Angelo - she's such an incredible writer. She has been thru so much, seen so much... she's just truly gifted and an incredible person. I also would love to sit down w/ Stephen King. Now... that would be a fun evening.

Yeah, I know I was only supposed to choose two... but I can't choose! ;) Can you?


Puppy said...

Well…. So 2 ppl

I know it will sound weird or whatever, but I will say anyways. I would liked to have dinner with Prophet Mohammad (pbah), I have so many questions about religion, so many things to understand, I think it will be interesting to sit with him and talk about religion and his life, what was happened to him, magic things. I guess the other ppl wont fit by the same table.. But If I could have another separate lunch I will invite a famous physician (example: Enstein) or Leonardo da Vinchi to talk about his past interesting ideas and Mona Lisa.

I know I sounded bored and nerdy, but these ppl I would like to have dinner with, cause my lunches at work are so boring and so gossip, I just need valuable information for a change.

Interesting post, tooners


TechZ said...

Now thats a great idea for a post. tooners always with the good ideas :)

I think I'd choose Prince Waleed Bin Talal, being a business freak myself, I'd love to just chat with him.

Another person I think would be my grandad, seeing as he isn't around anymore and I never had the chance to really talk to him, I think it'd be something special.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I would choose Jesus and Mohammad.

I wouldn't say a word; I'd just eat my dinner quietly while sitting back and listening to what they said to each other. I'm sure it would be very interesting...especially if they got into an argument.

MoClippa said...

Only two people? Damn thats tough, sorting through all the possibilities. Jesus and Mohamed would be interesting, but since Moody already chose that I'd just ask that he put a recorder on the table and pass that over!

As for me, I'm totally at odds... Noam Chomsky (alive and well), and John Lennon. But since Tooners would probably be kind enough to record the Lennon conversation, and most likely would ask enough decent questions, I'll change my Lennon nomination to Robert Fisk... just because of how much life as a Middle East correspondant stuns me, and to see what Chomsky and him would have to say to each other!

MoClippa said...

Sorry... that reads "how much his life as a middle east correspondant stuns me@

Olivia said...

Grrr this question drives me up the wall. I never can say who, and then one day at random I think of some spectacularly original people and by the time the question comes round again, my mind is blank.

This is takig me ages, I have been sitting here for 5 minutes...

I will come back later so my brain can work on it while I eat dinner.

Khalid said...

I believe in balancing the mind, body and soul, so for the spirituality part, I'll choose prophet Mohammed since am a muslim.

For the mind, since am soo into stocks now, this is easy. I'll go with Warren Buffet, the greatest investor alive and my idol in this field.

Christopher said...

Lets see...2 of them obviously would be women.

One of them being silent film actress Louise Brooks, because I have always admired her beauty, her youth, and the fact that it was acting in 2 films at the young age of 20 in Europe, after the US film industry didn't know what to make of her style of acting (too modern, if you see her in films such as: Pandora's Box and The Diary Of a Lost Girl, her acting would have worked today, she wasn't stagey or overdramatic...she didn't need dialogue, she had a face...and for someone so modern and beautiful, she was THE epitomy of the 1920's flapper..and these films are amongst the best of the German expressionistic cinema) and as she realized she was making something of value and aritstic compared to the shit the studio system was making her do in the US, her old studio called her back and told her to return to the USA because they needed her to do voice overs for her last film, being made into a talkie. When she refused they threatened her with never working in Hollywood ever again...not having been 20 for long, she said "Who wants to work in Hollywood?" and slammed down the phone. Why would I wish to sit down with her? I would want her to tell me about the old days in cinema, and of the cafe/cabaret culture in weimar Berlin, and the decadence of the era. And to hear her opinions on the silent era of film. The other person I would want to sit down with is comidienne Amy Sedaris, who does nothing but make me laugh...she is brilliant.

I guess when it comes to something serious, and not shallow like the above, like everyone else in your answers, I would want to sit down with these supposed prophets, saints, Gods, or whomever and I would want to KNOW why it is, that people have warped the words of their gospels and are using and abusing the terms "honour" and "in the name of..." to cause destruction, pain, and bloodshed amidst their peoples. Jewish fanatics and Muslim fanatics in the middle east, Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, and in the USA fanatical Christians abusing the bible thinking homosexuality threatens "family values"...interesting, I guess they forgot about the sexual revolution and that everything about homosexuals is in the old testament...which really shouldn't pertain to them because it is basically the jewish bible (the same people who fundamentalist Christians blame for killing Christ..) I could go on and on, I wish religion would have left something positive for me to see. These saints and prophets must have been good people, but sadly none of them are alive today to shake the people and tell them to stop the bickering.

Puppy said...

Moody Minstrel,

I dont think there will be an argument between Jesus and Mohammad (bpah), since Islam doesnt deny other religions, its a continuation of exsisted religions.

With respect to your dinner partners and you,


tooners said...

christopher, i find your choices and your writing incredibly fascinating! i'd like to sit down w/ you for dinner - that would be very interesting. i could prob listen to you for hours! :) great choices! i've never seen the movies of Louise Brooks and now i want to. you have such interesting info... and what you say about religion... well, i couldn't agree more.

puppy, i like your choices too. da vinci would be great... i'd definitely want to know what inspired his works and all about his theories on jesus and such. einstein is another great one altho i might feel a little shy w/ him - he was soooo intelligent!

techz, i'd like to get to know my grandmother too. she had a lot of interesting info on native american medicine... i'd love to have that knowledge! looking back, i wish i had taken the time as a child.

moody, hmmmm... i think that would be a good conversation as well and i think that, like you said, just sitting and listening would be great! just imagine what you could learn. i'd love to hear what they have to say about what's going on in the world today!!

moclippa, great choices! robert fisk would be very interesting. there are so many correspondants i'd like to sit with... imagine the insight they have into so many different things. there's this one lady, now ... i can't remember her name... amanpour or something.. she's a lady i'd like to sit w/ - she's been to so many places and seen so much.

olivia, you know, i do exactly the same. when i was teaching here, i decided to pose this question to my class. most of them chose their cousins and such, so it wasn't as much fun. i'm not sure they *really* understood it... but, like you, i've always had the same prob in not being able to decide or just drawing a blank. there are SOOOO many ppl that i'd love to sit down w/, so it's a hard choice.

khalid, i think, like christopher, that sitting down w/ religious figures would be highly interesting... altho, i think i'd like several of them at once, to get all sorts of opinions on the table. that's where i think true dialogue happens. w/ this other guy, the stock broker, i can understand this... that's why i chose two writers. i love to write and would love to hear their thoughts, what inspired them, where they felt weakness and how they overcame it, etc. good choices here!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Puppy, thanks for adding that last remark. I only wish more Muslims (and Christians, for that matter) would remember that.

If an argument did break out, it would probably be over what to do about their various followers in the world and how they keep not getting along.

MoClippa said...

Tooners I belive Christiana Amanpour is who you're after... she's a CNN Corespondant ^^